Interesting Facts of Cancer Woman Personality, Secrets and Sexual Traits

Has a Cancer woman caught your eye? Does she make you curious about her? A Cancer woman is attractive and wise. When you find yourself falling for a cancer woman, it is only natural for you to want to know more about her personality traits.

Let’s jump right to it and learn more about a Cancer woman.

Cancer Woman’s Appearance and Beauty Traits

appearance and beauty

A Cancer woman is usually short and has small hands and legs. She has around the upper body and slender arms. She has a pale complexion and is more on the petite side.

A cancer woman has a baby face and a high forehead. With large eyes that display an array of emotions, a Cancer woman has subtle yet attractive features.

With the beautiful lunar-like appearance and amazing personality, it is no wonder you find yourself falling for a Cancer woman. To start your relationship on the right foot, you need to know her well to be prepared.

strengths of cancer woman

Strengths of a Cancer Woman

She is Caring & Nurturing

A Cancer woman is sensitive and caring. She pays close attention to her family and friends. Providing them with all the love and care they need. She will answer immediately and be the first to respond when you call for help. Cancer woman is full of compassion and always lending a helping hand to those in need.

She is Extremely Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important virtues for a Cancer. She holds her relationships and responsibilities close to her. This makes her extremely loyal. Her strong sense of loyalty extends from her partner and loved ones to her community and country, etc.

She has a Great Imagination

A Cancer woman is highly sensitive. She has a colorful imagination that makes her creative. She excels in fields that require active imagination and on-the-spot thinking. Her extremely retentive memory also helps her in her professional life.

cancer woman weaknesses

Weaknesses of a Cancer Woman

She Doubts Herself

A Cancer woman can be slow, especially in terms of a relationship. She will take long before she decides on something. A Cancer woman needs constant reassurance to know that her choice wasn’t wrong.

She is Clingy

A Cancer woman needs just as much love as she gives. She is someone who likes to feel loved. Once she gets close to you she will constantly express her love. She will openly demand you to give her the attention she seeks.

She is Moody

Just like the waxing and waning of the moon that rules them, a Cancer woman has shifting moods. She might seem calm and pleased one second but might get upset another. She is extremely emotional and this causes her mood to change frequently.

interesting facts of cancer woman personality

Some Interesting Facts about a Cancer Woman

  • A Cancer woman is often good with money.
  • She has a nurturing nature. A Cancer has a natural tendency to provide a mother-like love to their close friends and family.
  • A Cancer woman is a big foodie, she loves food.
  • She loves her family. A Cancer woman always has a strong bond with her parents. She is also a great mother herself.
  • Cancer women tend to be the most prone to mood swings
  • But she is also one of the most empathetic people you will meet. 
  • She is a homebody who loves her crib more than any fancy hotel room.
  • She loves reminiscing about the past and often gets nostalgic.
  • A Cancer woman trusts easily. She takes time while working on a relationship because she knows she is often easily manipulated.
likes of her

Likes of a Cancer Woman

Let’s dive deeper into a Cancer woman’s preferences.

Being Loved

A Cancer woman has a child-like desire to be loved and appreciated. She is always helping and caring for others and wishes for the love to be reciprocated. She looks for a partner who can love her as she wants.

Emotional Connections

When looking for a man, a Cancer woman looks for someone she can build an emotional connection with. When you are talking with a Cancer woman, you will notice that she will speak about random revelations. She tends to be philosophical and wants a partner who can engage with her in her profound conversations.


Home is where her heart is. A Cancer woman does not care much for grand gestures or happening outings. She wants to live a life that promises a safe and stable future. She likes to stay home and live a life without any surprises and alarms.

dislikes of cancer

Dislikes of a Cancer Woman

Rejection and Criticism

As mentioned above, the Cancer woman is sensitive and emotional. She often doubts her decisions. If she is criticized after gathering up her courage, she feels dejected and disheartened.


The reason a Cancer woman loves her home is that she feels the most comfortable there. She likes to feel relaxed. Being in unfamiliar environments makes her anxious and she feels out of place. This is shy she takes her time getting out of her shell.

flirting style

Flirting Style of Cancer Woman

This might make you wonder, how a Cancer woman acts when she is in love. Are you wondering about a Cancer woman’s flirting style?

When a Cancerian woman is in love, she is shy to make the first move. So even when she decides to take action, she won’t do it with bold confessions. Her flirting is sweet and innocent. She will act like you are the sole person alive. She will give you her undivided attention.

A Cancer woman will take her time to pay close attention to you. She will compliment you and give you her time. She will make you feel her love through words and actions. A Cancer woman will make sure you know her feelings without going overboard. She won’t make shallow comments and superficial compliments.

A Cancerian woman’s behavior will easily give away her feelings for you as she is not one to play games. She is looking for her partner to realize her feelings and make the next move.

sexuality personality traits

Sexual Traits of a Cancer Woman

When trying to impress a Cancer woman, you might want to begin with a classy date. She loves traditional ideas of romance. Bring her to a fancy restaurant; you know she loves her food. Take your time to appreciate her and make her feel at ease.

It is all about genuine emotional connection for a Cancer woman. She likes to take it slow as she believes that the emotional bond makes things more intimate. She prefers a cozy environment and she is the most comfortable at her home.

A Cancer woman is tactile and responds to touch. Her sensitive touch can make you weak. She is also very visual. Heighten her senses to make her feel the best pleasure.

A Cancer woman is a classic kind of girl; she likes the familiarity of tried and tested methods. So she may not be much for experimenting in the bedroom.

Bottom Line

A Cancerian woman is intuitive, intelligent, and charming. Her shy nature may seem difficult to decipher but she is waiting for someone who she can trust. Once you get to know her, you can read her mind easily. Looking for some love and affection, a Cancer woman makes a trustworthy friend and partner.

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