9 Surprising & Exciting Bedroom Habits of Happy Couples

The bedroom is just another world for couples like you. It’s the place where you both get absorbed in various emotions like anger, irritation, love, intimacy, blush, happiness, warm and more. In the starting stages of the relationship, you might have done this. But, as days passed, you aren’t considering the below habits. Now, it’s a reminder for you. The below-given points are the key bedroom habits for happy couples!! So, scroll down.

REMINDER: ‘It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do.’

Here are some nine realistic habits that will make you remember things that happened in the beginning days of your together relationship.

bedroom habits for happy couples

# Hugs and Kisses

How do you feel when your partner hugs you immediately after getting your private time? How do you feel when their breath hits your neck? What do you feel at that moment?

Isn’t it making you feel secure, loved, cared for?

Rewind that first warm hug you both exchanged. Now hug your partner in the same way.

When you both enter your room, and the door is locked, it’s your ‘OUR TIME.’ Keeping that in mind, give a warm hug to your partner. Hug them in a way both of your emotions are transferring without words. This gesture is not only romantic, but it is also empathetic, and that is what your partner needs the most. So, wrap them warmly with your complete self.

Make them feel loved, cared for, and secure!!

bedroom habits for happy couples

# Get More Intimate

Getting intimate works like a magic potion to a relationship. Intimacy doesn’t just mean sex, but also the feel of being connected. Be more emotionally close with your partner. You can enhance intimacy by being empathetic.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and analyze what they expect from you and what things bring them happiness. We’ll discuss empathy more in this article, so continue reading. 

Intimacy is something to be felt and not to be processed. For this, you definitely need to know the emotional responses of your partner. 

And we can’t deny the fact that ‘Sex makes the relationship happier’. When you are a happy couple in bed, you will see the amazing changes in the way you both engage. 

Flirt like you did before

# Flirt Like You Did Before Getting Into the Relationship

Aha..!! Flirt is an exciting thing to spice up your relationship. And this is something most people forget after few years of a relationship. So, ‘Flirt my dear flirt!!’. If your partner loves to spend quality time with you, then I am sure they will enjoy this.

Imagine, how do you feel when someone puts that extra effort into their literature to bring that lip-zipped smile on your face?

Isn’t it feeling like some interesting thing??

So, try out this. When you both are in your bedroom, and your partner is doing some work like making up the bed or arranging the stuff, say a pickup line. You know your partner. So, you know what sort of pick-up line works. So, try throwing it to them, or even try the pickup you said in the earlier stages of your relationship.

Who knows, even you both end up playing up that old scene from your early stage and laugh at the end. 

So don’t hesitate to flirt!! 

Create new memories 

Or Recreate old memories by flirting.

Ask how their day was

# Ask About Their Day

Most people say, ‘Share how was your day.’ But to start that, you need to initiate the conversation. Ask them how their day was. But, as said earlier, ‘it’s not what you do. It’s how you do’.

So, ask them this question in a way they feel happy to respond.

Try something like this, 

When you both are about to sleep, cuddle them. Make them feel warm with your hug, pat a kiss on their head, and ask how their day was. Again customize this question to your terms. Because you know your partner the most!!

popcorn and movie time

# Popcorn & Movie Time

Why not some movie/Netflix with popcorn and chill on Saturday nights?

Sometimes it’s more essential for both of you to feel like friends. Make out the scene like you both are those high-school friends watching some movie or Netflix in the bed rolled up with a blanket and piled up with some popcorns.

So, make sure you both are growing that friendship in your relationship. And, this is more important. Why only to make romance? make some crazy things too in your bed (No matter how old you are and how long you are together, this is a must)

But make sure you both are watching something that has both of your interests.

This kind of movie night helps you in adding some exciting things to your relationship.

bedroom habits for happy couples

# Let Them Know They are Your Magic Potion

How do you feel when you are terribly tired, simply laid on the bed facing the ceiling, and your partner comes there to speak some interesting things?

And how do you feel when your partner says, ‘Hey, though you are getting tired, you are doing great. Am happy to see you working hard for us’ and making you feel significant with those words?

(Change those words to your relationship terms)

Won’t you feel pumped up? 

So, now make your partner feel pumped up with your energetic words. Make them feel that they are so significant in your life. Make them feel valued. Appreciate them. But, when you do this, make sure you mean all the words. 

Again remember the statement, ‘It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do.’

And you know your partner more, so customize these ideas to your relationship.

be the santa

# Be the Santa

Again, I want you to feel this before you do this to your partner. So, let’s hit your imagination.

Imagine how do you feel when you both are alone in your bedroom, speaking some random happenings, and suddenly your partner gives you something. And this thing is something that you wanted for a very long time, or it is something that digs out the happy memories of the old happenings. 

How do you feel?

Excited? Happy? Loved?

Now, you felt how it feels, right? Okay, so think about what you can gift to your partner. It’s not about the money. It’s about the memories. So, guess what can bring that excitement and joy to your partner’s face?

It can even be a bar of chocolate. Your partner should feel that you remembered them on your busy day when you saw this thing. Again, this is also to make your partner feel significant. 

Now enjoy the joy of making them happy!!

bedroom habits for happy couples

# To-do List

A To-do list is something more important to discuss to avoid miscommunication. When you are both making up the bed, discuss your plans for the next day and know your partner’s plan for the next day. Who knows, when talking about your to-do, you both might make a plan to go out somewhere. So, discuss even your to-do list so that even if you are carried away with work the next day, it helps your partner understand that.

Don’t underestimate the power of this specific thing.


# Have the Magic Seven-letter Word

This is the most important thing for a happy, lovely, romantic, engaging, and more for a relationship. It is EMPATHY. Whatever be the thing you do, be it a discussion, be it an argument, be it sex, be it anything, show more empathy towards your partner. 

And the bedroom is the place where you can discuss things, share the pain, weep out anger, and it’s the same thing for your partner too. 

So, be empathetic with them and be more compassionate when they are drained out. Hug them, wipe their tears off, give them medicine when they are not well, make as many things as possible. Serve them as much as possible on their gloomy days.

A bedroom is not just the place for happiness, laugh, craziness, romance but also where you both grow together. Enjoy the process of making your partner feel cherished.

To Conclude

So, with all that being said, we are at the end of our secret letter. Do you think the bedroom habits mentioned above will bring a spark to your relationship? If you feel so, please don’t wait for anything. Start doing them right from tonight.

Always be there for your partner. And to grow your relationship happier, always think with the term ‘US’ and not ‘ME.’ Once you add this thought to your relationship, you will receive massive changes positively in your relationship. And you will start feeling more connected.

Again am repeating, ‘It’s not WHAT you do. It’s HOW you do’ do it in a way your partner feels happy. Once you start adding these bedroom habits to your relationship, I am sure you’ll feel the happiness, freshness, and a positive change right from the next morning. 

All the best!! And am so happy that you are investing your time in your relationship growth. 

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