22 Ultimate Ways to Treat Your Men Like a King

People often say that the beautiful feelings in this world cannot be seen or touched but only can be felt. We love the feeling that pops in our hearts when our close ones do something special for us or make us feel special, even the commonest of man or a person feels just like a king. Those are the feelings a person longs for. Let’s seek the ways how to treat your men like a king?

The feelings of love and care help a person survive through their darkest and gloomiest days.

Often couples in love promise their beloved to bring for them the moon and the stars. Well, these are ironic or what we can say as symbolic statements. Ironical, as many can’t get the celestial bodies.

And metaphorical as the feelings of their love can even make the impossible possible. Every relationship requires efforts and small gestures to keep it going and make it better and stronger every day. 

Well, Bringing stars and the moon is undoubtedly impossible and a lot more poetic but this article will certainly help all the young, beautiful ladies to make their man feel special. The smallest of steps taken by you can make them feel as if they are on top of the world. 

22 Super Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Like a King

Following is the list of steps with an explanation for each one of them.

1. First Feel Like A Queen:


Treat Your Men Like a King

To make your man feel like a king, the woman first needs to feel like a king. She needs to be happy, cheerful, and bright all the time. She needs to feel like she has been blessed to have such an understanding and loving husband. Such feelings should be authentic and heartfelt.

To make others realize their importance, a person first needs to know theirs. Also, no man can ever be happy seeing his lover in distress or despair. The feeling of contentment comes from both and requires their contribution. A happy woman can only keep a man happy. 

2.     Show Your Husband Deep Respect:

Respect is a very integral and essential part of any relationship. Respect for each other is what makes any relationship more substantial and better than any other. With respect comes a feeling of satisfaction and completeness with each other. Respect in relationships acts like a backbone holding the relationship firm and strong. Respecting a man in marriage or when in an association is essential in the traditional aspects of many cultures.

Respect also instills trust and faith in each other. Small acts that reflect respect for your partner (like not being rude to him, not cutting him in between while he is speaking, etc.) increase the affectionate bond between the couples and help develop a mature and beautiful relationship. 

3.     Look Him In The Eye:

Experts often say that body language plays a significant role in making communication more effective. A passionate look into your man’s eyes while you talk is what makes your love get newer and fresher with passing time. Such small steps make people realize their importance in others’ lives, which makes them happy and contented.

These small steps mean a lot more to a person who is in love with you. These small compassionate gestures make them realize that they are blessed to be around people who love them unconditionally. Looking in the eye also has a deeper meaning. When a person looks in the eye and talks, it establishes a sense of oneness and comfort. It makes a place feel safer.

4.     Respect His Time:

We have often heard people say, “Time is the biggest resource” or “Time is precious”. These phrases tell us the importance of time, which is anyway to all of us. Often couples in a relationship long and demand quality time because that is what they call the “Gift of Time.”

Couples should mutually respect each other’s time. Many men work very hard to support and fulfill all the wishes of the family. All these require effort and time. If a woman respects the time of her man, this makes the man feel cheerful and contented. This makes him feel peaceful and comfortable. This adds sustainability and compatibility to the relationship.

5.     Be Eager To Please Him:

Every man or woman in a relationship has a list of said or unsaid expectations from their partner. We often find men doing lots of things (like planning surprises, getting chocolates or small gifts, etc.) for their unique relationship. Well, women too should go the extra mile and do some little things which might please their man and freshen up their relationship once again. 

Women’s eagerness to please their man itself makes the man feel happy and lucky to have her in life. Such small steps in a relationship keep the relationship young forever, and the bond between the couple gradually tends to grow stronger with each passing day. 

6.     Be Attentive To Him:

Treat Your Men Like a King

A significant part of communication includes being an attentive listener. During a conversation, both people must take their time and let others take theirs. Similarly, it gets irritating for any man trying to speak and receives no attention yet. This degrades the confidence of a person and makes them feel unimportant. Watch solely decides lots of factors in a relationship.

Engagement denotes respect, which stands as the backbone of any relationship. Small acts like staying quiet while he speaks and looking him into his eyes while he says are small gestures of respect and attentiveness while only and casually moving away.

In contrast, he speaks taken as a sign of disrespect and immaturity in communication. The lookout develops the relationship’s strength and makes a man feel happy and satisfied with his position and say in the relationship.

7.     He Rules The Finances:

Many people feel that the house’s financing department is the autonomy of the male in the house. Many men also feel proud of doing so. Women should always support the financial decisions taken by their men if they are correct in it.

Again, women can try to be very polite and humble while making suggestions as they do not feel any disrespect or insult to their responsibility. In many cases, men want their wives to take over the finances of the house.

These women should take up the blame if they are comfortable doing so and try to take suggestions from their husbands before making a decision. Discussions with husband regarding financial decisions etc. increase compatibility, maturity, and mutual understanding.

8.     Randomly Express Your Gratitude:

The smallest and the random expressions in love make the relationships even prettier, brighter, and more robust. Women should thank men for their short and little steps to keep them happy and their relationship fresher.

Women always expect their men to plan lots and lots of surprises for them and even complain if they don’t do so. Similarly, women should also keep in mind that men deserve to be appreciated for their initiatives and actions.

A small ‘Thank You card, a bottle of their favorite liquor, etc. are the things that serve the purpose best. This keeps the feeling of love and gratitude alive in the relationship and encourages us to do something for each other.  

9.     Learn To Be Happy Around Your Husband:

Family and close ones are to add peace and happiness to a person’s life. Women should try to stay cheerful, happy, contented, and relaxed around their soulmates. This adds positive energy and invites good vibes and good feelings in the relationship. A comfortable and cheerful face is always preferred over a grumpy, sulky, and melancholy face.

The smile on the woman’s face adds confidence to the man in the relationship. It is often said that a smiling face is highly contagious. For example, Suppose the wife or the woman in the relationship looks at her man and sees him her boldest and the brightest smile. In that case, the man is undoubtedly going to smile back at her, making the moment a remarkable and memorable one.

10.Cook Him Something Special:

Good food makes everything good. Food has always played a vital role in human life. Food is not just a mere commodity, it is a feeling or an expression. Be it any festival, occasion, or celebration, food represents all the feelings.

A difficult day at work could be easily compensated with a platter of good food. For all those women who are in a relationship and want to make their man feel on top of the world, it is like a golden tip for them to prepare their partner’s favorite dishes to make them feel happy and feel their importance in your life.

All the issues could be sorted with a plate of good food and lots of love. The food prepared at home also involves efforts, feelings, and love, which is self-explanatory for a thousand emotions a woman holds.

11.Serve Him:

serve your husband

Relationships are full of small, cute, little, and pretty moments. The small gestures made in love are signs of much bigger hidden emotions. If the food is served by their wife or girlfriend, that served platter is very different from a self-served or a waiter served one. This also adds to the woman’s contribution to their relationship and makes the man an essential part of the woman’s life.

Such small gestures bring love and a feeling of oneness in the relationship and encourage them to take more effort. This makes the man feel like the king and the luckiest of all. All these steps increase the strength of relationships making them everlasting ones. 

12.Include Him In All Decisions:

Decisions in relationships play a very major role. It is one of the most crucial parts of the relationship and ensures better and matured understanding. Some of the household or family decisions are the ones that need mutual consent and negotiations to be dissolved peacefully. Disagreements in internal matters could make things appear much ugly than they in reality are.

A certain level of understanding from both the partners and the inclusion of partners in decision-making makes the process much easier. If a woman considers her man’s suggestions before she takes a decision, this makes him feel important and he feels glad to have her in life. All these contribute to the smooth and efficient functioning of the house and the relationship as well.

13.Let Him Follow His Dreams:

Dreams and aspirations play a significant role in a person’s life. Many people cannot pursue their real dreams and profession due to their family, pressure, financial conditions, etc. Incomplete goals give people a reason to regret them forever. Support provided by any loved one in such situations seems to be like a blessing in disguise. Women who love their partners unconditionally should always support them with dream professions or dream jobs.

All this makes them feel like they are on top of the world and the love and support of their partners completes them. All this helps them stay comfortable around you, and they can reveal and express their true feelings to you- which is the fundamental essence of any relationship. 

14.Initiate Love Making:

Love in relationships needs to be expressed in physical ways, as well. True love is said to have the involvement of heart and heat as well. Heat refers to the spark in the relationship aroused by sensual activities and flirtatious playfulness in the relation. To be two souls to be completely united, two bodies need to be united too.

Many women often expect their husbands or boyfriends to add a sexy touch to the relationship, but this should also be a mutual affair. Women should gift men the pleasure they desire by completing or fulfilling their fantasies. Treatment of a man like in a bed satisfies the core of his heart and he grand the extreme ecstasies to the woman. 

15.Compliment Him:

complement your husband

Often people think that only women crave compliments, but that’s not the case. Men crave compliments just like women do, and compliments mean even mean bigger when it comes from a close one or a loved one. 

Men want to be appreciated for their looks, dressing, collection, hard work, achievements, etc. just like women.

Women in a relationship should understand and acknowledge their partner’s efforts. This makes them happy and boosts their confidence. These feelings of satisfaction take them to high levels of happiness, and they feel proud of themselves and start to live even better.

All this makes them feel like he has just conquered all that he wanted to. The phrases like “Hey Handsome,” “Look here comes the hottie”, or compliments like “I don’t know if the suit compliments you or you compliment the suit” make them happier and feel like a king. They start to feel extremely thankful for your existence in their life.

16.Don’t Play The Blame Game:

Disagreements or controversies are an undeniable part of any relationship. Couples in a fight often tend to blame each other for their wrongdoings, which adds to the relationship’s bitterness. What couples fail to understand is that these fights develop the strength of the relationship. Hardships in life require the togetherness and love of close ones.

Women should not blame their counterparts during fights and both should mutually come up with a solution or a conclusion. Blames hurt a person’s morale and ignite feelings of despair and disappointment, which adds negativity to the relationship.

In the case of fights, women should behave maturely and stay calm, and think about the entire scenario from their partners’ perspectives. This adds peace, flexibility, and develops the strength of the relationship. Men feel extremely lucky to have such counterparts.

17.Ask Your Man For Help:

Helping each other is an integral part of a relationship. An efficient and effective active household requires the contribution of both partners. In the case of working women, they find it challenging to manage the house, perform their duties as a mother or a wife, and manage their workload as well.

In such cases, they can politely discuss their problem with their partners and seek help from them if required. This adds the feeling of mutual responsibility and mutual understanding in a relationship. All this strengthens the connection and makes the man feel like a king. 

18.Get Him Something When You Go Shopping:

Many of the statistical data reveal that women love to go shopping. A small tip for such women would be to buy even a small gift or anything their men fancy. Such small, cute, little surprises add love and happiness to the relationship. These commodities are signs of a much deeper feeling the women hold.

Not all feelings in this world can be expressed, but there are many ways to make them evident or feel them. The items also reveal the care and the hidden emotions of love behind them. They add a feeling of oneness and companionship to the relationship. 

19.Plan Random Surprises For Him:

In keeping the relationship healthy and lively, random surprises play the role of a great protagonist. After a bad day at work or the ugliest fights, a spontaneous surprise dinner or any unexpected gift makes up for it.

These gestures keep the relationship happy and healthy and are like a constant reminder to both partners how blessed they are to have such counterparts. Such dinners, outings, or gifts make the men feel glad and proud of their partners. All this, in turn, makes the men feel like a king who has been the luckiest of all to have such a queen by his side. 

20.Share Your Heart Out With Him:

share your love

With sharing comes comfort. The beauty of any relationship lies in the fact that couples being two different individual personalities, come together as one to support love and care for each other. When people share their secrets or stories from their past, they let out their vulnerabilities in front of that person.

This implies the unspoken trust which is an essential part of the relationship. When a woman shares her heart out with her man, she imposes her deepest trust on him and in their relationship. This adds to the feeling of intimacy and closeness between the partners. This makes a situation win-win for both of them.  

21.Understand His Unspoken Words:

Communication involves spoken as well as unspoken words. A true understanding of each other’s feelings comes with an understanding of each other’s words as well as the silences.

Many times silence of a man means disappointment or disapproval. A true lover knows how to decode the silence of her man in any situation and act accordingly to them. With the understanding of silences and unspoken words come the feeling of warmth, tenderness, and fondness.

Many people can’t express their emotions well and for such, it is like a blessing to have a companion who can understand their feelings, emotions, needs, etc. without being spoken to. In relationships where men are introverts and their partners have such a good understanding with them the flow of the relationship becomes easier and the strength of the relationship itself gradually grows.

All these make the understanding in a relationship reach extreme heights and trust to be the strongest pillar of their relationship. Men feel to be on top of the world if they have a girlfriend who has such a deeper understanding of their nature and behavior.  

22.Take Care Of Him:  

Last, but not least comes the point of care. Loving and caring are the very basic requirements of a relationship. Care is an essential part of bonding and love. We naturally start to care for the person we love or vice-versa.

Caring in a relationship establishes attachment and oneness. Small acts of caring like taking care of his medicines, his diet, his belongings, his health, his schedule, etc mean a lot to them and they feel lucky to have women who brilliantly takes care of each of their belonging. Such gestures of women add sweetness and love to the relationship and make the relationship and their lives a very beautiful one in turn.

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