13 Best Tips on How to Make him Miss you?

We all want someone to miss us, right? We all want to feel special in our lives and mostly when that one particular person is missing us. I know that this is a fantastic feeling. Sometimes we do a lot for our loved ones, but we still feel that there is something missing in the relationship. We all want him to miss us because that will make you feel that you are a priority.

Many of you might be suffering from a breakup, might be some of you have just patched up or maybe you’re not feeling the way you should think in a relationship. A lot of relationships tend to lose their Spark real soon and girls feel that their partners have stopped giving them attention. If your partner is not giving you the attention you need and is not missing you the way he should be missing.

Best Tips to Make him Miss you

Here is a list of tips to follow on how to make him miss you. I am sure a lot of them would be useful for you.

1. Don’t Communicate every day.

How to Make him Miss you

It is important to stay away for a while and stop communicating the way you have been doing for a long time. If you keep communicating every day for long hours, your partner might feel that you are always available for him. If you are over-communicating and overly indulged in his life, he would obviously have nothing to miss you. In order to make him miss you, you need to cut short a few conversations.

You don’t have to suddenly stop talking to him because it would look abrupt and rather you will confuse him about your presence. It would be best if you cut short some conversations in a way that will make him feel that you have some other chores to do than him. If you take away a little time of all the time that you give to him, this will make him feel lonely in that little time span he will end up missing you.

2. The Signature Scent

This is an amazing technique to use for girls by using their alluring perfume scents. You should have a fragrance, a different and very alluring one, which will be a reminder of you. A lot of times males tend to fall in love with the amazing scents of you.

A lot of males love that different and exquisite fragrance of you that will make him find you even if he is blindfolded.

The signature scent can be, a major source of him missing you because he misses that beautiful you and especially that fantastic fragrance. Also whenever he is not around you, he tends to search for that fragrance everywhere around.

Atlas that exquisite fragrance of you will make him miss the essence of you. Right now, go and purchase a perfume, but while choosing this, remember that its fragrance has to be something different because only a different one would impact.

Also, keep in mind not to overuse that perfume because it might lead to your partner being uncomfortable around you and things would go the wrong way. Also, this technique takes a little time to establish, and only after that, would work. But guaranteed, this is effective.

3. Keep Relationships Slow

How to Make him Miss you

Do you know about fads? Fads refer to things or relationships that grow at a fast pace during the beginning, it feels like it’s just so perfect, and trust me in no time everything falls back and so low. I know you don’t want your relationships to be a FAD!

To keep your relationships long-lasting, you need to keep your relationships slow. Doing everything so fast will not allow him to understand you or intimately fall in love with you. It would be best if you gave him time to understand you as a person, and then only it will give him a space to miss you. If you go on to hurry up things and do everything he desires to do, you are going at a very rapid pace.

Always try to keep that pace of your relationships slow and try to spice up things. You are not in a relationship to just do the stuff as a ritual, or just accomplish your and his sexual needs without even understanding each other. He can’t miss you or give you the attention you need in this kind of situation because he knows that you are going to do everything as he says and hence he won’t consider you as a special priority in his life.

When things go slow, both of you get the time to understand each other. Both of you have time to wait until your curiosity has reached a peak. Those little bits of making love and then step by step walking ahead in your relationship is the best thing. The time gaps that you give in between each step are the time during which he will miss you for sure.

4. Leave Behind a Little Mystery

It would be best if you were not an open book in front of him who shares everything about your life. It is always good to leave little bits of mystery behind your talks, making him feel mysterious about your presence.

He will be filled up with different types of questions for you regarding where you are or what you are doing.

For Example, informing him that you are going for dinner but not informing him that you are going with your parents. He might be confused that you are going with your friends, or maybe someone else.

Let him ask questions and let him feel a little jealous of your talks. Also, answer the questions as he asks. This will make him think about you so severely that you cannot even imagine. Leaving behind some Mystery talks or maybe stopping in between while telling something about your experience and making him wait for a little longer to know what you were about to complete is a good technique.

Also tell him that tomorrow is a surprise, or may inform him that there is something special for you. This will make him go crazy for you and his curiosity to know what you are planning will reach a peak. And the moment you show him that surprise, he will express to you all the things that he had been missing from you.

5. Send them Some Snapshots of Memories

It is good to capture beautiful moments of your relationships because they are the ones that remind you of all the beautiful times that you have had. These snapshots are like little windows that help you to look back into your beautiful life with your partner.

If you want to make him miss you, just sometimes when you are away from him, send him little reminders or maybe Snapchat memories or find out a moment to send him a picture of you both together. Watching a picture of you with someone you have loved, induces a lot of feelings at that very moment.

It takes just a few seconds to make him miss you and remember you at that moment. That happy picture will make him feel that he is missing your beautiful smile or maybe your positive presence around him.

He would crave for you to be with him. He would be immensely in need of you and yes he is going to miss you. Also always try to click-happy, cozy and warm pictures with him whenever you’re in your moments so that whenever he takes a look at them, he feels a special kind of bond which he feels will last an eternity. Pictures are not just photographs on paper, but they are the true representations of thoughts and emotions running behind during that picture was being clicked.

6. Show up on Social Media – You’re having fun

How to Make him Miss you

Have you have tested the power of social media? Do you know that social media is the biggest boon that you have to make him miss you? Posting pictures of you enjoying yourself with your friends will surely make him jealous. He will miss his presence with you seeing you so happy and cheerful in those pictures.

Also, it would help if you had a different social network other than him so that he knows that you have a life other than him. Even if you do not have a good social network with friends other than him, you can post about things that empower women or maybe interact with people over social media.

You need to make sure that you engage in different activities that are a priority to you and share them over your social media. Social media is a platform where many people are going to appreciate you for your good work, which will make them feel that you are an essential personality.

Always try to share things that he doesn’t know over social media. You can talk about things like your favorite book or share your favorite movie, or maybe about an old friendship. Etc. You can try to share some of your memories over social media that he has never known.

He will be intrigued by the fact that you have some different things to share over social media that he doesn’t know, which will, in turn, make him crave your presence and 

He will want you to share with him your thoughts, emotions, and memories.

7. Be Self-Confident / Love Yourself

One of the best qualities you should have in yourself is to love your own self. You should have your own priorities fixed at first and then you should consider and another person entering into your zone. Being self-confident and loving yourself is one of the most important things in life.

You should know what your goals and motivations are which will hence make you a confident woman. Men usually love the companionship of a woman who is focused on her goals and knows how to perform tasks well and is efficient in her work. It would help if you were self-confident enough to motivate yourself and him when he needs your motivation.

You should be a woman who knows everything about yourself and who knows how to do things to make yourself happy without anyone else in life. Your man should know that she is just a person who adds to your happiness and he is not everything in your life. When didn’t see such a happy self-confident woman, they tend to want their company more and more with them.

 I want your company because you make them feel positive about him and also pump him up to work on his goals. If you are a woman who can motivate your man, your man will lead you whenever he needs motivation. He will miss you when he wants your help, he will miss you whenever he feels low, also he will miss you whenever he has no one on his side.

If you are a woman full of life and you know how to love yourself, you will surely know how to love a man and how to make him love you and miss you of course.

8. Look in the Best Way You Can

A lot of people say that physical appearances don’t matter, but if you know the reality they do matter. We are not considering how your body looks or maybe how your physical features look. We are talking about the appearance that is presenting yourself in the best way possible. A lot of you know the correct dressing sense and you have good etiquette to present yourself in front of others.

A woman who has elegance and Grace in her dressing and behavior is considered to be so perfect by men.

Good clothes are not just expensive branded clothes, good clothes are the ones that have a good fit and a silhouette that is made just for you. You should know what kind of clothes suit your body shape and what kind of clothes he likes you to wear. If you feel that dressing up is too much, we will not be talking about doing loads of makeup because not everyone knows how to do it. But all of us can put our hair fitted and clothes on fleek, that’s basic etiquette.

Doing this will make you feel comfortable in your own zone and also your man will remember you for the kind of grace that you leave behind. He will miss your presence whenever he goes out without you. He will miss holding the hands of a beautiful woman who is dressed up amazingly always.

9. Leave Things Behind for Memories.

leave memories behind

Sometimes little things that you do make huge impacts on your man. The little things that you play with around him, all things that you love to carry can make a difference. The first thing before you try all this technique is to make him know about the things that you love a lot. Be some of your favorite hair clips or your bracelet. Trying out a few days and make you feel attached to those things of yours.

One fine day planned out to leave them behind for him to wander in your memories. He will definitely miss you doing something or playing around with those things.

Your little things make him feel on top of the world because you left Behind one of your important things. Men like to collect them all, and they love the essence of you behind your things. They can feel your whole presence with just that little Object.

10. Don’t be Available Each time

Are you replying to all his texts in just a second? Are you picking up calls in just two rings? And are you at his place just a call away? Stop being available each time because your man may develop a habit of feeling that you are free always. It is good to be unavailable for him at times because he will miss your presence and he will know that you are not going to be available each time. He should know and feel that you are finding time out of your busy schedule for him.

You should make him feel that you were in a busy circumstance but still, you somehow made to reach out to him and help him. When you do him such favors, you will understand that you considered him to be special and he will miss you definitely. Also don’t always show up to him maybe deliberately delayed the time that you reach him. He should have the feeling of missing you during every minute of your delay.

11. Silence Speaks a Lot

A lot of times during breakups or during fights, both of you speak to an extent that might cause a lot of quarrels and he might have wrong thoughts about you. It’s better to be silent during such fights so that the moment he realizes that he was the only one shouting and screaming, you were quiet. He will reach out to you in order to talk to you, but you my girl have to maintain your silence.

Your silence will make him feel a lot of things at the same time. Imagine a lot of thoughts running simultaneously all together at the same time.

You realize that he is missing you so much more than usual. Make him wait for your reply, just be silent because silence speaks a lot. If you want him to miss you, behave as if you don’t have anything to speak. He will come up to say sorry to you for his bad words and also he will start missing you much more than before.

12. Connecting Emotionally and Intimately

All people are attached to someone or the other in their lives. We develop this attachment with people with whom we are connected emotionally and intimately. Humans develop this affection and attachment only when they feel safe in the presence of another person. Also sometimes we get intimately attached to someone because we never feel the same kind of Vibe and safety with anyone else.

You have to be that special someone to whom he is attached. If you want him to miss you, you should have something different in you that he can never feel within another person. Being emotionally connected to relationships is important for or the growth and prosperity of that relationship.

It is important to develop bonds in which he feels that he can share his emotions, feelings, and thoughts all with you without any fear. You should be someone who is not going to judge him for anything that he says. You should be someone who is always going to support him and motivate him for achieving his goals.

All these little things and gestures bring up strong and emotionally healthy relationships. Until and unless you are connected emotionally with your partner there is no scope of him missing you. Once you built up this strong bond, he will miss you every time he has no one to share his things with. He will search for your presence whenever he feels low.

13 . Give him something to miss.

something to miss

Are you waiting for him to miss you if you don’t have something special in you? When you think that he should be missing you right now, do you really think that is there something special in you that is to be missed?. You should have a different quality that no other person in his life has. This should be something that you have to give him to miss about you.

This could be your behavior which could make him feel better in any circumstance that no person can do for him. This could also be an intimate sexual relationship that no other person can make him feel satisfied with the way you do. If this is too early for you, it could be on the part of understanding him emotionally and giving him correct advice which really works well for him.

 You have to be that little Spark which is impossible for him to find from any other person.

If someone else is able to do just the same things as you are able to do, why will he even miss your presence? He should know that you are different and are fit for him. The fact that you are a perfect match for him shouldn’t just be for the sake of it, but it’s only real bonds that make people miss each other.

How to Make a man Miss you? – Guide By Dr. Antonio Borrello

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