13 Things Guys Notice the Most about Your Body

In any relationship, attraction plays a significant role. Apart from the mental connection and bonding, it is important for men and women to feel attracted to each other physically. Women have long been wondering what men notice about them especially when the relationship is new or when you are going on a first date. Men are visual creatures and they definitely look at women. Whether he is a stranger or your first date, you will find men gazing at you. It is obvious for you to wonder what he is looking at. There are certain things guys notice first in your body.

According to science, every time men look at women, they perform a kind of reproductive fitness assessment. Men look for those features in a woman that make a woman attractive. Men associate these features with fertility and good health. Men might subconsciously think that you could have their babies which further attracts them to you.

Things Guys Notice About Your Body

Let’s get into the details of things guys notice about your body:

  • Eyes

things guys notice

Many men confess that the first thing they notice in a woman is her eyes. Eyes are more attention-grabbing than the rest of your body and they have the ability to hold attention. It’s easy to tell someone that you like them just by looking at them. After all ‘Eyes are a window to your soul’ and guys definitely take note of it. You can also expect some compliments from a guy if he really loved your eyes.

  • Your style

The next thing that men check out when in women is their style. It is a wide term as style consists of what you wear as well as how you carry yourself. They also take note of how confident you are. The clothes you wear and how you look are very much a part of your physical looks and guys might take note of it from head to toe.

  • Your smile

People say that the most beautiful thing a girl can wear is her smile and guys certainly notice it. An attractive smile immediately captures the attention of men and they admire it a lot. It also makes you come across as an amicable and lovely person.

  • Your lips

things guys notice

Believe it or not, men do observe your lips. Healthy and pink lips attract everyone and men are no exception to that.

So girl if you are going on your first date, chapped lips are a big No as men would certainly take a note of it and might get turned off. Noticing your lips can is linked to men’s subconscious desire to kiss you. 

  • Body type

Men’s obsession with women’s bodies is perceived as shallow but physical appearance does matter to men. Certain body types such as bigger breasts and buttocks inevitably attract men. However, there is no generalization as different men have varied tastes and no one is looking for perfection.

  • Hair

Men do notice your hair when they meet you for the first. Guys notice small things such as your hairstyle, hair color, length of hair, etc. You can flaunt your personality with different lengths, shapes, and colors of hair. Many men love long hair on women and if you have one, it will certainly attract the guy.

  • Your face

Sounds crazy right? It’s obvious when you meet someone they see your face but we are talking about minute details on your face. Men notice your skin, moles, your face cut, and everything else. They will also notice your makeup. Men love women who wear less or moderate makeup as compared to women with layers of makeup. Simplicity and natural beauty attract them. 

  • Breast

things guys notice

Men can’t help but take a look at how your breasts look. They might not be as obsessed with breasts as you imagine them to be but they might just have a look. You need not necessarily have big breasts for men to notice them. It isn’t a priority as some men are into long legs or buttocks or any other body part.

  • Height

Though men notice your breasts, waist, and bust, height is also important for them. Men perceive taller women as attractive. However, you should not generalize as some men like smaller women.

  • Buttocks

Some men are more attracted to a women’s butt than their bust. Fuller and round butt are every man’s fantasy. According to science, it is psychological for men to perceive women with wider hips as more capable of giving birth to babies. It’s biologically wired in men to want a girl with large behind as it’s a sign of good health. Most men love butts even if they don’t admit it.

  • Overall Grooming

Men to take note of how well you carry yourself and that is not confined to clothes. Your overall grooming right from your manicure, pedicure, hair, and self-care. Well-groomed women reflect how well they take care of themselves and men find it attractive. Well-kept nails, hands, and feet are definitely attractive.

  • Legs

Men will notice if you have a good pair of legs, especially toned ones. Just like butts, men subconsciously see strong legs as a sign of good health. Also, they find long legs attractive.

  • Your skin

If you have clear and flawless skin that is soft, men will adore it. If you take care of your skin and keep it healthy, men are sure to notice it.

10 Body Parts That Turns Man On

things guys notice

Beauty indeed lies deep within a woman. But we can’t deny that male species look for physical attributes in their potential partner. Women’s private parts indeed attract men the most. However, a survey says that men have a list of body parts they like the best in women and find attractive.

Everyone’s mind is different and so are everyone’s preferences. Different men find different body parts of a woman sensuous.

Let’s have a look at what body parts turn men on:

  • Feet

Many men find women’s feet quite sensuous. Perfectly pedicured and soft clean feet arouse more men than you can ever imagine. After all, a foot fetish is a thing! The beauty of the feet gives sexual thoughts to many men.

The sight of delicate toes and painted toes can really turn on some men. Men find small feet attractive, cute, and sensuous. So girls, if you really wish to attract your man, well-maintained feet can be the key!

  • Back

things guys notice

The back of a woman can be really attractive to men though it is one of the most underrated body parts. Men love to see sexy and curvy backs in topless gowns. Your back can be a big turn-on for many men, especially the ones with back fetishes.

The sight of bareback can enhance the sexual appeal of a man. A back tattoo inked near the shoulder or lower back can arouse sensual thoughts in men.

The back of a woman is soft and sexy which instantly attracts them and makes them desire you even more.

  • Stomach

Men get really attracted to women with sculpted flat stomachs. In several surveys, men have listed the stomach as one of the hottest body parts in a woman. The kin on the torso is delicate and soft and the belly button in the center makes it even more sexy and sensuous.

The sight of a beautiful flat stomach can arouse any man. Also, men don’t like muscular bodies. Having a lot of muscles can take away the natural curve and delicate frame of a woman which can be a huge turn-off for men. Having belly button piercing or tattoos can enhance the sexual appeal for men.

  • Hair

attractive body parts

Your hair can be really attractive to men. Some men are literally attached and obsessed with their girl’s hair and feel proud of the girl’s hair.

They find women with good long hair hot and sexy and love the appeal of soft and shiny hair tickling their skin. Some men even love to play with their girl’s hair.

A woman’s hair plays an important role in minds of men. Instead of fretting over your looks, you can consider getting your hair done!

  • Buttocks

It goes without saying that most men find buttocks very attractive and their sight can arouse them. Men prefer women with curvy hips. The fleshier the better! Whether it is a figure-hugging dress or a pair of denim, men can’t help but notice your back. Your sensuous back plays a role in physically attracting men. If you want to grab the attention of your man, investing time in a fitness routine can be a great idea.

  • Lips

You can’t undermine the sexual appeal of lips. Fuller and pink lips will make men looking at you twice. This doesn’t mean you need to wear lipsticks all the time. Naturally beautiful and healthy lips are enough to drive men crazy.

Good lips can draw attention from the rest of your face and have men looking at your lips with desire. They might also visualize kissing your soft and supple lips. Men find thick lips sexy as they are more kissable. Also, sometimes, more than the lips, it can be the smile that drives men crazy. They can’t resist a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile can work magic. You can flirt with your smile or let a man know that you like him. Just flash your prettiest of a smile and have men falling for you!

  • Breast

things guys notice

This one is a no-brainer. Women’s breasts are one of the most attractive body parts that turn men on like no other. The mere sight of breasts can arouse them and make them desire you.

It is one of the most noticed parts of a woman that guys can never ignore. Well-shaped breasts are an anchor of a beautiful figure.

A woman with good round breasts always captures the attention of men. Woman’s breasts have always been an object of fantasy for men of all ages. Men love breasts. It may be because of their beauty and the fascination towards something you can’t see but want to have a glimpse of.

  • Eyes

You can’t underestimate what eyes can do when it comes to sexual attraction. That sexy gaze with a hint of how much you desire him can make your man go crazy. In several surveys, men have ranked eyes as one of the body parts that they found hot and sexy.

Smiling and happy eyes are great but sexy and teasing eyes are impeccable. If you wish to speak to your man without talking, try using your eyes. You can’t imagine the impact it will have on your guy’s mind. Women have often been using eyes as seductive organs to attract men and get things done. Good eye makeup can also enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  • Cleavage

sexy cleavage

It’s not just your breast but even cleavage can attract men. The sight of cleavage from a low neck or revealing dress can arouse men.

It’s like the hide and seeks game wherein they get to see the cleavage and imagine breasts. A sexy deep cleavage can make you more desirable for a man.

In fact, women sometimes dress in a way that shows their cleavage. It enhances physical and sexual attractiveness ad improves a sense of feminity.

  • Thighs

Just like feet and legs, thighs attract men. In ancient times, big thighs in women meant strength, stamina, and the ability to protect children. Sculpted thighs are still a turn-on for many men. Soft and sexy thighs revealed from a lovely short dress can attract men sexually and make them desire you.

End Note

These are some of your body parts that men knowingly or unknowingly notice in you. Guys simply can’t resist noticing such things in women. So all you women out there now you know what attracts men and how you can attract men towards you. However, these are some common observations about men and we can’t generalize it as every man is different and so are his preferences.

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