How to Approach a Girl in College? 6 Rocking Tips

So, you finally got admission to your favorite college?

Planning to rock the first day at college?

Are you worried about new people, new challenges, Or nervous about meeting attractive girls at college?

Well, the adrenaline rush is sure to make you sleepless. But, the guide below will lead you to some success stories at approaching attractive girls in college. Well, we can at least try making that possible. Isn’t?

Take a Look at What Girls Like!

Before we hop on to the trick and tips of approaching girls in college with an optimum success rate, let’s first take a brief understanding of what girls like. 

Girls like honesty: 

Girls have always been keen to know what a specific person feels for them. You might have already noticed that honest boys are most popular among girls, and that’s proof that girls like honesty.

So, try and be honest about what you feel for her, instead of making stories. You know what I mean. 

Girls like pampering: 

Yes, that is the weakness of every girl. They like to hear good things about themselves. So, if you compliment her for the way she dresses, or maybe the way she speaks, she’d love it.

And this might be the first step towards initiating a great conversation between you too. 

Girls crave attention: 

So, if you are serious about approaching her in college, you need to invest your attention in her. Girls love attention; she’d not like it if she saw you noticing another girl just in front of her.

So, be careful. If she gets all your attention, you probably have won the first step already, and that’s how you should begin. 

Girls love well-dressed boys: 

So, the golden rule is, if you want her attention, you need to earn it. Dress well, present yourself most smartly, and wait for the results. Make it a point to dress each day smartly, including how you carry yourself each day. 

6 Tips on How to Approach Your Crush in College!

So, now let’s talk about expert tips. Being a boy, you need to be very careful about the borderline between appearing bright and sounding creepy.

You, of course, want to appear competent before your crush and not overburden her with your bizarre thoughts.

So, understanding that thin line of difference, let’s move ahead with some great tips that’ll help you in this process.

1. Don’t be too late to start a conversation!

If you miss out on the actual conversation, you might miss out on your girl. So, waiting for some days to observe her likes and dislikes is acceptable, but this silence should not last long.

It would help if you tried to initiate the conversation; it could be about anything, literally anything. For example, you can talk to your favorite girl about a teacher at your college or maybe the food items you like in the canteen.

It could be about your preferences, your hobbies, or anything. Even a tiny conversation will be enough to know her interest.

So, before it gets too late, make a start.

2. Maintain a balance between being diplomatic and straight!

See, you can neither be brutally honest before the girl you are planning to approach, nor you should be too diplomatic to stay stuck in a particular situation. You need to know the best way to strive for a balance.

For example, if you tell her straight on her face that you like her and you wish to date her, she might never talk to you ever again.

So instead, you can begin like, ‘I like the way you talk,’ ‘Would you mind if we’d be friends,’ or maybe like, ‘I wish we could talk more about each other.’

So, this is how you can study her mindset and feels less embarrassed even if she is not interested in you.

3. Look Confident!

Confidence is the key. You can win even the most challenging situations if you feel confident in yourself. So, the next time you plan you approach a girl in college, you need to wear your confidence in full swing.

So, how to look confident when you are hell nervous?

Well, wear your smile, and dress well; this makes you look incredibly confident.

And if this isn’t looking enough, you can ask your friend to accompany you while you take the first step towards talking to the girl. That is how you can begin with a friendly conversation in the beginning.

4. Show intent!

When you approach your favorite girl in college, be clear about your intent. Otherwise, you might not even realize and end up being friend-zoned.

Unfortunately, it is too common to happen, especially if there are other competent boys around her. 

So, make it a point to let her know that you like her and intend to date her. 

5. Remember her special days!

Girls love it when they are made to feel special. So, if you remember her special days, that may be her birthday or any other day, she’d love it. 

For example, if you bring her favorite flowers on her birthday, she’ll be surprised to discover your dedication towards her. 

So, if you remember her special days, you’ll already have the upper hand over her list of notable people in college. 

6. Be consistent!

Success results only from consistent efforts. It implies all situations, including approaching your favorite girl in college.

If you like her and want her to take a special place in your life, you need to be consistent in your effort. It would help make her realize that you like her and want her to be your special friend.

Consistent efforts never go wrong. However, you need to be very careful about your approach, as you cannot look creepy among other mates in college.

So, that is how you can make a successful approach her getting your favorite girl close to you in college. Give it a try until you succeed.

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