12 Cute and Real Love at First Sight Stories to Read at Bedtime

Love at first sight is a beautiful thing. It’s hard to find someone who will love you unconditionally and without judgment for the rest of your life. But sometimes, it happens in an instant. I’m sure we all have our own love at first sight stories about when we knew that this was the one for us, even if it wasn’t meant to be long-term. Here are 12 such crazy and real love at first sight stories for you to read at bedtime or to tell your crush.

Maybe they were just so attractive that you couldn’t resist their charm or maybe there was something about them that made your heart melt from the very beginning?

For me, I knew he was my soul mate when he offered me his handkerchief as I walked past him on campus during my freshman year of college and said “Good luck with your studies.” That moment sealed it…

Here is some great and exciting romantic Love at first Sight stories for your souls. Read and share with your love and refresh your memories.

12 Cute and Real Love at first Sight Stories for Bedtime

Alice and The Craftsman

A great many people think love at first sight is horse crap; however, huge loads of couples really feel like they succumbed to one another the second they met. Here, you are going to read a beautiful love story that will cause you to accept that love at first sight, is genuine and could particularly happen to you. In this story, you are going to read how Alice, a girl of a royal Swedish family falls in love with Bhavesh, an artist born into a poor Indian Family? How they met and how they fall in love with each other.

It was the year 2018, when Alice, a 19-year-old understudy of a Swedish imperial family goes to India to get a representation made by a skilled craftsman. The craftsman was naturally introduced to a helpless Indian group of the most reduced station, otherwise called the “untouchables.” Despite the amazingly troublesome conditions, the craftsman named Bhavesh had gained notoriety for being a skilled painter. His reputation drove Alice to head out right to India to complete her representation.

When Bhavesh met her for the first time, he got amazed by her beauty and personality. He had fallen in love at first sight with her. While thinking about her, he realized that she is from an imperial family and he is just a poor craftsman and this made him control his feeling for Alice.

By the time representation was done, the two had fallen completely in love with each other. He gave his best to catch all her excellence in the representation, at this point never completely succeeded. In any case, the picture was great and Alice succumbed to his straightforwardness and his lovely character. As a result of him, she unexpectedly chose to remain longer in India.

Unfortunately, the opportunity arrived when Alice needed to leave again to finish her examinations in Canada. A great many miles separated the two however their affections for one another never showed signs of change. Alice offered Bhavesh to get him air tickets, which he declined. He had chosen to finish his studies first, however, he had likewise focused on rejoining with the love of his life on his own terms.

After Bhavesh had completed his studies, he took every one of his assets and sold them. Unfortunately, the cash he acquired didn’t approach a flight ticket. Everything he could bear was a modest and utilized bike. His choice was the start of a bike venture from India toward the Western world.

Bhavesh took every one of his canvases and brushes alongside him to financially uphold his undertaking. His journey drove him through eight nations and required over four months. However, at last, he showed up at Alice’s old neighborhood in Sweden lastly saw her once more. From that point on, the two did never leave each other’s side for a really long time.

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Rossy’s Love at First Sight in Garden

People often don’t believe that there is something like love at first sight. It’s a mixed feeling.

Let me ask: Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever fallen in love with someone with their one glance? It Doesn’t sound like a fairy tale; how can someone fall in love with anyone at first sight. The exact feeling when you love someone by meeting them for the first time you feel breathless, and if you exchange smiles, you smile throughout the day your soul feels a different type of joy and you just going with the flow types.

I will tell you a story after that. You will believe in LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, and it truly exists!!!

It was a rainy day. The weather was so soothing and romantic. Rossy, 17 years old, who was in high school, was getting bored and stuck at her home. She was sad that the weather outside is lovely and she is staying at home alone with such a dull feeling she decided to go garden with her pet dog Jimmy. Rossy stood to get dressed up, tied her hair in a bun; she wore a cute yellow top with a skirt and a cute pair of boots. 

Rossy went to the garden; it was a crowded evening in the park. Rossy decided to sit somewhere where she can feel the beauty of nature and can feel peace. Rossy and Jimmy went in a corner and started playing with a ball. Suddenly Jimmy hit the ball very fast, and the ball went too far. Jimmy enjoyed playing with the ball so Rossy and Jimmy went to find the ball. They took a round of the entire garden, but they did not get the ball. Rossy and Jimmy get sad.

They went back to their chair in the corner watching others playing. Suddenly they saw a boy with a ball in his hands was looking for someone here and there. Rossy quickly went to the boy; before Rossy could say anything, she looked into his eyes and continuously looked at them. Jimmy was happy to see his ball and started barking.

But Rossy did not mind. She was still looking at the boy’s eyes; that boy found it strange. He tapped his hand on Rossy’s shoulder and asked, excuse me, is this ball yours? She answered strangely, ya ya yes, it is mine. The boy smiled and gave the ball to Rossy and went. But Rossy had no idea what was she feeling and what was she doing.

Rossy was thinking about him throughout the evening, the way he was searching for someone, the way his eyes were, the way he tapped her shoulder. Rossy was utterly fallen for him in just seconds without even knowing his name. That’s what LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT IS.

PS: Rossy was expecting to meet him again and wanted to feel the same!!

Cute Love at first Sight Stories for Bedtime

Confession and Confusion

Though many think that love at first sight just happens in Movies and it has no relation with reality,  many people are still present in society who believe that love, at first sight, is the most most beautiful thing that could happen to you in your life. There is no doubt that love is the only positive energy that bound us with each other. In this story, you will read the story of Ragini and Pradyumna where you will know how the feeling of love led you to confession and confusion.

Today is the first day of college for Ragini, as she enters the classroom, she collides with a guy named Bhavesh. He was a smart, handsome, and tall guy who was the crush of every girl in the college. He didn’t notice that collide and went outside but Ragini was noticing him, then her friend Nisha came to her and told her-

Nisha:- His name is Pradyumna and he is the handsome guy on the campus. Do you also like him?

Ragini:- No, I don’t have such feelings for him. How could one decide at the first meeting?

She denied it and went to her class but deep inside her heart she knew that she has fallen in love with him. Finally, she decided that she will talk to him but she was confused too that whether he will accept his friends or not. So she decided not to talk to him.

After some months, there was a program held in college where Ragini had sung a very melodious song in her beautiful voice. After hearing her voice, Pradyumna got attracted to her. He started noticing her everywhere and used to repeat her song now and then.

The days passed but no one has ever dared to talk to each other due to confusion of not being accepted. Days passed and today is the last day of college and Pradyumna realized that if he did not approach her today then he will lose her. So he went to Ragini and asked-

Pradyumna:- Hey Ragini, I am Bhavesh and I know your name because you have sung a song in a program. Can we meet after the exam in the canteen?

Ragini (Confused and Nervous):- Is it necessary?

Pradyumna:- Yes, I will be waiting for you in the canteen.

And he has gone for his test. Ragini was happy because today she has got a chance to talk to her crush Pradyumna. When she went to Canteen, Pradyumna directly told her everything and his feeling for Ragini and also told how much he loves her. Ragini was filled with tears of happiness because not only Ragini but also Pradyumna has fallen for love at first sight with her.

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I, Marie, and The Celestial Water

You might have read tons of stories or have heard 100 stories about how a boy and girl fall in love and how they came together in their life. But today I am going to tell you a real story of mine where you will come to know that how nature had almost decided my fate with a girl named Marie with whom I fall in love at first sight.

This incident happened to me when I had gone on a trip to Serbia, Europe where I had made my two-day plan to visit the famous Novice city as I have read about it on google. After arriving at Novice, I went to my hostel which I had booked online.

The room was consist of four beds among which only two including me was filled, rest was empty. The roof was made of glass through which one can see the sky clearly. I kept my bag and fall asleep because I was not able to sleep properly for the last 2 days.

After a while, I felt like someone dapping softly on my shoulder, I woke up and she asked me if I would like to join her to see the sunset from a point in the city. This was the first time when a girl has impressed me, I decided to start the conversation.

Me:- Hey, Dev from India.

Marie:- Marie, Poland.

Me:- Where are we going?

Marie:- Fort of Novice from there sunset looks very beautiful.

We saw the sunset, spent some time in the market, and came back to the hostel. This was the time when I came to know that she also stayed in the same room where I did. It was around 10 o’clock tonight and I was watching her when she asked me to come with her to a place in the city which is very beautiful.

The next morning, we got ready and started our journey. She was here for the past 11 days so she had some knowledge about places in the city. We went to the village and after visiting each place in the village, we went to three lion fountains statue in the village, where water was flowing from the Tap.

We were thirsty so we were filling our water bottles to drink the water when a villager told us that this is not some kind of simple water, if you drink this water you will come back to this village and will get married here to the girl whom you love. But it was too late because we had drunk that water. After few years, the situation turned so dramatically that we met each other again at the same place and we decided to get married because we had already fallen in love at first sight with each other.

Crazy Love at first Sight Stories for Bedtime

Jimmy’s Love at First Sight Story with Christina

Jimmy’s heart was beating so fast. He knew he was going to be late for class, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the girl who was walking into the building as well. The first time Jimmy had seen her; she wore a pink dress and looked like an angel in disguise. She had her long brown hair tied back with a matching pink ribbon that matched her outfit just right. Her eyes were beautiful and sparkled when they met his gaze for that split second before she walked inside the college hallways. One thing about Christina stood out more than any other person: she wasn’t wearing shoes on this freezing winter morning.

She had never been the type to be intimidated by anything, but this morning was different. It was snowing and she didn’t have any shoes on, so she did her best to keep out of sight as she walked through the snow-covered sidewalks.

It had started with a few flakes of snow that seemed harmless in Christina’s eyes, but then it got worse and worse until all you could see were white flakes falling from the sky. And then finally it turned into an onslaught of heavy wet snowflakes that pounded against her skin like needles. She tried not to make eye contact with anyone as they passed her by, too busy getting home or going about their daily lives without a care in the world for what others might think.

It was a lonely street, but she had to admit that she liked it. It reminded her of how much better life would be when she left this place behind and moved on with her life. She tried not to make eye contact with anyone as they passed by, too busy getting home or going about their daily lives without a care in the world for what others might think.

Suddenly Jimmy appeared and offered a lift in his car. “No thank you,” she said firmly, trying to walk faster so he couldn’t catch up to her, but the more distance between them made him seem even more appealing than before; inviting himself into her personal space like that just wasn’t right! He didn’t give up though; instead, he followed close behind.

“Hey, wait,” he said as she pulled out the door. She turned around to face him with a raised eyebrow. “What’s your name?” Chris asked her awkwardly, but there was something in his voice that made it sound like he wasn’t really asking for her name at all. “I’m sorry sir,” she said and walked back in to close the door on him, “but I don’t think you should be here.” He didn’t give up though; instead, he followed close behind her. She sighed impatiently and let him come inside anyways before turning back to face him again. “My name is Katherine,” she told him plainly before finishing locking the doors shut behind them both with one swift tug of a chain.

“I’m Katherine,” she said. The man stared back at her with an interesting look on his face. “This way, please.” She opened the doors to a room and walked inside. There was no one there except for two chairs sitting in front of a projector screen, waiting for them to use it. She reached out and switched the light off, closing the door behind her before locking them both in together.

He looked around nervously before walking over towards where she was standing beside him, looking up at him with eyes that shone like stars on a night sky but he did not see as such until now–the woman who had been haunting his thoughts ever since they first met earlier this day; Kathryn Camille Woodsley.

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Love at First Sight Story of Sara and James

In the mid of 2016, I went to LA to attend a seminar where the only thing I could find interesting was the number of pretty women. There I saw her for the first time. Her smooth black hair, her light brown eyes, and her white teeth sent out a signal to my heart. Without knowing her name, without knowing anything else about her, I fell in love with her.

The seminar ended, and I stayed back for a casual coffee with a friend. The only thing on my mind was her. I approached her asked out for coffee and to my surprise, she said OK. We went to a popular coffee shop with her.

“Hi! I’m Sara,” she said in a sing-song voice.

“Hi “. James Said.

“I’m in town from Spain for a medical conference, and I don’t have anyone to spend time with. I am not able to go back to Spain due to the conference and I’m lonely,” Sara continued.

“I’m here for work,” James replied.

“What do you do? she asked

“I am a web developer,” he said hesitantly, not knowing how much to reveal.”

“That is so interesting,” she said. “I love to read, but I have no time to learn new things. It is very difficult to find the time. Since I started on this path, I have not gotten a break, except for the lunch breaks in the medical conferences which are very nice.

We continued to meet after that and I shared my Feeling for Her.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” I said.

She was looking at me with those dark brown eyes that could suck me in. “You’re an amazing guy, but we’re just friends.”

I kept thinking about her. I was going to meet some friends but all I could think of was her. She had a way of making me feel special that nobody else did before. But now, she’s not even in my life anymore and it hurts so much because she has this amazing presence that she used to bring into the room when we would see each other. It felt like something missing from my life ever since we parted ways and you know what? I don’t want it back either!

God has different plans for us and we met after a long gap of 3 years in another conference. We had so much catching up to do! At first, everything seemed normal, but then she began acting strangely: she looked at me like she wanted to say something; her voice became quieter and more needy than usual…

We were sitting in a coffee house, sitting on the couch; I looked back and forth between myself and her. She had always been so easy to talk to, or at least she had been when we first met. Why was it suddenly so hard?

“Do you want some tea?” I asked lamely as I got up from the couch; anything to distract me from those big green eyes that seemed more soulful than ever before.

“No thank you.” Her voice was low-pitched but still sounded like a bell being rung right beside my ear. It made me shiver with anticipation of what might be coming next if only I would let myself stay for one more minute. Maybe two minutes instead of just one?

Then she finally came up with those magic words which I was very anxious to listen to.

Real Love at First Sight Stories for Bedtime

Raj & Smita- Love at First Sight in College

Raj was a small-town boy and Smita was a modern girl from the city. It is the story of these two souls who met and departed but life gave them another chance to be together again.

There are many adventures I have been on, but this one was the craziest. About a year ago I went to take admission at the college and there I saw her for the first time. It seemed to love at first sight.

I had just moved into the city from my village and was looking forward to finishing my education with a degree in engineering. But I fell for her and all I was doing was thinking of her. I was looking for opportunities to talk to her.

But then something happened with a spark of inspiration that changed all of our lives forever – because we spoke to each other! It was one of those days where the sun was shining and you could feel that something was going to change. I had just finished my first semester at school and it felt like this day would be a turning point, which is why I decided to go for a walk on campus.

I walked around in search of inspiration with no luck when suddenly I saw her! She stood out because she wasn’t wearing any makeup or anything that made her look different from anyone else on campus – she just looked so relatable! That’s how we met, by chance, and everything changed afterward. It sounds cheesy but meeting each other has been the best thing that ever happened to either of us; our future is full of promise thanks to this one meeting.

We continued to meet each other after that and shared a lot of thoughts. We developed a very good bonding but God had different plans. I needed to focus on getting a job so it took me some time to find one that matched what I wanted. My love for her made everything else seem unimportant, but she left without explanation.

It is not easy as it seems though – there were so many people around me that made things difficult, they wanted to steal everything away from me, including her love for which I will never give up again.

But then something happened with a spark of inspiration that changed all of our lives forever – because we met each other!

The night of New Year’s Eve, the phone rang at midnight and it was my love calling. The line was bad and we could barely hear each other through all the static, but she told me not to give up on us because she still loved me too. When I got off the phone, tears were streaming down my face as if they’d been waiting for years for this moment.

Wedding and Love at First Sight

All of my friends and I were at a wedding reception. It was my friend Mansi’s family reunion, so we were introduced to all her cousins and some of her brother’s friends as well. The most memorable person for me was this one guy who looked nothing like the rest of them.

He had very dark skin with hair that seemed to change colors depending on what he did- it could be red or sky blue or even purple– really whatever color his mood took him today! He also looked about 38 years old, but when I asked him how old he is, it turned out that he is actually 34. We talked for a while with him and found out that his mom left their dad because she wanted something different in life.

I’ve been talking to this guy for the past few days and we finally had a chance to sit down and have dinner together. He told me his story with such a sad tone of voice that I wanted to just hug him or something! His mom left their dad because she wanted something different in life which he was completely okay with but then he said his father remarried someone else who is really nice but when she had her second kid, it became too much for him and he left, so now he is living on his own again. Poor guy!

The meeting continued for few months and it was Saturday morning, and I had been waiting for this day since the last meeting. A few minutes passed by as I drank my coffee; it seemed like an eternity before she came in with her notebook on hand.

“Hey,” she said, sitting across from me at the table. “Good to see you again.”

I smiled, trying not to look too awkward or creepy. She is a girl with a smile that never seemed to fade. It was always there and for some reason it made me feel warm inside just looking at her face. When I realized how much time had passed since we saw each other, I tried my best not to let it show on my face but this woman really threw me off balance a lot of times with her charm and wit and beauty; it felt like anytime we were together everyone else around us disappeared into nothingness because all that mattered was us being together sharing moments in time.

Successful Love at First Sight Stories for Bedtime

Deepa My Love

All the moments in life can be forgotten except for the moment that comes for the first time in everyone’s life. That picture of Deepa which is not even visible from the dust reminded me of that moment when we first had met. We both met in a college function rehearsal and I was dumbfounded after seeing her. She was so very beautiful and she had a million-dollar smile.

Her smile on which the college boys were willing to die. The first time we met, it felt like we were made for each other, but until love was expressed, it should not be considered our own.

We both studied together and helped each other. Seeing this behavior of ours, everyone felt that we both love each other. But till the last day of college, there was no talk about this between us and this truth remained only between us. Regardless of what the world perceived, it was an absolute truth that we both respected each other.

We did not know how to spend our college days. College was over and everyone went their way. Deepa also went her way but gave a smile while leaving. I could not understand this smile and my heart fell in love with him. Time went ahead at its own pace. Our dust also kept the dust on our memory. Over time we grew up, I got married and later became a father.

Seema, whom I married two years ago, was exactly like Deepa. We were living happily as a normal couple. One day when Seema discovered my college diary, she came to know my love story, which according to me is probably a one-sided love.

My wife Seema was Deepa’s childhood friend, she narrated the whole story of Deepa. On hearing her story, respect for Deepa grew more. She was the only child of a poor farmer, her father molded her into a role that she played as a responsible person right from childhood. Deepa went on to work as a senior police officer in her own district today. She got married soon after leaving college.

Whatever the way it was, this was the story of both of us, which is seen in any way, it is completely appropriate, which kept growing on every mode because there was no selfishness in it, it was like a constantly flowing waterfall which always was the other.

Valentine’s Day and Magic

The chilly winter is now on its way back home. The pink weather has replaced him. Valentine’s day making this pink season even pinker. That is, the day when every heart becomes romantic by breaking the age limits is also coming. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this day and me too because this time I have some satisfaction in my mind that I am not alone in this romantic season as always.

The year has turned around full circle from snowy cold to sunny warmth, but it looks like there’s still a chill of winter hanging about with the chilliest winds watching my hopes fly out of sight and into oblivion- or so I thought until Mr. Right came along! He was just sitting at his desk nearby as usual but he gave me

The day would come and I would feel my throat tighten. My eyes would sting from the tears that had been collecting for hours while I tried to work, trying to forget about it. The red heart-shaped balloons on the cart were mocking me with their emptiness, reminding me of a love lost. It’s how she always decorated for Valentine’s Day but now it was just another day in which her absence felt like an even greater presence.

I had never been one who believed in “true” love or soulmates until we met. For a moment I thought maybe there was something out there waiting for us someplace brighter than this earth where colors weren’t muted by ash and air.

Riley’s Love at First Sight Story

I was sitting on the couch, my phone in hand. My friend had just called me to tell me about an amazing guy he met and I was like “okay great.” After our conversation, I put my phone down and looked over at the clock. It said 7:30 pm so I went to go grab some chips before plopping back down on the couch.

Out of nowhere, Riley walks through the door with a smile on his face that matches mine as he sees me sitting there waiting for him. He came up from behind me and patted my shoulder before asking if I wanted anything to drink. We talked for hours about everything we could think of as he would occasionally get time to spare.

Riley started talking about his day. He met this girl at a food-on-wheel place while he was there for lunch. He was waiting for his order while she was in the queue to order. She ordered and went outside.

Riley got his order and began finishing his lunch. She showed up to take away the order but she had ordered too many items and she was struggling to hold them. Riley got up and helped her out. He went up to her car to drop the food.

She was very shy and said, “Thank You”.

Riley replied “Most Welcome”.

It was the first time both looked at each other and Riley was in the seventh heaven. Their eyes were locked for a few moments, it was like love at first sight for both. She was so very beautiful and took his heart away n moments.

Finally, she waved back at Riley to say goodbye.


Love stories are great motivation for couples, would-be couples, and singles. We all have in some form experienced love at first sight in our real lives. Only a very few share their real love at first sight stories. So if you have experienced something like this then email us at lovesyllabus1@gmail.com and we will publish it. This will help and motivate readers like you and me.

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