18 Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

This quarantine has separated a lot of us from our loved ones and if you are still living with your families, then consider yourself as the lucky ones. We understand that living with your partner comes with its share of problems or confusion. Couples should try new things to do indoors for keeping their romance alive.

And with all the days blending and seeming as if all the days are just a repetition of the previous one, it can get boring (a lot boring in fact) and soon enough that feeling of being bored can morph into frustration and anger at your partner. So, we bring you some amazing romantic things to do at home for couples especially!

It can sometimes be a little difficult to make that spark in your relationship last longer but we have something for you guys. This thing could solve your problems and before you ask, no it’s not something big or costly after all it’s always the little things and the effort that counts. 

Here are some romantic things to do at home for couples to rekindle that beautiful feeling of butterflies, your heart skipping a beat just at the sight of them:

1. Write Sweet, Short Letters and Notes

You probably wrote random letters for your partner at the beginning of your relationship but don’t do it anymore.

  • Well, start doing it again. It doesn’t have to be big paragraphs of you declaring your love for your significant other, it can just be a small, sweet, honest note like “you make me feel cherished, thank you.”, Or maybe something a bit playful like “You make my mornings less grumpy”. Try doing these and see the magic yourself.
  • And if you don’t want to write a note, just say it in front of them or maybe to keep things a little interesting message them.

We know that messaging somebody who lives with you seems dumb, but messaging someone when they are standing or sitting across you and watching their face light up with love and happiness as they read your message and seeing all the joy on their face would make everything so much perfect. 

Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

2. Communicate

 Remember when you used to stay up all night with them and talk about nothing and everything at the same time, it felt nice right? We want you to start doing that again. What a lot of couples of this generation lack today is a bit of communication and understanding. 

  • Communication can make or break your relationship. We know that since you’re living together, you believe that you’ll soon run out of topics to talk about and it is completely true because it seems dumb to keep talking all the time. The best romantic things to do at home for couples is communicate.
  • A lot of you don’t understand what communication in a relationship stands for. It’s not always talking to each other and constantly blabbering about yourself.
  • It’s also listening to their silence and treating silence as a form of communication. I’ll call this epic“comfortable silence”. It’s a beautiful phase and I love this phrase because “comfortable silence” suggests that you’re so comfortable with a person that you guys don’t need to talk to each other just to keep things going between you, you are as much in love with their quietness as you are in love with them talking to you. 

3. Movie Nights

I understand and empathize with you when you say that you have work to do because we all have jobs and work doesn’t stop for corona but you have to take some time off and give a little bit of the attention that you’ve been giving to you work, attention to your partner. 

You can do this by scheduling movie nights at your home. Be it during the night or the daytime, basically whenever you’re free from your work. This can majorly help in solving your communication problems, provided if you have any.

Select a genre that both of you like or maybe do it like the first movie is of your choice and the second one is your partner’s preference.

  • Get some popcorns ready or some cookies or whatever you like which is easily available. We recommend popcorns because they are so easy to make and nobody will have to fuss about what to cook. 
  • Now, all you have to do is set up some cushions, get a big, large blanket and hop on the couch or the bed and watch that movie as you cuddle or maybe have a popcorn fight over who ate more. 
Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

4. Date Nights

How can you have a date at your home!? Wondering that right? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you and help you with what to do.

Okay, so what happens on a typical date? You dress up, go to a restaurant, eat food, talk to your date, and spend time with them. 

  • It sounds so fun and in actuality is so much more fun. Imagine having a date at your own home. Here’s what you do.
  • You tell your partner to dress up and show up in the living room or the terrace or wherever you want to have your date, You decide a time convenient for the both of you (preferably evenings), order food from outside, set up some candles and a cozy sitting area.
  • Do and act how you’d probably act on a date and try to make your partner feel special. Another special romantic things to do at home for couples.

Date nights like these are so important and interesting because they add a bit of magic to your relationship. Plus, it gives you something new, basically a change from your same, boring days. 

Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

5. Creative Dates

Basically, the main idea behind creative dates is doing something different than the typical dates and being thoughtful about what your partner likes and dislikes, and then deciding to do stuff based on that.

That’s it, it’s that simple. Here are some of my personal favorite creative date ideas: 

  1. Painting Date Nights:

If your partner likes to paint or draw then we’d highly suggest this fun and cute date that you can have at your home. What you need is some paint and some old t-shirts.

All you have to do is try to paint your partner on that t-shirt. It’s so fun, cute, and low on costs. You can even get the t-shirts framed or store them for the sake of memories. 

2. Rooftop/Terrace Date Night:

Remember when we were teens and used to stay up all night looking at the stars and just dreaming and thinking about anything that came to our minds.

You can turn that into a date. If you have a terrace or a balcony, then these are the perfect places for your date. Here’s what you need for this date: A mattress, lots of cushions, a music system, and a big, comfy blanket oh and a mosquito repellent for those nasty bugs.

Try to make the sitting area as comfy and cozy as possible because stargazing isn’t fun if you’re not comfortable. Select some lo-fi playlists from YouTube or Spotify and you’re all set to dream and talk about your insecurities, dreams, and wishes with your lover like you used to when you were kids. Sounds like a dream 🙂

3. Cooking Dates:

The name probably explains everything and if you don’t know how to cook then maybe you could learn something. Your partner might even feel grateful that you finally decided to help them. You could decide a day and select something to cook or bake like cookies or cupcakes.

I mean every girl reads Wattpad and all of us have wanted to bake with the boy that we love at least once in our lives. Well, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality. 

Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

6. Lots of Cuddling

Cuddling is an absolute must in a relationship and if for some reason, you and your partner are growing cranky and fighting a lot over little matters and you are probably cuddling less than that explains why you have been fighting and getting irritated so much.

Cuddling is something so intimate and this is the best romantic things to do at home for couples and aside from the fact that it adds cuteness and the adorable factor into your relationship, cuddling has health benefits.

When we cuddle with someone that we love, our body releases a hormone ‘oxytocin’ which lowers your blood pressure, calms you down, helps you deal with stress easily as it lowers the levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in our body.  Cuddling is one of the known things to do for lovers

  • Cuddling can give you moral support but it also said that it can even help relieve pain because oxytocin can block pain signals in our body.
  • Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone” and it helps to keep things between you and your partner spicy and lovey-dovey. 
  • It is stated that couples who cuddle more tend to be happier, healthier, and less stressed. 

If you have sleeping issues, it is said that cuddling can help you sleep efficiently because oxytocin has a “calming effect” on our body. 

It’s a win-win situation that benefits both of you and I see no reason why you shouldn’t cuddle.

7. Start and Grow a Garden

If you have the time and space for a garden, then I suggest that you try to grow a garden of your own. It can help you guys become a bit more responsible and can even help in mutual understanding of one another. 

  • It will also make both of you a bit more physically active and your time will be invested in doing an activity together and spending time together. These are the things to do for lovers.
  • It’s fun and why not grow your vegetables and some flowers. You won’t have to eat marketed vegetables which are a great health benefit for you and your partner. 

Spending time and creating something like a garden can increase a different sense of intimacy in your relationship which probably wasn’t there before.

8. Redecorate your House Together

Quarantine has given us ample of free time and isn’t it better that you try and learn something new in this free time.  One of the romantic things to do at home for couples is to redecorate home!

  • You can try and redecorate your home. The key factor in this is that you take inputs and criticisms from your partner and do this together, not single-handedly. When you do something major with your partner, it builds a form of trust between you guys because they will feel that you trust them enough to include them and take help from them in these activities.

It increases love and trust between couples. 

9. Try Yoga or Aerobics Classes Together

What’s better than getting fit while spending time with your partner. Enroll yourself in a yoga or a dance class online or search something on YouTube, there are loads of videos available on the internet for beginners for free. All you have to do I search for it. 

  • There’s something called “naked yoga” and I highly recommend all couples to try it. You should try it even if you’re single.
  • Naked yoga is exactly what the name says, doing yoga without any kind of clothing. It can help you to put your vulnerabilities and insecurities in front of your partner more openly and vice-versa.
  • It can spice up your intimate life but it can also make you love and accept yourself more and when we love ourselves completely, only then are we able to love other people around us in a healthy way. 

You could even try working out together if you’re the kind of couple that likes to stay fit and you can look for awesome inspirational videos on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Romantic and Cool things to do at home for Couples

10. Give them Some Space and Privacy

One of the most liberating and the most loving things that you can do for your partner is to give them some space and let them have their privacy. 

There’s this quote from one of my favorite movies and it says that the more you try to hold on to people, the more they want to slip away and I could not agree more with this. 

If you’re too clingy or your partner is too clingy then the chances of trust issues being developed are extremely high. What do you get out of being clingy? You get to spend time with someone who doesn’t want to spend time with you. Sounds ridiculous right but it’s the truth because as much as somebody loves you, they still need some time off and be alone. 

  • Don’t Be Clingy: Imagine yourself in the same situation and your partner is too clingy. In the starting, you’d feel nice but soon enough you’d feel suffocated. And this is not something subjective, it is what always happens. And trying to hold on too tight is wrong because you’d make the person you love feel suffocated. What kind of love is that? It can’t be love, it’s toxic for you and your partner.
  • Remember that there is a difference between being clingy and being affectionate for someone. 
  • Being clingy can ruin your relationship because one wants to run away and the other one is holding on too tight.
  • Try to give your partner some alone time and just let them be as they are. Try to give yourself a break and take some time out to love and care for yourself. It will be like a breath of fresh air for your relationship. 

If you love someone, all you can do is let them go and see if they come back. If they do, you get your answer and if they don’t, you get your answer then too.

Don’t be clingy or if you feel your partner is, then the best option is to first talk it out. Try to communicate with them about how it makes you feel and what they can do to solve this problem. 

11. Do Absolute Dumb, Child-like things Together: Fun Games for Partners

Sometimes doing things that sound senseless to others is the kind of therapy your relationship needs. 

Dance in the rain, paint on each other’s body, try coloring books together, read books together, play board games, etc.

  • The basic point is to try to keep the joy and the playfulness of you and your partner alive. These little things help so much in the long run.
  • For example Dance in the rain, doesn’t even have to be the slow, romantic kind of dance. It’s okay if you’re just jumping around with your partner, in a puddle, with wide smiles etched across your face, splashing water everywhere as both of you are completely soaked but neither of you seems to care
  • It’s much fun or it could be you guy are enjoying delicious, hot coffee as you are sitting on your porch wrapped in blankets lost in each other, as a calm, warm feeling spreads across your body and all that you can hear in the background is the rain hitting the ground furiously. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

 You could even have a body painting competition where you guys paint each other’s body and decide who wins and losses and whoever loses cooks dinner. 

Play board games and have tea, draw each other as ugly as either of you can.

It’s not that difficult to do stuff with each other or for each other, all it takes is a little bit of thought, love, and efforts. You probably noticed that everything that I have talked about does not require a lot of money or special things. It’s just you and your partner spending quality time together.

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12. Have a Treasure Hunt: A Fun Game for Partners

Now this one is a really fun way to cherish your memories and your journey as a couple. Here’s what you do:

  • You select all of the things that hold some kind of common sentimental value for both of you and hide them, you also create some sort of hints that will help them to find the objects.
  • You decide a prize which could be on the lines of whoever wins gets to choose their dessert or you can create your prize.

 This is a really fun and cute game because as soon as your partner finds an object, he/she will remember the memory associated with it. It is an amazing way to rekindle things between you and your partner or to simply cherish the memories that you guys have made together on this beautiful journey.

13. A Spa Night

This is a great way to bring intimacy into your relationship. Decide and schedule days when you will give your partner a spa-like treatment at home which will include everything from massage, manicures, etc. and on another day your partner will do the same for you. 

  • We all deserve to be treated and cherished for who we are and all our efforts. This is a great way to express gratefulness and love to your partner. 
  • Spa is one of the best things to do as a couple.
  • This will also decompress you if you have been a bit overwhelmed recently. 

14. Create a Scrapbook of all your memories

This is another beautiful way to cherish your memories.  Creating a scrapbook can be extremely relaxing for both you and your partner and can take you down that memory lane.

  • Add some of you and your partner’s baby photographs in there because why not?
  • Yeah they are cute now but they were cuter as a child and why not add some of these photos to tease them about it.

Ha-ha, I’m mean, right?

15. Start a Weekly Journal

This won’t be a regular journal. Here you’ll write what you did with your partner and include every small thing and behavior of your partner and how it made you feel. You’ll also include how you currently feel about them. Your partner will create a similar journal but instead of writing about themselves, they will write about you in that journal.

  • At the end of every week, both of you will swap journals and read them.
  • This will help both of you to understand yourself from the perspective of your partner. 

– This will help you and your partner hugely in solving communication and understanding problems between both of you. 

16. Have a Question and Answer session

Have a Q&A session with your partner and ask questions that you have always wanted to ask them but never could. 

This will solve the same problems as creating a journal would, i.e. your communication problems.

question & answer session

17. Make Music Videos and Karaoke Sessions

Remember as a kid, whenever you used to sit in the car and a song played, you’d act like you were in the video. Then make that a reality.

  • Try recreating a music video with the help of your partner. Don’t take it too seriously though, it’s just for fun.
  • Create dumb lip-sync videos or TikTok as everybody calls it and just have fun with your partner. 

 Have karaoke nights with your partner where you just sing or shout even if you don’t know the song and have the absolute best time with them.

movie nights

18. Netflix and Chill

Binge-watch everything that you once thought you’d watch but never actually succeeded in watching. 

  • This could be like a movie night except for its longer and more fun. 
  • Everybody loves Netflix and there is something or the other on Netflix for everybody. 

You get to spend time with your partner and watch a movie or TV series that you love. Sounds super amazing right? Netflix and chill has become the most common indoor couple activities.

Final Note

So, here were the best things to do as a couple. Not just you or not just them but both of you. Yeah, you can sometimes do things that they like or they could do things that you like but in the end, the relationship is a two-sided coin and both the people have to put in their efforts.

All the activities that I have talked about above are extremely simple and random, they are not at all unique.

This proves that all it takes is to your heart and listen to your partner, understand them, cherish them. You are lucky that you have someone to spend your whole life with, make sure you let them know how lucky they make you feel.

And if you do things for them, there is nothing wrong in expecting them to make efforts for you but if they don’t it’s always better to communicate rather than letting it eat you up from the inside. A relationship is built on trust and communication and it is high time that this generation understood this sentence and acted upon it. 

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