Can a Secret Relationship Work? 6 Key Reasons

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you or your partner has offered to keep your relationship a secret? Or maybe you are too pissed off with your secret relationship, and you want to know whether it will work or not.

Secret relationships are often fun, romantic, exhilarating, and even electrifying at times. Every time you see your secret partner in the crowd or in the group of your common friends, you tend to talk through your eyes.

Both of you notice each other, but you fail to talk the way you want to, and that gives you a lot of stuff to discuss later on during a phone call or a personal meet. Most of the time, you crave for each other; you even crave that love-filled touch, which ignites the excitement between you.

When you are in a secret relationship, you put in extra effort to make the most of your time in every personal meeting. And you keep fantasizing about a lot of things. All of this feels magical and gives you a good adrenaline rush whenever you see your partner. But does the feeling remain the same in the long run? Possible No!

It Gets Frustrating

When you have to hide anything related to your life for the long run, it gets frustrating with time. We all live in a society where being social is a part of life unless you prefer an isolated life. But while you meet n number of people in your daily routine, you probably cannot hide such a crucial aspect of life. And even if you are doing so, this becomes frustrating in the long run.

The Reason Matters the Most

The reason behind keeping your relationship a secret is a key player here. Different couples decide to date on the sly because of their personal reasons. And this plays a key role in ascertaining the life of the relationship.

There are chances that you are keeping your relationship a secret because your partners might not agree to it at this point. The reason could also be the fact that you are currently already dating someone. Possibilities also suggest you are married, and you fell in love with a different person, and you’re waiting for a divorce to happen.

There can be numerous causes of a secret relationship, and these causes decide whether a relationship will work or not.

Let’s Understand the Possible Reasons and Chances of Survival

1. Your Parents Won’t Approve

There are many times when our parents don’t approve of our choices, which might be possibly pushing us to keep our relationship a secret. 

In the other scenario, our parents want us to stay focused on our studies, career, or any other priority, and they want us to stay single for some more time. In such cases, you tend to hide your relationship from other people, too, maybe because you fear getting caught up. 

Such a reason is temporary, and you’ll possibly hide your relationship for a shorter period. 

Chances of Survival– There are full chances that your relationship will survive in the long run. Because after a certain point in life, you will open up to the world about your love, and that’s how things will get sorted.

2. You are Double Dating                       

In situations where you are double dating, you are acting mischievously. When a person dates two people at a time, one relationship has to be kept a secret. And if the second one is yours, you obviously cannot accept it publically. 

In such situations, you are being duped by your partner. So in such cases, you should always inquire about why your partner is pushing you to have a secret relationship. Such relationships can in no way last a lifetime. 

Chances of Survival– If your partner promises you lifelong love, but they ask you to keep it a secret, beware. You may be in the position of the second partner, and such relationships will not last. So, there are negligible chances of survival in this case. 

3. You Feel Uncomfortable with your Partner

When you enter into a new relationship, you possibly feel a little uncomfortable with your partner. This feeling tends to fade with time, and both of you develop belongingness with time. But it is alarming if you feel uncomfortable with your partner after you pass a particular time dating your partner. 

People often tend to hide their relationships because they don’t feel their partner is good enough or maybe attractive enough, for that matter. As a result, they do not introduce their partner to their family members or friends. And also prefer not to hang out in public places. 

In such cases, chances are, your relationship will not last long. 

Chances of Survival– There are zero chances of survival in this scenario, provided you don’t wish to compromise on your expectations. If your partner can’t be proud to have you, he shouldn’t even have you in the first place. 

4. You feel shy among your Friends

It is normal if you are an introverted person and too shy to introduce your partner to your group of friends. So yes, it is pretty normal to be nervous, but this shyness should fade with time.  

If your partner prefers to keep your relationship a secret for some time, it is pretty standard. However, if this secret remains hidden for a little long time, it is alarming. 

Chances of Survival– There are total chances of survival in such cases. Generally, your partner feels comfortable with you and eventually introduces you to his friends and relatives. 

5. You are not sure about your partner

There are times when people are not sure about the person they are dating. Usually, this happens when people start dating each other casually. Unfortunately, casual relationships have become common in the current scenario, especially among couples who meet online or on social media platforms.

In such cases, couples usually take longer to get comfortable with each other and prefer to keep their relationship secret. 

Chances of Survival In this scenario, the period of keeping the relationship hidden is usually short. And with time, your partner becomes comfortable introducing you, and the chances of relationship survival are pretty high. 

6. Legal formalities 

In many cases, people usually keep their relationships hidden from society for a few legal reasons. For example, when you or your partner is waiting to finalize your divorce, you decide to date under wraps. 

In such cases, there’s a deadline to keeping the relationship a secret. Then, when the deadline finishes, you celebrate your love in front of the entire world. 

Chances of Survival– There is a 100% chance your relationship will survive in such a case. Provided both of you decide the same for yourself. 

Final Wrap

Therefore, whether a secret relationship will work on not depends totally on the reason behind it. You are mature enough to analyze the situation. If you think your discreet relationship takes away romanticism, love, and fondness, you need to talk it out.

Discuss with your partner about accepting each other with whole heart and mind. Communication is the key, and it makes sense to talk about the difference.  

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