11 Strong Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

Life comes with a full circle, and you never know maybe the right ONE for you is just around the corner. And you never know that your workplace may be where you find them.

Well, workplace relationships can be more complicated than the usual ones as there are a lot of things involved. Many companies and offices do have a policy against such relations, but you can’t really control something going on in someone’s mind. It is perfectly fine to get attracted to someone of the opposite sex.

Sometimes the attraction is just because of the appearance, while sometimes; your co-worker may genuinely start liking you and admiring you for who you actually are.

However, the mixed signals might end up confusing you as most colleagues are helpful towards each other. When it comes to male co-workers, there is a thin line between helping someone out and impressing someone, which makes it even more puzzling. Despite how much you may feel that he likes you, jumping to any conclusion may have ugly consequences as it will affect your personal as well as professional life.

Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

What are the signs that he has the hots for you? Usually, guys keep flirting and noticing your actions until they get sure of your response. They won’t confess to you very soon or may not be upfront in approaching, but many signs will tell you if they like you or have a crush on you.

In the workplace environment, the male co-worker will always be extra cautious and a little subdued in any of their actions as it may sabotage their professional life. However, here are some signs which will let you know if he likes you are not. You don’t have to look for these signs; you will feel them if that’s the case. Nevertheless, don’t interpret a friendly gesture as an attempt to flirt. Rushing things might end up in your or his job getting caught on the radar.

Have a look at these signs which might help you find if your male co-worker is interested in you:

He can't take his eyes off you

1. He can’t take his eyes off you

Body language speaks volumes where words fall short. Observe him for a couple of days. If you find him eyeing you or his eyes are in constant search for you, then probably this is the first sign. He never misses a chance to look at you and notice you, then he might be attracted to you.

If you feel the same way about him, too, consider making a few noticeable changes in your apparel. Don’t overdo the things as it may look awkward for an office environment. But you can definitely think of wearing a new lip shade that accentuates your lips. Let everything be subtle; don’t wear anything out of your comfort zone just to get noticed.

Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

2. He will find ways to work with you

If he finds ways to bump into you or work with you, then that’s a big sign. Sometimes it may be a coincidence, but coincidences don’t happen so often. From working on projects together to having to accompany you to the cafeteria, he will find excuses to be with you.

He may try joining your office friend circle so that he can be a part of the group you usually hang out with. He might also want to spend some alone time with you with an excuse to discuss work amid the hustle-bustle of the office.

Now you are the one who has to make a smart move to be sure. Try using some different fragrances than your regular ones. This might make him confront the change and will definitely make him feel tempted. This way, both of you might get some clarity of the whole scenario.

He awaits the chance to help you

3. He awaits the chance to help you

Today’s corporate work environment engenders friendly and helpful relations between colleagues. Out of all such people, you may notice something really unusual with this male co-worker.

He must be eager to spend time with you and awaits the chance to help you out with various problems and difficulties. He will try his best to guide you and advise you on matters related to the office and might disclose some internal policies as well. You can still feel the vibe if he wants to be in your good books.

He has his eyes on every detail of yours

4. He has his eyes on every detail of yours

You may or may not remember the dress you were wearing the previous week or the bracelet you wear every day but forgot to wear today, but there is definitely someone who notices every detail about you. He may not point it out, but he observes when you had put on eyeliner and when you didn’t. He might bring up these things sometime later in the conversation, referring to the past days or weeks.

But this may feel confusing as the things don’t seem to be straightforward. And there is no harm in getting assured. After all, who doesn’t like getting noticed?

Try changing your office attire by a little bit, like try wearing pants if you have always been wearing skirts or vice versa. You can also try some different neckline blouses but don’t go overboard as the office etiquette needs to be maintained. If he notices it instantly, you’ve got all your answers.

Apart from this, he also might be a keen observer of your working style and strategizing skills. He might be aware if you make a rough outline before a presentation or stuff like that.

Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

5. He always pampers you

Whether you are having a rough day or you’ve messed up with some presentation, it matters to him a lot. He will do every bit to calm you down and pamper you. This pampering may be in the form of random coffee breaks like, “Hey! Get up, let’s go and grab a coffee”, or “I was just passing by these amazing confectioners, thought to pick some pastries for you”. All this explains a lot about what is going on in his mind. And surely he doesn’t treat everyone this way.

He always tries to talk about more than just work

6. He always tries to talk about more than just work

Workplaces have always been about interactions and discussions, thus the cases of mere physical attractions are rare as compared to the person actually admiring you.

Watch out for all the instances when your male co-worker might try to discuss things more than just work, things that matter in life.

He might initiate discussions about any social issue or a random movie, and sometimes he might sound concerned for your personal life as well. If he finds you reluctant in discussions, he might start discussions on things you dislike to trigger you for jumping into conversations.

Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

7. He never misses a chance to compliment you

From the way you give your presentations to your most significant achievements or promotions, he will never miss an opportunity to compliment you and motivate you. He will appreciate every single bit of you, from your mannerism to your personality.

He will try to connect with you on social media

8. He will try to connect with you on social media

Maybe he is not the kind of guy who expresses his gestures or feelings openly, but most guys are good at connecting with their crushes on social media.

He will always try to start conversations with you on your social media handles with an excuse of work or something about the day at work. He will start commenting and reacting to your posts and captions. In person, he might try to pick up the unfinished social media conversations you may have had a long time ago.

He wants to go out with you after office

9. He wants to go out with you after office

In an effort to have a bond different from the one you have in your office, he might ask you out for random coffee dates. There may be occasions when he wants you to be a part of his parties or celebrations. But mostly, he would like it to be just the two of you so that he can understand you better.

He flirts a lot

10. He flirts a lot

Every girl knows when the guy is flirting and when he is being casually sweet. He will compliment you in cheesy ways, tease you, make you laugh, and whatnot. Surely he doesn’t do that to everyone out there in the office; then, this is one of the most prominent signs of his interest in you.

Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

11. He will always admire you as a person and be protective of you

At some point, you might feel in the paradise of love when he will always admire you as a person, compliment you for having such a pure heart, etc. When in discussions and meetings, you will always find him supporting your ideas even at times when they are rejected. He will always try to defend and save you even on your rough days.

Final Thoughts

There can be various things your co-worker might be doing for you, which may give you hints and signals that he likes you. From noticing your small details to guiding you and admiring you, he might be doing all these things just because he has a crush on you. If you want to be sure before concluding anything, you can always make some smart moves to get confirmed, like changing your dressing sense a little bit or using some other fragrance.

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