Here’s a Quick Guide on Secret Relationship Benefits and Drawbacks

A secret relationship means you are in relation with a person, and it is known to the two of you only. No other individual including your friends, family, or society has any idea about your small fantasy world. It is like a tasteless fruit whose sweetness can be tasted by two people only.

When you keep your relationship a secret, the excitement can not even be measured. There is no other outsider who pokes his nose into their relationship and gives you love-related advice. It is all about your feelings, decisions, and opinions.

Most of all, it ensures privacy but demands effective communication. Though secret relationships are hard work, yet fruitful.

Signs of a Secret Relationship

Sometimes one of the two individuals who are in a relationship tends to keep their relationship a secret. They ensure not to acknowledge the relationship in public that they have. Being in a secret relationship is not a good choice, but if you both agree with it, there is no harm also.

So, if you are in a relationship and want to check if it is a secret relationship or not, just look for these signs:

1. Only Certain Pre-decided Places

If your partner is not comfortable hanging out with you to every place, it is very clear that he or she does not want people to know about you. that is why two of you visit only a few places and that too at faraway places with less crowd.

2. No Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become a new addiction of people. Everyone just loves to upload pictures with friends, family, peers, pets, and at different places. So if you want a chance to know more about your relationship, you are at the right place.

Just check out his/her profile and find yourself on the timeline. If the profile has no trace of you in any manner, it is a great sign that you both are in a secret relationship.

3. No Interaction with His Friends/Family

An individual who is truly happy in a relationship will never hide his/her partner from his friends and family. When you are in a secret relationship, you will never get a chance to get introduced to your partner’s friends and family.  

4. Skip Talking about Future

A secret relationship means you will never discuss the things related to your future. So, if your partner changes the topic or seems to be uninterested when you talk about the future, then chances are more that you are in a secret relationship.

So, if you are among those who do not want to be in a secret relationship, these signs will surely help you out to find if you are in an open or secret relationship.

Benefits of a Secret Relationship

As a secret relationship is not considered to be the right choice, it has its benefits also. The secret relationship can be exciting, passionate, and romantic but at the same time exhausting and frustrating. However, it is not an easy task to keep a relationship secret.

But if your partner wants you to be in a secret relationship, you need to know about its advantages in detail which include:

Sign of Pure Love:

When two people decide to be in a secret relationship, it is a sign of pure love and no show-off activity. You do not perform the things just to pretend that you are in a relationship, but you actually accomplish the tasks to impress your partner. Giving attention and appreciation to your partner motivates him/her.

When people post about their relationships on social media, it is considered just a show-off act. No matter what you do for your partner in a secret relationship, it represents a real bond. Secret love is a sign of pure love as you both maintain privacy in it and do not show your love to the world just for attention.

Easy Break-up:

An open relationship means announcing to the whole world about every step of your relationship. It involves telling your friends and family how much you both are in love with each other and will be together forever.

At the same time, it makes you liable to that relationship and puts much pressure on you when things go wrong. Being in a secret relationship keeps you away from the pressure of marriage, and thus it becomes easy to break up when there is a lack of trust and support between the two of you.

Reduced Pressure

Posting about your love insights on social media and publicity of your relationship is not wrong, but it has its own consequences as well. It is because there are chances that it might put a lot of pressure on you.

In the real world, people will judge your relationship, and you will be bounded to take a step forward in the future. Keeping your relationship a secret gives you relief and freedom as you both are not liable to answer the questions of society regarding your relationship.

Thus, meeting your love at a secret place is far more cheerful than meeting your partner in a public place with a crowd of known people. It fills you with energy, romance and lets you spend quality time with your partner.

Drawbacks of a Secret Relationship

You might have always heard that being in a secret relationship is not the right decision. But have you ever thought about why it is so? Well, it varies from person to person, yet there are some common things that each face while in a secret relationship. These are:


There comes a stage in everyone’s life when you are in a relationship, and you hide it from others. It leads you to the fear of being exposed or caught by someone you know, and this sometimes created a lot of disturbance and frustration in daily life. Thus, a secret relationship has the major drawback of being exposed when you are not ready to do so.

Affect other Relations:

Most of the couples choose to be in a secret relationship due to the fear of being judged or overlooked. It mostly happens when you are in love with a person of another religion or caste. You fear that your friends and family will not accept your relationship.

And when it actually happens, it creates more disputes and damages your relationship with not only your partner but with other people as well.

Besides this, a secret love story can be harmful to future relationships also. It is because to keep yourself stick in this type of relationship, you speak so many lies to your friends and family. And as we can not hide the truth for a long time, so when your well-wishers came to know about the truth, it disheartens them.

As a result, it will make you feel bad about yourself and will surely affect you mentally.

Private VS Secret Relationship

When you are in a relationship, you would like to shout from the rooftops and let the entire world know about your feelings for your partner. Your love is clearly visible when you talk to your friends, family, post on social media, and do much more.

But sometimes, people try to keep their relationship private and are not much active about their love in public. That is completely preferable and has no consequences as well. But it is good if you are keeping your relationship private and not secret. Yes, both are two different words with different meanings.

Private Relationship

A private relationship has evidence on social media, and people know about their feelings up to a limited extent. The details of this kind of relationship are respectably kept between the two individuals only. The benefit of such type of love is that people find no chances to judge your relationship and do not even criticize your next move. You feel free to do whatever you want and do not fear being exposed or caught.

At the same time, some relationships are not private but secret. In such relationships, there are only certain places where your partner visits and avoids those places you would like to go or recommends. He/ she never accepts any title for your relationship and avoids you when you talk about the future.

You will never find your partner clicking pictures with you and posting them on social media. In case you post any stuff like this, there will be a major dispute or argument over it for sure.

Thus, never mix up a secret relationship with a private one. There are huge differences between the two. A private relationship is like an open relationship where only the details of your love are kept secret. But a secret relationship is one where none other than two of you knows about your love.

So, make sure to take the right decision and identify the type of relationship you are in for your better future.

Secret Relationship at Work

  • It is so common that people usually fall in love with their co-worker and starts dating each other soon. But you keep a check on certain things and try your level best not to let your relationship become a part of someone’s gossip.
  • Now the question arises, is it really possible to keep your office love a secret? The answer is yes. It is quite easy to avoid workplace problems caused by relationships.
  • You just need to check out the HR policy of your organization. The best thing that you can do to avoid a legal penalty is to go and speak to your HR advisor. It will not only help you to stay away from any disputes but will also let you know more about compliance issues etc.
  • Also, try to stay professional at work and be prepared for gossips as well. Your colleagues may find you one of the best couples ever, but your supervisors will not. It is because it increases the risk of compliance issues and may affect your productivity and efficiency as well.

How to end a Secret Relationship?

If you have decided to get out of the secret relationship, it is high time to remind yourself how destructive your secret relationship is. It will give you motivation and will take you to the world of freedom full of different fantasies, openness, and of course confidence.

You just need to take some steps forward which comprises of:

  • Talk to your partner that you are not comfortable in a secret relationship and you want to get rid of it. If your partner is honest, sensitive, and trustworthy, he/she will make efforts and will try to convince you. But if he is not involved in the relationship as much as you are, your decision will end your relationship.
  • Once you are done with the discussion, take the next move. If you both are happy to make it a private relationship rather than a secret one, just go to the rooftop and make a big shout-out to let the world know about your love. But lack of support, encouragement, and communication will ensure you end the relationship in a peaceful manner.
  • Take the right step and end your relationship. Take time to focus on yourself. Cherish your feelings, and decide to move on in your life.
  • Though it will not be as easy as it seems, yet it will surely be the best decision you will ever take in your life.


As every coin has two sides, a secret relationship has no exception. There are many reasons why people keep their relationships a secret. These relationships have their own positive and negative aspects. It sometimes makes the couple feel special while at the same time they feel much burdensome.

But a secret relationship is not preferred at all unless there is a valid reason to keep the relationship hidden and both parties are willingly in on it.

The best thing is doing whatever you feel is right. It feels good when you give a title to your relationship, you talk to your partner about everything and show your love to the outside world.

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