How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship for a Long Period of Time?

Long-distance relationships have got a lot of talking off lately, and to be honest, it isn’t as difficult as it used to be in the pre-internet era. Technological evolution has introduced a lot of changes in our lives, some good, some bad, but it has for sure reduced the gaps between us and our loved ones. But is it enough to make a long-distance relationship survive and be equally happening? No, maybe not.

You definitely need to be more mature to handle a long-distance relationship, because not only do both of you live apart from one other, but you also handle a sort of ambiguity in the connection. Your association is a lot of time judged by your friends and people and family, and many a time you feel broken thinking about the results.

But does every long-distance relationship end in misery? Absolutely No! You can have equal fun and understanding provided you change the way you look at your relationship.

7 Tips to Survive a Long Distance Relationship for a Long Period

So for that reason, we shall now discuss the feasible ways to put that scoop of extra charm in your relationship.

1. Set dates that you both wait for!

Definitely, when you have something to look at as a couple, you definitely get the power to wait and stay excited. It is obvious that no relationship can survive if you are not meeting each other at all. So, you definitely have to agree on dates, when you both can manage to take some time for each other.

So it is important to set goals that you both wait for. It could be a vacation on the occasion of the birthdates of any of you, or it could be anniversary planning for that matter. So whatever time you could manage, always plan for it in advance, so that both of you could look out for some future goal.

See, relationships are all about letting yourself be remembered. You are already out of sight, and you definitely don’t want to be out of your partner’s mind. So, there’s always a chance to surprise your loved ones with gifts, cards, and other sweet gestures.

2. Keep Sending Surprises

There are a lot of service providers who do deliver your stuff to any place in the world, so just open your computer, select a reliable gifting service provider, and let your loved one feel touched. That’s how you make your loved ones feel special on all occasions, and even without any occasion.

3. Don’t Wait For Special Occasions

Meetings, gifts, and surprises are always expected on special occasions, but the best surprise is always the unexpected ones. So, if you are too much into your beloved partner, who surely you are, you should always plan for a surprise visit.

With such a gesture, you are surely going to get astonished by the expression of excitement you’d see on your partner’s face. This is one of the sure-shot ways to allure your soul mate.

However, such surprise visits should always be planned to keep in mind the schedule of the other person who’s going to get surprised. You surely don’t want to perturb your love in between his/her exams or a compulsory official tour.

4. Do Not Judge Too Quickly

Humans tend to do exaggerate judging, especially when we are not around our loved ones. Like, if your partner misses your call, or if he/she is by any chance not able to introduce you to their family, you start to make unnecessary assumptions.

This should be avoided. You should always give enough time to the other person to process your thoughts or demands.

In some cases people get irrationally possessive or jealous, this is natural, but the feeling needs to be supervised like a pro. Whenever your partner introduces something new to you (like some new friend, or some new family member) do not hover on the fact why you did not know about the fact yet.

Generate the ability to listen to your partner, or give them the chance to explain at least. Being a good listener is the key.

5. Make Alterable Rules

Making rules in relationships is good; this keeps you true to your routine in the relationship, and also lets you manage time to be available for calls and video chats. However, if you do not remain flexible to the rules, you might end up creating a ruckus in your relationship.

Be open to altering rules, and behave like humans, not robots. The other person might even fall asleep during calls, so this should never be the reason for a dispute between you and your partner.

Moreover, you should always talk to each other about managing maximum time for each other. Closeness and communication are the keys, and you both should focus to attain satisfaction in this category.

6. Make Sure the Distance Is Temporary

Of course, you can’t be casual about this factor. You definitely need to make sure that the distance is temporary and that you both make all the effort to meet each other at least once every season. Well, that might sound unreal, but yes, meeting twice a year is what you should always aim to achieve.

Intimacy in a relationship is not a mere feeling, it is a necessity. So, if you don’t want your partner to cheat on you, you should certainly plan for something.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, here are some tips to making it work by staying emotionally connected.

7. Embrace technology

Yes, this is what I was trying to talk about at the beginning of the write-up. When technology offers you the means to eradicate the distance between you and your partner, why not take advantage?

There is n number of ways through which you could see your loved ones, check out their well-being, send surprises and gifts, hear them talk, send them medicines, and also make sure they do not feel lonely in any case.

You can plan to have video calls often or plan for something special every weekend. You can always check on your partner’s health and well-being, you can schedule their appointments, etc. And You can always be in connection; just one message is enough to let your partner know how much you miss him/her.

Great relationships do not work on rule books; they work on consistency and loyalty. Making time for each other is important, and since long-distance relationships come with their own unique challenges, you just have to find ways to beat these challenges in your own special ways.

Bottom Line

Making your partner feel happy is no science; you just have to know your partner well before planning anything for them. All that you need to work on is reducing the distance between you and your partner.

Make sure you talk to each other as much as possible, because as we all say communication is the key; it indeed is the main factor to keep any relationship alive.

However, there are always ways present through which you could cut down the distance between you too, just be sure that you have to make all the efforts to make your partner feel more in love with you.

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