How to Hide a Long Distance Relationship from your Parents?

Long-distance relationships are often about virtual meetings, phone calls, and communication through social media. You get rare chances to see your partner in person and spend time with them, which is the reason why not a lot of people around you know about your relationship with your partner. You don’t have to worry about your parents finding out that you are in an LDR. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and some dedication. Here are 10 practical tips to hide your long-distance relationship from your parents.

However, it is almost impossible to hide such a big aspect of life from our parents, especially if we are sharing the same home with them. Well, if you have recently proposed your love, or accepted the proposal for that matter, and you are kinda hesitant to tell it to your parents, you’ve got ample options to do so.

Before we move ahead and read about the ways to hide your long-distance relationship from your parents, I would suggest why hide when you can share your happiness and let them be a part of your good feelings.

But if in any case, you think your parents are too conservative to understand your emotions or you have the fear that they might not approve of your relationship, then definitely this piece of information is going to be of great help.

Reasons Why Teenagers Hide Their Relationship from Their Parents

Before we hop on to the ways that guide you about how to hide your long-distance relationship from your parents successfully, let’s first understand the reasons why people do so;

  • When the parents have a conservative approach towards relationships, especially the ones that are long distance or developed on social media, people tend to hide their relationships from the parents.
  • When people are of young age, especially teenagers, they tend to keep their relationships a secret, because ideally they should rather be concentrating on their studies.
  • And When the parents do not have an open relationship with their children, they usually hide most of the things from their parents, relationships being one of them.
  • When the parents have strict ‘No Relationship’ rules in the house, children find other ways around.

10 Effective Ways to Hide Long Distance Relationship from Parents

So let’s get on the point and show you some ways through which you could hopefully keep your relationship surreptitious and get away with the entire crisis that might follow in the otherwise situation;

1. Fix a time to communicate on the phone

It is of utmost importance to fix a time for calling or video chats. Imagine if suddenly your phone rings and you are in front of your parents or either of them. This situation might lead you to a problem.

Thus, make sure your partner knows the exact time when to call, this way you won’t land up being embarrassed in front of your parents.

2. Avoid constant texting

When we just start to date, we end up spending hours texting our mates. That’s how we get notice and end up in trouble.

Do not keep texting 24/7, your parents know you better, and that blushing smile on your face while texting will tell it all to your parent. Be cautious!

3. Avoid putting emotional status

In long-distance relationships, we often get too emotional or sentimental at times and we thereby love to put status or stories on our social media accounts. If you too do this, take a step back.

Our parents usually have an eye on everything we do, and we need to be extra careful. So if you too are uploading status and stories, stop this now.

4. Avoid changing your DP’s too often

The charm of new relationships is most of the time taking a toll on our hormones, and we love to upload a lot of content on social media to get noticed by our partners. Well, in this case with your partner, your parents might also be taking note of your actions on social media.

Thus, do not do anything unusual, take time, let things sink in before you announce the changes by your own actions.

5. Do not do public display

Public displays of affection are killer, believe it, it is going to break your pot of secrets. Make sure you are not uploading your pictures with your partner digitally.

Keeping your relationship a secret is indeed a challenge and you need to take care of a lot of things are parents are closer to us, and hiding from them requires a lot of brains.

6. Click fewer pictures

Clicking pictures is a different kind of mechanism in newly developed relationships, but you shall refrain if you intend not to get caught up by your parents.

Too many pictures mean too many chances to get caught up. Make sure you take fewer pictures, and the ones you take should be stored in a different folder that’s to be kept hidden.

Make sure you manage files on your phone or laptop like a pro, because if your parents could be strict enough to stop you from loving someone, they could check your phone or other personal stuff too.

7. Don’t use real names while saving contact details

While you save his/her name on your mobile phone, do not use the real name. Well, this trick is something that we all have followed at some point or the other. This is the easiest way you could get away with your secret.

So the key is no real name in the phone’s contact list.

8. Keep your friends in confidence

Yes, sometimes we ignore this factor and we end up in trouble. Imagine you are spending a night out of your home, and your parents are under the notion that you are at your best friend’s place, what if your best friend calls your parents at that time. Uhhh, it is surely going to get worse from here.

Well, to avoid such blunders always make sure your friends know where you are. They should be able to cover up for you in case of any mishappenings.

9. Avoid meeting at crowded places

We get too excited when we meet our loved ones in long-distance relationships, don’t let this excitement take over your wisdom. Be extra cautious about the place you choose to meet your partner.

It is really tempting to go on a movie date or have a lovely dinner at the finest outlet, but make sure you don’t spend time at places where people known to your family might visit.

Places away from your home are ideally the best ones and this way you get covered up.

10. Spend reasonable time with your parents

When we get into a relationship, specifically a long-distance relationship our routine time gets shared and we start spending more time on phones or laptops just to stay connected to our loved ones. This might make your parents suspicious.

Stop spending too much time inside closed doors in your room, your mother might already be noticing the changes in your personality.

Always make sure you spend reasonable time with your parents like you have been doing before this relationship. The point is, make as much fewer changes as possible.


So that’s how you can probably keep your relationship hidden from your parents. However this might not last long, and you should always aim at communicating with your parents and let them know about this happy factor of your life.

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