Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage- Straight from Two Married Couples

Broadly there are two types of marriages: Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage. In a love marriage, the couple will choose each other and in an arranged marriage, parents or other family members will often make the decision for them.

A study was done to see which type of marriage is more successful: love marriages or arranged marriages? They found that love marriages were more successful than arranged ones because they have less conflict between spouses and there’s a higher chance of staying married over time.

So why not get your parents involved in finding someone special? It might be the perfect way to find true happiness!

What is Marriage?

Marriage is the legally and formally recognized union of a man and woman. It has been around for thousands of years. Marriage is a legal contract and/or a social institution for two people.

In many cultures, marriage is considered a part of the natural order because it creates an alliance between families and helps to create stability in society.

Marriage also leads to children where parents will care for them and provide guidance throughout their lives.

In a marriage, both love and care are important. Marriage can be of two types: Love Marriage or arranged Marriage. We can’t say that one is better or worse than the other, but we can say that there are some things you should know about both before choosing a partner for your life.

Marriage is a decision that someone can make for themselves and their family. A marriage is more than just a need for a spouse because two people will spend the rest of their lives together.

In love marriages, you choose your partner yourself. In arranged marriages, parents or family choose partners for you. Some people say that this is the best way to marry because they know what is best for you. But some people say that it isn’t good and can be bad because it takes away your freedom to make decisions that are important for you and your life.

Love Marriage:

Love marriages let you choose your own partner. You may be happier than if someone else did it for you. Love is important in a marriage and If you love someone, that can make a long-lasting marriage.

In a love marriage, people know each other well and feel like they belong in the relationship.

Love is a deep and powerful feeling of affection, concern, or fondness. And when you are deeply in love with someone, it becomes easier to marry and live with them.

Love marriage is based on love rather than arranged marriage through family ties or political alliances.

Is love marriage really possible?

It may seem like an impossible or difficult feat but the truth is that people find themselves falling in love every day so it’s not as rare as one would think!

Arranged Marriage:

Almost all Indian marriages are arranged marriages. The tradition of arranging a marriage is important to families and it always follows the social norms in India.

In arranged marriages, the bride and groom are new to each other. It can be hard to understand each other right away because they don’t know much about each other.

They need time to get better at understanding what the person is like. The couple needs to trust one another and also spend time together so they can become close friends quickly.

In arranged marriages, it is the family or close relatives who decide whom to marry. They play a big part in finalizing the bond. They want to make sure that everyone should be happy as well.

In Indian society, parents or elders decide the fate of two people. Though you get a chance to meet each other and talk about what you want from the marriage and your expectations from your partner. But love marriages are quicker because they don’t need their parents’ approval.

Arranged marriages have a high success rate because it is the way things are usually done. Some traditional families do not like the idea of their children marrying someone who is not from their caste or religion.

Love marriages are still uncommon and some people have trouble going against their family to do this.

What to look for in an arranged Marriage?

Arranged marriages are not new and have been happening for centuries. They allow people to marry someone with similar beliefs or cultural backgrounds.

Arranged marriages work because there is a lot that goes into it while choosing a bride/groom like:

  • Cultural Background
  • Religious Background
  • Social and Financial Status
  • Level of education
  • Security and stability of the Family and Partner

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Love MarriageArranged Marriage
Understanding Each OtherBoth the partners Know and understand each other wellPartners have hardly any knowledge about each other 
LoveThere is no dearth in love between the couple.Since they don’t know each other it takes time to develop love.
CompatibilityA larger compatibility is there between two loversLack of compatibility in love and life
Making ChoicesLove marriage is based on the choices of two loversYour family or elders make the choice for you.
Parents and FamilyIn love marriages the involvement of a family or parents is minimal. Due to which the couple don’t get the future support and guidance.Arranged marriages are based on the choices made by two families hence the support and guidance is there throughout the life.
Social AspectLove marriages are still not accepted by many societies. Families who believe in traditional values do not approve of love marriages. It is considered a sin who commits a love marriage.It has been there for thousands of years and still the best form of marriage from a societal aspect. Everybody seems to be happy because not only a boy or girl are getting into a bonding rather two families.
Difference Between Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage

Advantages of Love Marriage

Love marriages are not only romantic, but they also have many advantages.  In a love marriage, the couples know exactly what to expect from each other and have a better understanding of how their spouse will react in different situations.

Couples that go through the process together can support each other throughout the engagement and wedding planning process. 

This is especially helpful if there are any hurdles along the way such as family members that don’t approve or financial issues that arise on either side. 

  • You and your partner can have the same values
  • Love marriages are less likely to end in divorce than arranged marriages
  • You know that you love the person you’re marrying, so there is no fear of regretting it later on
  • The couple will be more invested in each other’s lives because they chose to marry one another
  • There is a greater chance for compatibility between two people
  • Love marriages create stronger bonds between couples who are head-over-heels for one another

Whether you’re looking for love or already found it with your significant other, there’s no denying the benefits of a love marriage!

Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Love Marriages are not always a good idea. The disadvantages of Love Marriage outweigh the advantages. 

For example, in a Love Marriage, there is no one to help you if things go wrong because you have gone against the will of your family and parents.

  • The family is not always happy because they were not involved in the selection or they don’t seem to approve of the relationship
  • There is a chance for the marriage to collapse or ends up in divorce sooner than an arranged marriage
  • In some cases, one of the partners may turn out to be abusive and controlling
  • It can cause financial difficulties if one person does not have enough money or job security, this mostly happens because love marriage is popular among college students or teenagers.
  • The difference in cultures leads to more disagreements later
  • If one partner has children from a previous relationship, it could complicate things even more 

Advantages of Arranged Marriage

There are many advantages to Arranged Marriage. In the past, this was a common practice for families with powerful connections and resources. 

Families would have their children married off to other wealthy families in order to create alliances and increase power between two different tribes or kingdoms. 

It is true that Marriage can be difficult at times, but it also has its benefits such as companionship, love; some people even find lifelong partners! 

Arranged marriage is something that will never go out of style because it’s not just about finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with – it’s about finding someone who wants to spend the rest of their life with you too.

  • Arrange marriages are often more successful because the family is more involved in the bonding with the couple
  • Arranged marriage can be a good way to meet someone who shares your values and beliefs
  • There’s less pressure in an arranged marriage, which means you’re not as likely to get divorced or have affairs
  • People in arranged marriages tend to live longer than those in love marriages
  • In many cases, couples who are married through an arrangement will stay together for life

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage

The term “arranged marriage” may conjure up thoughts of a less than desirable outcome, but arranged marriages can be successful. Arranged marriages are often seen as the traditional route to take when it comes to choosing a spouse. 

The downside is that the spouse might not share your interests and hobbies. They could also be from another culture or faith which would make them difficult to understand on some level.

  • In an arranged marriage, the boy or girl do not get the opportunity to make their own choices
  • There is a lack of love and understanding in an arranged marriage in the initial phase
  • Inability to choose one’s spouse can lead to unhappy marriages
  • Arranged Marriage can be forced, which is wrong and still 
  • The couple may grow apart as time goes on because they have nothing in common with each other 
  • Lack of trust – it’s hard for people who don’t know each other well enough to build trust between themselves and their spouses; this could lead to violence or abuse in the relationship

Which is more successful arranged or love marriage?

LOVE MARRIAGE of course.
Who wouldn’t want a love marriage? Sure, things can go wrong. But most of the time that people have problems with their marriages, it is more due to lack of communication than whether they had an arranged or love marriage. 

Why do love marriages fail?

Couples that have been married for three years or more are 50% more likely to divorce. The top two reasons for divorce are infidelity and poor communication skills.

A typical couple will argue about finances, the in-laws, sex, money, and everything else between 7 to 10 times a week. 90% of couples argue in a way where they each feel unheard by the other person 60% of the time. 

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