What is Crush in Love and Why It is Called Crush?

Crush is a popular word in love or relationships. But What is Crush in Love? 

According to Oxford English Dictionary, Crush is a brief but Intense Infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable. 

Cambridge Dictionary states Crush is a Strong and Temporary Feeling of Liking Someone.

In Simpler words, Crush is a person whom you like secretly. 


According to The Globe and Mail, the word Crush was first used in the Journal of “Isabella Maud Rittenhouse” in 1884. Isabella Maud Rittenhouse was a Teacher and writer from Cairo who loved to write her journal. 

Crush is a feeling for a boy a girl but this feeling is not expressed yet and is mostly kept hidden/secret. It is the feeling of a teenager for any new girl/boy in school or college. Though it is not limited to teenagers only it can happen to any young boy or girl the only condition is that this feeling is kept as a secret.

Some other Words Used For Crush:

“Puppy Love” or “Teenage Love”

“Love Affairs”


Difference Between Crush and Love:

Crush and love are both feelings for someone yet there are minuscule differences. Let’s see what are the differences between them.


If you have a crush on someone you are attracted to his/her physical appearance. If you have a crush on a girl then you must be attracted to her eyes, hair, lips, style, or any other part. In the same manner, if you have a crush on a boy you may like his body shape, abs, style, or handsome face.

In short, in Crush, you are attracted to the external beauty of that person.

But When you are in love with someone you are more attracted to the inner beauty of that person. You are attracted to the Soul, behavior, and character of that person.


When two people are in love they share wonderful chemistry with each other. By Chemistry I meant you know and understand each other well.

This chemistry lacks while you have a crush on someone. Neither you know each other well nor do you understand each other. The chemistry of bonding is void.


Crush is short-term and temporary in nature. They come and go, they are short time affection or attraction for someone. Crush will change in a very short time maybe your crush today will not be your crush for tomorrow.

But this is different for someone in Love. love is not temporary but it is eternal. Love is long-term and doesn’t fade with time.

But there is a Catch, According to Top Psychologist If your crush is the same for 4 Continuous months then it has become Love.


While in Crush you only like his/her good habits or qualities but in Love, you accept his/her all good and bad qualities. In fact, in Love, you not only accept his qualities but you accept him as he is Good or Bad.

Knowledge of That Person:

While in Crush you don’t know each other, you have hardly interacted with each other. One has no clue about the other person because it is a secret. But In Love, you have full knowledge about the other person. You know his/her Birthday, Likes, dislikes, family, and many more.

Why do We get a Crush on Someone?

The only reason I believe you get Crush on someone is that we are human beings and we want to socialize and want to make a family. This feeling or nature drives us to get a crush on someone but the fear of rejection keeps us from acting.

It happens for both sexes and our genes secret hormones which pushes us to have an attraction for another person so that we can make a family and reproduce.

Crushes are painful to experience and usually ends in rejection because of the following reasons:

  1. Crushes are mostly unattainable because they are way beyond our reach. Most of us are raised with a crush on a celebrity, a girl who is the talk of the town, an older woman, and in some cases your school teacher who are very unlikely to make a relationship with.
  2. Lack of Self-esteem is a big reason why people cant express their feelings to crush.
  3. People stop trying midway and they leave with the idea of rejection ahead.
  4. Crush is temporary and can shift in any direction. A teenager can develop a crush on a Racing Car, speed Bike, or tech gadget so it changes very frequently.
  5. Making someone fall in love is not very easy and many fail to build that trust. You hardly know each other and without the knowledge, trust cannot be built. Without trust, a relationship can not be built.

How to Get Rid of Your Crush?

Crushes hurt especially when there is a rejection. Though Crushes are temporary they are intense so getting rid of them may take a toll on you. 

Crush is a strong feeling and with time it grows  As time passes and you fail to express your feelings, you feel suffocated, your self-esteem goes down and your crush attains a god-like status in your eyes. 

There is a way to get rid of the crushes here it is:

Don’t be a blind supporter rather be a ruthless critic of your crush. Criticize whenever you see a fault and you will see at the end of it she/he will not seem as special as you had thought in the beginning.He/she will seem like a normal person in life.

Some Cool Facts about Crush:

Here are some Cool and Interesting Facts about Crush in Love,

  1. Overlook the flaws– If you have a crush on someone then you will overlook any flaws of that person. She can be dumb, aggressive, but she will always look perfect to you. 
  2. Obsession With the Name– When you know his/her name for the first time you get unintentionally obsessive to that name. You will be amazed to hear that name anywhere. You will feel the same intensity with another person with the same name. This is Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. You just can’t get rid of that name out of your mind. It will occupy your mind full time.
  3. Imaginary Conversation– Everyone had this imaginary conversation with their crushes. You create this in your mind and continue to think about what you will do if he/she starts to talk someday.
  4. Masculine Behavior– When a man or boy has a crush on a girl he will tend to show his masculine features by flexing Muscles, showing Abs, waving his hair, trying to look tall and strong.
  5. Unattainable– This is the most common fact of any crush. You get attracted to someone who is mostly unattainable. But nothing is impossible with hard work and success.
  6. Different Behavior– Girls and Boys behave differently when they look at each other. A boy looks directly in the eyes of his crush while a girl does not look directly in the eyes rather she looks away.

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