How long do Karmic Relationships Last? A Surprising Answer

Have you ever felt the dilemma about why your relationship is not feeling as natural as you see people around you? Why, after putting so much effort into the relationship, you aren’t getting the soulful sensation? You need to know about karmic relationships if you, too, are observing signs that make you wonder what’s causing a lack of love, understanding, and calmness in your relationship.

If you believe how the thinking goes, karmic relationships evolve out of unsettled issues from past life. These relationships are full of passion, but this passion doesn’t lead to love and compassion but rather results in life turbulence.

As you understand by the name, these relationships are related to karma, and you enter into one to grow in life and reach a level of maturity thereon.

Understand the Karmic Cycle!

The Law of attraction is the base of one’s karmic cycle. It goes on like whatever energy you put out, through your actions each day, each hour, each minute, comes back to you. 

It is a pattern that your energy creates for you. You can also relate it to gravity like if you throw a ball up in the air, it is determined to come back to you in the same pattern you threw it up. 

Therefore, this is absolutely how the universe balances itself. Every person has to go through or grasp the same energy they release in the universe for other people or things around them. 

That’s why people educate each other to act positive and think positive because that is what you are releasing in the universe to attract later. 

How long does a karmic relationship last?

According to Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, a neuropsychologist, karmic relationships are filled with dedicated passion but are extremely difficult to maintain. So, something that is difficult to maintain doesn’t last long.

Although both partners seem unable to resist this form of relationship, it often feels so suffocating that the irresistibility graph starts to take a dip fast. Even though everybody around such partners points towards the intoxicity of such a relationship, they tend to ignore believing to be soul mates.

How to End the Karmic Relationship?

Clueless about how to end your Karmic Relationship, then read on.

A karmic relationship is all about karma hitting you back. It is, of course, not something that you have wished for. It is hurting you, but at the same time, it feels so passionate that you wish it lasts a lifetime.

In addition, you fail to disassociate yourself with the person you are currently dating. And you also fail to demand the love and respect that you deserve.

Imagining so much going on around you, I would suggest the best decision is to end this relationship. To end the karma that is hitting you. It is time to burn the karma that’s following your soul to teach you a lesson.

Here we shall discuss some spiritual ways of ending the karmic relationship, thus coming out bright from the trauma that’s hurting us.

1. Live each day like it’s your last

For you, the priority should be your happiness and contentment in your life. We have heard psychologists say and every individual should make the most of their life. Therefore, it is imperative to start each day with the same enthusiasm and energy.

It would help if you valued the small things in life. Therefore, try to put the best things on the top of the list that is meant to make you happy. Try and avoid negativity, as that is the only way to deal with your trauma.

Take some time to distance yourself from your partner. Understand each other’s value in your lives. If distance prompts that both of you can’t live away from each other, then it’s time you both talk things out. And try and burn your karma together to head towards the bright way.

In the other scenario, if you feel relieved being away from your partner, understand that it is time to move on.

2. Talk it out

Confrontation can take away a lot of stress. But, unfortunately, it is seen in couples that one person fails to talk and confront in all circumstances, and that is when your relationship starts to collapse.

While you talk out your issues, you can get away from your problems with super ease. But, sadly, silence keeps eating you, and you end up calling depression and anxiety in life.

You should communicate what’s bothering you. Communication is the key to all problems in a relationship. And after you have attempted everything possible, you will know whether the relationship is meant for you or not.

Even after opening up about every grief, every sorrow, and all the worries, your partner doesn’t consider your situation. So it is time you get into a mutual decision of separation.  

3. Release Stress, Meditate

The best way to release stress and burn karma is through meditation. Meditation is not just a means to stay calm and composed, but it connects us to divine energy. 

When we meditate, we can repeat our affirmations and attract good energy in our life. You sit in silence, and you finally start discovering things that are meant to be a part of your life. These few minutes in silence are more than enough to drive you towards your life’s goal and life’s happiness.

When you examine yourself and put questions towards your conscience, you uncover your life’s meaning. You try and find out your happiness. Meditation lets you determine ways to bring contentment in life. 

If you realize your partner isn’t the source of love and happiness in your life during this process, it is time to say goodbye! And believe it; this goodbye isn’t going to hurt you as much as the relationship was throbbing your existence. 

That’s how you can probably end your karmic relationship. But again, the fact is, your focus should remain to end the karma and not the relationship. But if your goodness demands to move on, you should move on. 

4. Not Meant to Last a Lifetime

Studies show, almost every person goes through a karmic relationship once or twice in life. However, these relationships are not meant to last for a lifetime; rather, they bring the biggest life lessons.

The life lessons learned during karmic relationships are the ones that bring out the better version of us. During karmic relationships, we are exposed to our fear, and that’s how we become a more mature version of ourselves. Karmic relationships can last for a few months, or a few years for that matter.

There’s no specific time limit for karmic relationships. Different people have their own different experiences. For example, some people might spend years in a karmic relationship, while the others decide to part their ways in a few months.

Besides this, not all people believe in the notion called karmic relationship. So it all comes from your spiritual belief. Many times, you’ll feel confused about whether your current relationship is karmic or you already had one in your past.

For such perplexity, you should read more about the signs of karmic relationships, and examine your relationship thereon.

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