7 Emerging Signs of a Karmic Relationship

If you are not feeling like your current relationship is going to last for a long time and you are kind of lost in it, it can be one of the signs of a Karmic relationship. The aim of a Karmic relationship is only to teach you things and not stay in your life. If you are currently feeling like you are in a relationship that feels not meant for you. Then there are chances for you to be in a karmic relationship.

Here are the seven signs to check if you are in a Karmic relationship.

1. Unusually Attracted:

You feel attracted to your partner, and you feel so familiar with them right from the beginning. Though people are attracted to their partner in a normal relationship, the attraction you feel in a Karmic relationship is different.

You don’t know the specific reason, but right from the beginning, you are attracted to your partner differently. Sometimes, you might feel like you knew this person for a very long time.

You are feeling this because your karmic partner is from your previous birth. There are chances that even in the previous birth, you were in a relationship with this partner.

Note here that this partner or this soul follows you since the previous birth only to teach you the lessons you left in the previous birth.

2. Insecurity:

In this Karmic relationship, you often feel insecure by the happenings. Here are some of the ways you might feel insecure,

  • You might feel like you don’t deserve your partner
  • You might feel like your partner don’t deserve you
  • Sometimes you might feel like either of you are the toxic people in your relationship
  • Sometimes you might feel so insecure about your own capabilities
  • You might face more self-doubting questions
  • Your partner often digs out your darkest fears
  • You might feel like you are faking up to be in this relationship

So, if you feel so insecure in these many ways, then there are high chances for you to be in a Karmic relationship.

A soulmate partner makes you realize your self-worth and makes you feel secure. Whereas a Karmic partner shows you the aspects in which you can suffer and self-doubt.

If your partner is making you feel insecure, then it is a sign of a Karmic relationship.

3. Abusive:

If your relationship is often abusive, then that’s a sign that you are in a Karmic relationship. There are many ways that you might be abused.

It might be like verbal abuse, or physically attacking each other, or sexual abuse. If you go through either of the mentioned three, it is vital to sign that you are in a karmic relationship.

Because your soulmate never makes you go through such pain, be it emotional or physical. So, when your partner is abusing you, then from that moment itself, you need to maintain some sort of distance from them.

Note: This is a solid sign that you are in a Karmic relationship. Believe me, your soulmate partner is waiting somewhere to give you all the love you deserve.

4. Caged Feel:

In a Karmic relationship, you become more dependent on your partner. Sometimes, you both are codependent on each other. Though this might seem like a sign of a healthy relationship, it is not.

By being codependent, you are only focusing on your relationship, and you are forgetting the other aspects of your life.

Sometimes your partner might be overpowering you. Because of this, you might feel powerless and caged in the relationship.

If your partner expresses aggressive possession over you, it’s a clear sign that you are in a karmic relationship.

Soulmate partners, tend to be possessive over you. But, they don’t show it aggressively or offensively.

5. Patterns:

Often your fights follow up in the same pattern. Sometimes you might wonder why you are indulging in emotional trauma for similar things. Sometimes you feel you are sick of explaining your points as you are tired of going through the same thing repeatedly.

You face the fear of ‘Is this how my whole life is going to be?.’ When you get this question in your mind after multiple fights, it is a sign of a Karmic relationship.

A soulmate partner takes steps to grow and nourish the relationship. Whereas in a karmic relationship, you often feel drained out.

6. Selfishness:

Either of you in the relationship feels so selfish. On some occasions, there are chances for both of you to be selfish. Though being selfish is sometimes good in a relationship, in a Karmic relationship, you only feel selfish.

The feel of being a team is way more reduced, and you no more feel connected with your partner.

In a soulmate relationship, you feel more connected to your partner. You feel your soulmate partner as your home. Your soulmate partner is going to make you feel warm.

Whereas your Karmic partner triggers you to prove your worth and sometimes demotivates you. It’s always ‘me’ and ‘you’ in a karmic relationship, while it’s ‘Us’ in a soulmate relationship.

7. Hard to leave:

You found that this relationship is not going to last long. You found your worth and you learned a lot of lessons. But, though you know all these things, you feel it harder to leave your karmic partner.

You are always in the ‘cat on the wall’ situation of whether to have them or not.

You might feel like they are your soulmate partner because they know all your dark side, and you think they can understand you better.

But, here is where it is a clear sign that you are in a Karmic relationship.

In a soulmate relationship, you barely or don’t get the feel to get out of the person. Even if you face problems, you want to stay as a team with your soulmate partner.

If you are going through any such problems, then it’s definitely a sign that you are in a Karmic relationship.

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With all these being discussed, we believe that you got some idea on the signs to figure out if you are in a Karmic relationship. So don’t worry If you are in a Karmic relationship. This is just a cycle or phase of your life. Your soulmate partner is waiting somewhere for you with all the love you deserve.

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