What Kills Long Distance Relationships? Warning Signs and Easy Fixes

Every relationship is unique. The uniqueness depends on the characteristics of two people who are the protagonist of that particular relationship. For instance, while some factors could be deadly in someone’s relationship, others might think it’s cool or no big deal. Therefore, the two people as a couple need to understand their partner, and thus, their relationship.

Now, talking of long-distance relationships, the idea of successful relationships in long distance is quite tricky. And, you will have to deal with a lot of other factors besides making your relationship successful. The challenges multiply, and thus, you are supposed to put in the extra effort all the time.

What makes the long-distance relationship weak or dead?

LDR demands more attention, better understanding, and a lot of patience. Researches prove the majority of long-distance relationships end because of a lack of communication giving birth to misunderstandings.

In addition, it is not just a communication gap, there are many other factors too that are found responsible for LDRs not working.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common aspects that kills long-distance relationships.

1. Communication Gap

Lack of communication can kill any relationship, irrespective of whether it is a long-distance relationship or not. Therefore, no communication or less communication means more misunderstanding and enlarged problems.

Couples in long-distance relationships are usually too busy to talk their problems out. And on the other hand, it is seen in many couples that due to not being able to meet in person, they decide not to talk about their problems. That is how things build up and even the smallest problems take the shape of a mountain.

2. Unresolved Fights

This issue is the outcome of the communication gap between a couple. When two people do not intend to talk out their issues, there will be unresolved fights. And especially in long-distance relationships, unresolved fights can make the distance between you two larger than it is.

Due to such unaddressed fights, one of the two partners often gets attracted to different people, and that’s how the distance becomes the reason to get apart.

Therefore, you should always make it a point to address the unresolved fights and find out a way to stay close to your partner as much as possible.

3. Relationship Comparisons

The most common mistake that couples make is relationship comparison. ‘The grass on the other side always looks greener, and you need to apply this logic to even the smallest aspect of your life.

You should never ever compare your relationships with other couples around. You never know what’s the bitter part of their relationship; they might just be flaunting their pinky side in front of their friends.

As already discussed in the beginning, every relationship has its demands, depending on the two individuals’ characteristics. Therefore, analyze your relationship issues, and address them in your unique way.

4. Cheating for Fun

Different phrases like ‘cheating for fun’ or ‘one-night stand’ and ‘friends for benefits’ etc. have become too common apparently. But, it isn’t cool at all, especially if you are looking for a long-run relationship.

Therefore, if you too are trying to be cool under your friend’s pressure, or maybe to be a part of the group you are possibly hanging out with, remember, you are killing your relationship.

So, cheating is cheating, and it is capable of killing any relationship, for that matter. However, before you confront your partner about that, make sure that you know for certain they are cheating on you. Instead of second-guessing, you can use an online lookup like this to see if your partner has recently created a profile on any dating site.

5. Lack of Trust

If you are a person who probably has trust issues, believe it, long-distance relationships are not for you. You need to have a lot of trust in your partner, and this becomes even more important if the two of you are living miles away.

Lack of trust or the habit of behaving nosy all the time can be a major reason behind the death of any relationship. Because, in this case, your partner might feel suffocated in your company, and no relationship survives in suffocation.

6. Getting Boring with Time

Every relationship gets boring with time; that’s the human tendency. So you will have to take those little steps to spark things up. However, in most cases, couples think the reason behind this boredom is the distance between them.

You need to get this clear; relationship boredom becomes even more prominent if you live closer to your partner. Thus, this is inevitable. However, instead of giving this boredom a permanent place in your lives, you need to plan exciting things to have a fun time with your partner.

7. Too busy to be in Love

Yet another major issue with long-distance relationships is one partner or even both the people in the couple get too busy in their own individual lives. You need to make time for each other, and that’s the only way to make each other feel special.

A busy schedule or pretending to be busy because you don’t want to communicate with your partner kills your long-distance relationships. In addition, this is one of the major signs that indicate something’s fishy in the relationship.

8. Not Accepting

Some people are so stubborn that they do not accept their mistakes. And they can do this at any cost, even at the cost of their relationship. In such cases, the relationship dies.

You need to own what you do, and you should be ready to answer your partner in all circumstances.

In most cases, people refuse to accept their faults, and that is where a relationship is sure to die.

Ways to Fix Issues in Long Distance Relationships!

Hope never dies, and if you hope to put life into your long-distance relationship, nothing can stop you. So let us discuss some of the most efficient ways of fixing issues in relationships.

  • Try and talk as much as possible. Even the biggest democratic problems are solved over the table; your relationship issue is too tiny in comparison. Therefore, try and be as much communicative as possible.
  • However, in most cases, one person is too introverted to express his feelings aptly. In such a case, you can adopt other different methods that make you comfortable. 
  • Make it a point not to go to bed annoyed or angry with each other. That’s how you will probably solve your issues on the same day and not carry it to the next day. And thus, every morning will start afresh. 
  • Never compare your relationships or your partner with other people around you. You should always respect and be contented with what you own. Besides this, you can always make efforts to improve. 
  • Cheating is a curse in a relationship, and it can spoil anything or everything. Instead, be loyal to your partner; loyalty has its unmatched perks. 
  • Keep making constant efforts to light up your relationship. Try to find new ways to impress your partner & plan for fresh vacations. Go to unexplored places and make fun. Make it a point to start every year with something new and extraordinary. 
  • Always trust your partner, especially if the other person has never given you a chance to doubt. Trust issues can never let your relationship be. 
  • Make time for your loved one. Fortunately, some people in relationships only demand time and attention. You should respect this fact and attend to your partner at all times possible. 
  • Always accept your mistakes and apologize instead of trying to prove your wrong as right. Apologizing at the right time can help you avoid a lot of issues in the long run. 

So, if you have got it, make your long-distance relationship work. You never know, it might be the most worthy thing you could ever manage to have in life.

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