21 Pro Tips To Impress on Your First Date- Trusted Advice

So you have finally asked your dream girl out on a date! But have you planned anything about the first date? Lots of stories die on the first day only! Your first impression is going to last for a lifetime. So you have to plan everything. Do not panic, as we are going to help you plan a path-breaking first date. If you are wondering how to impress on the first date then keep reading this article.

This date will pave the path for a second date for you as well! So, go through the article and the know-how you need to present yourself on the particular date of your life.

How to build an attraction on a first date?

What you should refrain from doing!

Let me tell you first what you need not do on your first date!

Do not Touch Her:

You might think that touching her would send a message that you like her a lot. But this can act as a boomerang! She might feel that you are touchy about all your dates!

This can be fatal for your date to work out. Keep your touches familiar and friendly. If the date went well, a friendly hug would be the best thing before saying goodbye.

Curb Badmouthing:

It may make you relaxed in front of your friends, but you are on a date with a lady here! Most women do not like men taking cursing words all the time. If you want to impress her, try to control using cursing words. This might pave your path for a second date!

let her talk

Let Her Talk:

Omit to impress her, you might start blabbering unnecessary things a lot! But a conversation should be a two-way process. Let her talk, or at least give her some time to answer your questions.

Ask her about her life and her achievements. This will impress her, and this might get your chance of a second date confirmed!

Stop showing your impoliteness:

As I told you, few women like impolite men. Opening the car door for her, pulling the chair for her are signs that you might show to fix that you are a polite person.

If you spend the whole evening with your phone only, you are going to miss the chance of another date with her. No woman likes a man badmouthing with the waiters. So always behave like a courteous person in front of her.

Stop your name dropping habit:

It may make you look cool in front of your friends or juniors, but dropping unnecessary names will bore her. She will lose every bit of attraction in you.

Do not start explaining the achievements of your friends and how cool are your friends. Stop behaving like a wannabe. She would only value the person you are and not show off a side of yours. So, do not try that as it won’t work at all!

no offensive jokes

Do not make offensive Jokes:

Women like funny men around them. They like you when you crack a joke. But, do not go overboard and make unnecessary jokes. She might not like political jokes or old boring jokes!

Do not bore her with your extreme sense of humor. There’s always a thin layer between going overboard and joking around.

Please understand the limit and accordingly.

Don’t go giddy:

Not everyone is smart as ‘Sheldon Cooper’! There’s no need to show that you are smart enough and end up failing hard! If you are not comfortable talking much, take her to a concert or a match! Ask her about her preferences first and then plan accordingly. In this way, you will get enough time to talk and not need to talk only!

Impress on Your First Date

Schlubs cannot impress their dates:

It might sound rude, but if you do not look attractive, your chances may die. Not everyone gives importance to your looks, but this is the first feature a person notices in you.

So, try to be a little more presentable than going for your job. A set of clean clothes, a clean-shaven face, or an evident stubble can save your date from the pitfall! Acting over enthusiastic can bore her, but behaving like a reluctant person will kill her!

Do not let her split the bill:

If she asks to split the bill, please agree to that. Not every woman is a Barbie doll, and most of them love sharing everything with their partners.

If she wants to split the bill, it would be a nice gesture to nod to that. You are going to get a self-reliant woman in your life! Isn’t that an exciting piece of news for you?

Sharing the cost is a nice gesture and most of the girls like men who take them as equals. Do not let your over-manly features become a reason behind the pitfall of the date.

give her sober compliments

Do not start complimenting her body structure!

Giving polite compliments is a nice gesture and women like such men. But complementing her for her breasts or sexy legs will turn down her interest in you. This is impolite behavior, man!

Be a human and appreciate her smile, her eyes, and her sense of humor. If you want your date to work out and want to further this relationship, do not go fleshy on the first day!

What should you bring for her?

Well, I talked a lot about what not to do on the first date! Let me tell you. Every girl likes gifts. If you bring some skills along with you, she will be thrilled. Confused about what to get for her? Let me help you with that as well. Go on, read the next segment:

Impress on Your First Date

Go Inexpensive:

Not every girl likes showing off. Please do not show off your money in front of her.

Buying affordable gifts can up your chance a bit. She will definitely like small pendants, simple flowers, and chocolates.

Make her feel special, and not everyone around you with a gigantic gift! A simple gift will impress her, whereas a hugely expensive gift will turn her down for sure.

Romantic Gifts:

A big NO! Women do not like cheesy men. You are going for a casual first date. Do not ruin the spirit of the date with a heart-shaped balloon or chocolates. She will not like this idea of being too cheesy.

Just restrict your gifting ideas to a simple bouquet or a bunch of carnations. Please do your research and try finding out her favorite flower. Bringing a few of those flowers will impress her.

Small packs work well:

As I advised you not to bring significant gifts, small gift boxes are beautiful. This is your gift to her, so keep it personal.

A small box in your palm won’t attract anyone else but her. Wrap the box with a decent colored wrapper. A handmade box will make her feel special!

Impress on Your First Date

Customized gifts are always heartwarming:

Women still like men that give importance to them. Bringing some customized pendants will send a direct message to her. She will understand how special and consequential she is for you.

So, give them some time to choose a customized gift for her. You will get several online stores designing such facilities. You can ask them to engrave the initials of her name on the pendant. If you are an artisan, then bring something created by you.

A small picture of a lady similar to her will woo her for sure. But do not write a poem or create a song for her. That’s too cheesy and can be equally dull for many!

Impress on Your First Date

A Notebook or a Book as a Gift:

If she loves writing or doodling, gift her a notebook. You can locate lots of high-end handmade notebooks on online platforms. Just grab one of those for her.

Notebooks with handmade paper will show her how important her crafts are for you! This sends a clear message, and she is going to like you more for this gesture.

You have talked to her and know which type of book she wants. Bring her something she might love to read. If you have connections, bring some rare books for her. You might think this looks desperate, but I will suggest you go for this one. She will appreciate your efforts.

How will you talk to her?

Gifts are done, now concentrate on your oratory skills. This is how you can impress her. People that talk politely and maintain the vibe always earn respect. Here are some tips for your first-date conversation. Breaking the ice is required. Want to know how? Read on!

Impress on Your First Date


Laugh naturally. Make fun of yourself, and do not go overboard.

This will help her to get adjusted. She will be free and then she will join you for sure.

Laughing is the best way of communicating with others. So, always add a little smile while talking.

This will ease out lots of awkward situations.

Honesty is the best policy:

You know what, women have the sixth sense. They can sense who is truthful and who is not. So, no matter how much you pretend, they will understand that.

It is, therefore, the best way to stay honest in front of her. If you are honest, your honesty will reflect, and she will like that only. Open up about yourself. She needs to know more about you.

After meeting her, try to speak about yourself in a nutshell. As I told you, honesty is the best and the only way out.

Listen to her:

I already told you to go for conversation and not a one-sided flattering. The date is all about knowing each other. If you ignore what she is talking about, it isn’t very comfortable.

The person may not like this habit of yours. You can be nervous, and that’s normal! Try to act maturely. You can tell her about your nervousness, and everything will fall in their place.

The person will show empathy, which can be an excellent way to share thoughts and feelings.

Ask about her:

I know you are nervous. If it’s your very first date and you are unaware of the basic rules, it isn’t very pleasant for you.

If you are tense and cannot find a way to start talking, ask questions. You need to know about her. So, ask questions about herself. You can place lots of questions, and this will make her happy.

She will be happy to know that you are showing interest in her. This can be helpful for your relationship. Your date will be superhit if you can pull it off nicely.

Ask her about movies and everyday things:

It may sound like an interview, but it’s about your life. You need to break the ice. The best way of doing this is to talk about movies. Ask her favorite movies and stars.

If both of you are movie buffs, the date will be a hit. Ask her opinions about the latest events. Do not go deep into events. Just continue a normal conversation.


Compliments can make the person happy and can break the ice. You need to know which way you should place the compliment.

Tell good things about her appearance. You can appreciate her smile, her eyes. This is a nice gesture, and the woman is going to like it for sure. Passing compliments on her looks can lead to some exciting stories.

Both of you are going to enjoy the conversation following these points. So, always try to start joyfully.

End Note

So, I have summed up everything you need to know about the first date. How would you behave, how you shouldn’t act, what you should bring with you, and how you should talk and greet her; everything is explained pointwise here. I hope that this article will help you pass the very first date of your life with flying colors. Just be yourself, and she will like that only.

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Impress on Your First Date

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