Dating a Divorced Man- Tips, Challenges, Red Flags & Mistakes

Dating a divorced man can be a handful for those who have not experienced it before. Nonetheless, this experience is adventurous on its own with lots of highs and lows. Well, some might find it exhausting and try to stay away from it, while some might find it fascinating.

Tips on Dating a Divorced Man:

Dating a Divorced Man

So, if you are one of those who find a divorced man attractive and want to date him, then the following tips and tricks might prove helpful:

  1. Be yourself, unleash your fun side.
  2. Don’t be controlling.
  3. Take some time before committing.
  4. Have a flexible schedule.
  5. Have a life of your own as he might have different priorities.
  6. Don’t ask too many questions.
  7. Be attentive to the kids (if he has any!)
  8. Share a true bond.

Challenges of Dating a Divorced Man:

challenges of dating a divorced man

Dating a divorced man is not a piece of cake; you can expect a lot of adjustments and challenges to come your way.

You might have to cancel or postpone a few plans or dates unexpectedly because the man you are dating might have some issues to handle. But, if the person is important to you, you should not let your problems overpower you.

A deep analysis of the existing situations, as well as a new fresh approach to overcome these challenges as quickly as possible, is required. Some of the most conventional challenges you might face include:

  1. Taking it Slow:

Your relationship with a divorced man will never be like your usual relationships, as things here are not going to skyrocket. You have to be a little patience and let things take their time. So, don’t expect to meet his friends and family straight away, and don’t lose hope when things are heading at a slower pace.

  1. Financial Issues:

The major difference between dating a single guy and a married guy is the way each handles finances. The divorced man might have a few extra responsibilities compared to his contemporary.

  1. Kids will be Priority:

One thing you need to remember is that his kids will always be his priority. You need to keep in mind that there will be times when he might choose his kids over you. So, you need to accept this bitter truth before committing yourself to this relationship.

  1. Expectations Vs Reality:

I know, it’s a little upsetting to read but, a relationship with a divorced man might be very different from your expectations. Work, responsibilities, and kids will always take a prior spot in his calendar. So, there might be times when he might back out from dates and meetings.

  1. Fear of Commitment:

No matter what caused the divorce, this man will definitely be traumatized with commitment after going through the whole process of the divorce proceedings. Getting him to again commit to you and start a new life altogether is a tough nut to crack.

  1. Dealing with the Ex:

Nowadays, divorced couples are habituating towards co-parenting, which includes a lot of meetings and casual encounters with their ex-wife. So, dealing with insecurities, feeling left out, comparison with the ex are some of the few challenges that might come your way.

Red Flags while Dating a Divorced Man:

red flags of dating

Undoubtedly, dating a divorced man requires a lot of patience and persistence, but, losing oneself while trying to please a man is not what you must be looking for exactly.

All relationships demand adjustments, but, there is a difference between adjustment and sacrifice.

So, before diving deep into the pool of dating, you need to keep in mind, a few major no-nos or commonly called red flags before pursuing a divorced man for serious:

  1. Age and Stage:

Each of your age and the stage of life you ‘all are at really define the course of the entire relationship. If your biological clock is ticking and you are in a mood to settle down, but he has just gotten out of a divorce and wants to take some time off, then, it can be considered as a huge red flag.

  1. Don’t be a rebound:

Messy or not, getting out of a divorce can be tremulous and heart-wrenching for many. So, the man might not be looking for anything serious and would not mind having a casual fling. If you are someone who is not happy enjoying the status of a rebound, then you should probably run.

  1. Non-co-operative:

All long-term relationships demand compromises and adjustments from both sides, but if you are the only one trying to mold yourself so that you can be a part of his life, then, this can be concerning. Whether it’s emotional or financial, if your man isn’t there by your side, you need to re-evaluate your decision.

  1. Approval of Family:

Sometimes, we can become blind-sided to love and ignore the obvious red flags, but our family and friends have these instincts which are hard to ignore. You need to pay heed to the obvious things they are pointing out and why are they doing so?

  1. Too good to be true:

When you come across someone really special and everyone in your family loves him, your friends love him, your dog loves him, but, it’s you who think there is something that is not adding up.

Yes, you are right, it’s your gut talking, and you need to listen to it and dig deeper into your thoughts as to why you are feeling so?

How to get a Divorced Man Fall in Love with You:

how to make him fall in love

Divorced men are wounded who have lost all hope in love. But, deep down they still want to be treated with kindness and compassion. They want to feel appreciated, loved and respected, so they can feel they are capable of a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

You can make a divorced man feel wanted and loved by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Giving him space:

The man just got out of a marriage, the last thing he might want is someone tampering with his private space. You don’t have to call him now and then to keep a check on him. He needs to spend some time with himself, his family, or friends. Let him let loose.

  1. Never talking about the future:

You should not be asking too many questions right at the initial stage of a relationship. You need to spend more time getting to know each other and let the relationship take its natural turn. And You should only be thinking about the present times and how happy you both are at this stage.

  1. Minimizing the nagging:

There is a very slight gap between suggesting something and straight away dictating. You need to be a bit careful while addressing his issues. Your concern should not look like nagging, the least you could be at this point of the time in his life is empathetic and compassionate.

  1. Avoid playing games:

No divorced man will appreciate the act of hot and cold. They have little patience in tackling the mind games compared to the single guys. So, be very straightforward with your desires and thoughts and communicate them with confidence.

  1. Showering him with affection:

Love and affection will surely help you win over this man. Chances are his previous wife wasn’t very cordial with him and he might be missing the sheer warmth and kindness of a female figure. This is the correct way to woo him. Be sweet to him, do nice gestures to him, and make him feel special.

Single Woman Dating a Divorced Man- Do’s & Don’ts:

single woman dating a divorced man

If you are a single woman in your 20s or 30s, dating a divorced man, chances are you are quite thrilled to have this amazing experience as everything is quite new to you.

You might be reading a lot of articles or taking notes from your peers on how to date a divorced man. And, unlike, any other relationship, this too has its own list of Dos and Don’ts:


  • Be as affectionate and kind as possible.
  • Be attentive to his needs.
  • Try to Be friendly to his kids and family.
  • Be spontaneous and adventurous.
  • Be devoted and loyal
  • And Be yourself.


  • Do not nag.
  • Don’t play games.
  • Don’t interfere with his relationship with his kids.
  • Do not talk about the future much.
  • Don’t ask too many questions about his ex.
  • Don’t intrude his personal space.

Understanding the Divorced Man:

Understanding a divorced man is no tricky subject, all you need to do is be kind and attentive towards him and consider him as a priority.

As he has already been in turmoil due to his past relationship, you can be a shoulder to him in his moments of sheer despair and sadness.

You can pamper him by arranging surprises for him, or giving him a back rub, or cooking his favorite dish. You can make him feel special by your actions and words.

But, you need to keep in mind that he might not keep suffocated or trapped and he should be given appropriate time alone to collect his thoughts.

Dating a Divorced Man in his 40’s:

dating at 40's

Dating a divorced man in his 40’s has its own list of pros and cons. They might have experience but wrath, focus but arrogance, and stability but deceit.

It all depends on the love and compatibility between the two individuals. Nevertheless, there are a few precautionary ideas you can have a look at before embarking on a romantic relationship with a divorced man in his 40’s.

Always ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is he taking me for granted?

If he has been brutally dumped by his ex-wife or if has narcissistic tendencies, he might take you for granted. You need to pay close attention to how he treats you around others as well as in private, how much he is willing to adjust to being a part of his life, and how eager he is to take it to the next level.

  1. Is he self-centred?

Men generally are very preoccupied with their own world. There are very few percentages of men who actually take part in bringing up their children, though, the number has been on a high for quite a few years but they still have a long way to go to become devoted parents and loving husbands.

  1. Is he questioning my worth?

If he is not appreciating your efforts and is very critical towards you without showing any trace of affection, I believe, he is just not into you or he has a weird perception about women.

He needs to treat you with the utmost respect and care and should value your opinions. Even if he is disagreeing with you he can do it without making you feel neglected.

  1. Is he still hung up on his ex?

Before committing yourself to a full-fledged relationship with a 40-year-old man, you need to look for the obvious signs indicating is he still hung up on his ex?

Or has he moved on, leaving everything behind and starting afresh? Involving a guy who still has feelings for his ex can turn out to be disastrous for both persons.

  1. Am I just a caregiver for his kids?

Sometimes, after a divorce, all a man is looking for is a woman who can take care of his home and help bring his children up. If that’s what your man thinks, that you need to re-evaluate your situation and take a hard look into the whole dynamic of your relationship.

End Note

There are no factors you need to consider before dating a divorced man like the Duration of his divorce? Is it a very early stage of separation? Is he still dealing with the issues of the divorce?

These can affect your relationship with that person. So check them beforehand. You must look into his issues with his ex, custody of children, time spent with you vs time spent in the family court. So consider all options before jumping to any conclusion.

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