10 Signs That Shows He Never Had Any Girlfriend

You have been talking to this guy for a while and your first few dates went really well. You like the guy and would want to take things ahead with him. However, you have just met him and feeling curious about his past. Asking directly about his previous relations might seem intriguing and you don’t want to be that direct. You can seek for these sure signs which will tell you if he never had any girlfriend before.

If you are keen on finding out if he has had any girlfriends in past, we can help you! Here’s a look at some signs that show a guy never had a serious girlfriend before:

10 Signs that Shows He Never Had Any Girlfriend

1. A Lot Of Planning

He Never Had Any Girlfriend

If your guy is into detailed planning and he has already started planning for the next 6 months of the relationship, it is a clear sign that he has never been in a relationship and he hopes to make the most out of this one. It can be a good gesture but a little weird at the same time.

After all, you have just started seeing each other or went on the first few dates. Too much planning can be intimidating as you barely know each other. He may be a decent person with god intentions but detailed planning about future at such a budding stage of your relation is little unusual.

2. Is He Clingy?

It is a clichéd thought that women are clingy and love to be with their partners 24*7. Women love their ‘Me’ time and space as much as men do! Even women have their professional commitments and daily chores along with family and friends. Many guys fail to comprehend this simple fact.

At times, men can be clingier than women. While it can be a pleasant experience during the initial days, it becomes bothersome over the time. If your new boyfriend is clingy, chances are that you are his first girl friend. He might be texting you every now and then and proposing the idea of meeting almost every day.

3. He Gets Upset About Little Things

He Never Had Any Girlfriend

There would be times when everything would seem wonderful together but there would be low points as well. How your new boyfriend behaves during the low phases speaks volumes about his relationship experience. Getting upset about little things and sulking can be a sign that this is his first relationship.

If getting delayed response for text messages, missed calls, and cancelled dates make him really upset, you might be his first sweetheart. People tend to have a lot of expectations and less of reality check when it’s their first relationship.

4. Tries Hard To Be Funny

It is a common belief that women love men with a good sense of humor. However, there is a difference between having good sense of humor and joking about everything. If your boyfriend tries hard to be funny, probably this is his first relationship and he is trying to impress you.

5. Immature

When you like a person you tend to discuss important matters of your life with them. It could be anything related to your work, family, past relations, or your future with him. How he absorbs the information and his response reflects if this is his first time. Many guys behave immature and don’t take things seriously due to sheer lack of experience. They fail to understand the seriousness of a relationship and commitment.

6. Reluctant to Meet Your Parents

He Never Had Any Girlfriend

You like the new guy in your life and wish to introduce him to your parents. You want to keep your parents in light but your boyfriend is too shy or hesitant to meet your family. It can be a sign of this being his first relationship.

Meeting his girl friend’s family can be a big deal for a guy and he needs courage and confidence so that the meeting goes well. If the guy is too scared or shy, you might be his first girl friend and this might be his first meeting a girl’s family.

7. Insecurity

Is your guy scared of losing you? Even if small arguments makes him feel that you will leave him; this can be a sign that you are his first girlfriend. This reflects that he is not experienced in this department. When it is your first relationship, you can get bit possessive and insecure as you don’t want to lose your loved one. When a guy is experienced he would not be too insecure and would know how to handle arguments and fights. There is nothing to be irritated as lack of love and relationship experience can lead to insecurity.

8. Lack of Confidence

If your guy is too shy around girls and even feels shy when interacting with you, it can be a sign that he has never had any girl friend. Men who have been in a relationship or two will be confident and comfortable in presence of women. If your guy lacks confidence to confess or share his feelings, this might be his first relationship and he might be confining his feelings within.

9. Too Much Care and Attention

care and attention

Every girl likes attention and wishes of being taken care of by her boyfriend. However, anything in excess is not good. There is a difference between normal caring and too much caring.

Too much attention and caring can become suffocating at times. A guy who has been in a relationship will understand the difference. If he is not sure how to act around you and how to treat you, it is a sign that this is his first relation.

10. Agrees to Everything

It is good to be on same page and have like minds. But if he agrees to everything that you say or believe, it can be a sign that this is his first relation and he is trying hard to impress you. He needs to be honest about his opinions and have a mind of his own.

These signs can help in gauging if your boyfriend has had any past relationships or this is his first time. However, if you are still confused it is better to ask him and get clarity.

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