64 Ways to Meet Women on Facebook (All Secrets Revealed)

Social Networking sites are widely used social mediums to meet people. You’ll find your long-lost friends, cousins you didn’t speak with within a very long time, or even a date. Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, LinkedIn are the most often used social networking sites to meet or find men and women online. Facebook is the most popular one amongst all generations to find and meet men or women online.

The fact that they are free, one will discover many random guys joining these free services. Guys which are single and looking try to make friends with the most desirable women. The area as well as they send them all types of messages, send pokes or funny gifts. As a result, women become immune to the messages guys send with such social networking sites, and even the real guys lose the chance of meeting the ladies of the choice.

Assuming you’re among those genuine and high-quality ones, how do you make sure that you stick out of these random guys?

  1. Make sure that you have a good circle of friends on your Facebook account. Having friends shows that you’re active and have a life beyond your home.
  2. Join groups and be fans of activity pages. Keep active and post something in those groups and pages. Don’t hesitate to post your thinking and views about any particular issues.
  3. If you contact her or send her a note, make sure you begin with an appealing subject and headline. This makes sure that she will open and read your message.
  4. Make a short discuss her picture. Give her another cute nickname. Women like to be pampered and like the proven fact that guys notice something about the subject.
  5. By reading her profile description, you will discover more about her interests and hobbies. Make sure you comment on those too, like mention concerning the baseball game approaching over the past weekend, or that new chick flicks your cousin is really in love with.
  6. Ask her open-ended questions or leave her sentences in between so that she can complete them or offer her own views. This is a great way to ensure an answer from her.
  7. Make guesses concerning the pictures she has posted in her profile. Where they were taken and what time they went there. Should you also visited those places, talk about the cool things about that place.
  8. Always demonstrate are proactive and discuss that which you guys must do next if you think the chemistry. Women such as the men with the plan. They want their man to consider initiative and plan ahead.
  9. You need to make sure that your profile is up-to-date and includes a good photo of yourself 
  10. You can do this by looking at their profiles and seeing what they like or following them on Facebook 
  11. Once you’ve found someone who seems interesting, send her a message with something witty about how she caught your eye!
  12. If she doesn’t respond after two days, try again – maybe she just didn’t see it the first time around! 
  13. Be persistent but not too pushy; if she’s not interested then there’s no point in continuing to talk to her

Why you should be Looking for Single Women on Facebook

  1. Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world, with over 1 billion users
  2. The majority of people on Facebook are single and looking for someone to date
  3. You can find singles who live near you by using their location feature
  4. There are many different ways to use Facebook as a dating app – from sending messages to liking photos 
  5. It’s free and easy and You have nothing to lose!

How to Know if a Woman is Single or Not

If you’re a single man in the dating scene, it can be difficult to distinguish if a woman is single or not. You don’t want to make an embarrassing mistake and find out later that she’s involved with another guy.

But on the other hand, you also want to do everything possible so that you have a chance with her. So how can you know for sure?

  1. If she has a ring on her finger, then she is not single
  2. She has no ring on her finger, but there are pictures of herself with other men in the background of her Facebook profile, then she is not single
  3. If she has no ring on her finger and there are no pictures of herself with any other man in the background of her Facebook profile, then it’s possible that she might be single
  4. It’s also possible that if you ask a woman whether or not they’re married and they say “yes,” they could still be lying to you because some people don’t like to answer this question for personal reasons
  5. So if you want to know for sure whether or not someone is single or not, just ask them! They will either tell you honestly what their marital status is or they’ll lie to your face and give an answer that doesn’t make sense at all – which means they’re probably telling the truth about being married! 
  6. But remember – even though someone may have told you that they’re married when really they aren’t, it doesn’t mean that person isn’t interested in dating. So don’t get discouraged if someone tells you that she is engaged.
  7. If she has a pet, it’s likely that she is single
  8. You see her with friends, the chances are high that she is single
  9. If you see her at work and not on a date, then there’s a good chance that she is single 
  10. She has an online dating profile which means she could be looking for someone new 
  11. Her social media posts may indicate if she is in search of love or not – if they’re all about herself then it’s likely that this woman isn’t currently searching for love.

The Best Way to Approach Someone Online

  1. If you’re not sure if they’re single, don’t ask them
  2. Don’t be too pushy – give the person space to make a decision
  3. Be yourself and let your personality shine through in your messages
  4. Ask questions about their interests and hobbies to get an idea of what they like 
  5. Try to avoid talking about anything negative or controversial until you know each other better
  6. Don’t send a message that’s longer than two paragraphs unless they respond first with something similar in length

What are some of the best ways to get a girl’s attention on Facebook

  1. Comment on her status
  2. Like one of her photos
  3. Send a friend request and then send a message to say hello
  4. Add her as a friend 
  5. Share something she posted with your friends 
  6. Tag her in a photo or video you post online

Some Extra Tips on How To Meet Women on Facebook

  1. Create a Facebook account with your real name and photo
  2. Find women in your area who have interest in same things as you 
  3. Send them a friend request, and then message them to start up a conversation!
  4. Be yourself – don’t try to be someone else or put on an act for these girls 
  5. Don’t forget that it’s important to have fun while you’re talking to these ladies! 
  6. If they seem like they want more than just friendship, ask for their number so you can text them later on down the line (just make sure not to come off too strong!)

How to find Women on Facebook

Here are the steps to find Women on Facebook:

  1. Search for women on Facebook 
  2. Click “People” in the left sidebar and then click “Find Friends” 
  3. Type in your desired gender, age range, and location to narrow down your search 
  4. Scroll through the list of people until you find someone who looks like they might be a good match for what you’re looking for 
  5. Send them a friend request!

How to Make a Good Profile on Facebook

  1. Choose a good profile picture
  2. Write an interesting and engaging bio
  3. Add friends to your Facebook page
  4. Join groups that interest you on Facebook
  5. Share content that is relevant to the topics you’re interested in.
  6. Comment on posts, photos, and videos from your friends and family members

How to Write an Engaging Bio on Facebook

  1. Include a photo of yourself
  2. Describe what you do for work and how long you’ve been doing it
  3. Share your hobbies, interests, and passions
  4. Mention any awards or accomplishments that are relevant to your career 
  5. Talk about the most important thing in your life – family, friends, pets 
  6. Give people an idea of who you are by sharing some personal facts about yourself (i.e., favorite movie)


Meeting women on any social media website is very much like meeting women on online dating services or in a golf club. You have to make certain you value her interests, find her attractive, and focus on her preferences.

As always, be cautious of who you contact or whom you respond to on these websites simply because anyone and everybody is on these sites and you never know what you are talking to. Follow the above steps to find and meet more women on Facebook.

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How to Meet Women on Facebook

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