How to Date an Indonesian Man or Woman? Dating Culture

Everyone needs a soul to rely on. People wish for a shoulder to depend on. Dating someone you like gives that wonderful opportunity. Are you in the search of your soulmate? If the man or woman you love is Indonesian then learn how to date them. You are walking in the right direction. Keep browsing.

I can help you to find what you are looking for.

Dating an Indonesian is Intense

An explorer’s life is always interesting than a commoner’s.

If you are planning to explore Indonesia and its culture! The best way is to date an Indonesian. You will fall in love with their culture. Or you keep exploring some more.

Moreover, do you belong to a foreign country? Then Indonesians will appreciate everything as who you are. They are passionate about love and appreciation.

Want to know why do I say that? Read my tips. Become your own master.

Dating an Indonesian Man:

Finding the perfect soul that understands you better than you do, is tough. Is it good enough to date an Indonesian Man? Well! Read it and find it out.

1) Gentlemen-

Indonesian culture is somewhere like western culture. Men are gentlemen usually! They try to offer all kinds of comfort to you. Taking out for dinner, buying lots of chocolates, flowers and gifts are common. Men love to pay for your meal too. It does not mean you have to be in a relationship with them. Women usually love to follow this kind of generosity.

2) Integrity-

To understand their integrity you may have to do hard work. In Indonesia, there are two kinds of men. One type is liberal and the other type is traditional. If you are lucky enough to date a man with liberal nature, you are all set to go. But the traditional men are possessive and dominating. So, it all depends. But usually, men are loyal to their families.

3) Loyalty-

Men are loyal to their families. They are always ready to give 100% to the family. It is a bit tricky to describe the bondage between the guy and his family. Here people do not separate. They all stay together, under one roof. Eating, drinking, and sharing lives are the most beautiful things. But sometimes it can depend upon money. Sometimes they do lack behind with money and expenses.

4) Honesty-

The real trick starts here. Honesty! Not at all easy as it sounds like. At first, most of them accept you the way you are. But as time goes, men start to show dominance. They will expect you to obey them.

Sometimes you may find men with a double standard. On one hand, they are dating a woman even after having a fiancé or a family with children. So, keep your eyes open before making any decision.

5) Protective-

Men are protective of their partners. Especially if you are beautiful. They are overprotective when you stand apart from the crowd. Here men always try to give attention by sending messages or flowers. Sometimes it can get too much. But exceptions are always there. If you want a good date, you must do your work. It is like a simple equation.

6) Resourceful-

The most beautiful thing. Indonesia is famous for its art and resourcefulness. It is a country with a poor economy and simple living. Here men can surprise you with their uniqueness and art.

The design that is famous for clothes is “Batik”. The color and design of the clothes with the utmost care and creativity. The person who is an art expert is always an add-on to your list.

7) Romantic-

Yes! You can hit the jackpot if it is about romance. Men are romantic. They will take you for romantic candlelight dinners. Even you can count on them for adventurous hiking and fun like that. Sometimes beach parties and romantic boat rides can surprise you. So, if you are ready for romance, give it a try.

8) Maturity-

Indonesian men are mature in every possible way. They know the way to love and respect their near and dear ones. But to understand their level of maturity, first, you must be their friend.

Then more and more talk can help you to understand their trait. In Indonesia, men are loyal. They are caring towards their families, children, elders, and partners. Maturity in men is a rare thing. If you are lucky, you can find it too.

9) Self-confidence-

Indonesian men are self-confident! It might happen that every man is not handsome. But they are radiant and energetic. That is what makes them attractive. Here men are friendly and good at spreading positivity. They love to smile even when they go through hardship.

Spending good times and having friends, that all they want. But their self-confidence can get hurt if you earn more. If you brag about that men can start feeling uneasy in front of you. So, it is always better you look before you leap. The most important thing is, how much you are ready to give to your relationship.

10) Friendly-

Men are friendly. As they always deal with people from different places. In Indonesia, people are seldom alone. They laugh, hang out with friends, share time with people. Even sometimes they share their business talks too. Maintaining privacy is not their cup of tea. If you are ready for spending time with people, take your chance.

That was all about the Men from Indonesia. Are you ready to take a chance with your luck? Do not worry! Before starting the beautiful journey let my tips help you to get prepared.

Exploring something is a beautiful adventure. It gets more special when you do it with your partner. Now boys get ready. Get set for this beautiful journey. And take an Indonesian girl out for a date. Explore the depth of bondage and partnership.

No need to worry about a thing! I will help you with how and when. Stick to your article and keep reading.

Dating an Indonesian Women:

Dating Indonesian women is not an easy task. You must be a pro in handling situations. But nothing is impossible. What matters is how much do you want! I hope my tips will help you to find an answer. Keep reading.

1) Dinner Dates-

yes! women love it if you offer a dinner date on the first go. They love to spend time with their date across a dinner table. It does not matter whether you choose an expensive restaurant or not. Spending time together with food can be a good try. But do not expect something more than that. Here women hate to speak nasty.

2) No sharing-

It can hit your ideas. But in Indonesia women expect you to pay for her bill. You take her for a date, be ready to bear the expenses. Do not fade the smile on your face. She can feel bad. This whole process is to show respect to your woman.

3) Talkative-

Here women like to talk or chat. They are always up for texting and asking about you. Maybe every two hours. They will try to know what you are doing! Whether you skipped your meal! How you are taking care of your health! Things sometimes seem crazy.

Especially when you are busy with your work or so. But this is their way to show care and love for you. Try to understand that and treat your partner with care, even if it is not easy every time.

4) Meet-up counts-

If you and your partner meet more than three times, she will make it official. So, it is always a good idea to talk about it. make sure it does not go out of your hand.

5) Possessive-

She is possessive. Your girl can be territorial in case of sharing you in a crowd. She can not spare even a simple stare at other girls. Your girl is going to make a scene out of it. Be careful before having fun with other girls in front of your partner. It can turn into serious crap.

6) Family-

Girls tend to invite their partners to their homes. She is always up to introduce you to her parents. And that indicates she is serious about her relationship. Her parents can ask you about marriage too. So, always be ready to face situations like this.

7) Marriage-

In Indonesia, if women are in a relationship for more than a year and going! they will offer you for marriage. They count on time. Are you ready to face these things? Do not worry! Handle it in the way as your soul guides you.

8) Conversion of Religion-

As Indonesia is a Muslim country, women can be from a Muslim background. In these situations, you may have to covert yourself if your partner is Muslim. This is what the Quran directs for women. But it does not force anyone to do everything against their will. If you are lucky enough to meet a liberal family! You do not need to convert. You can live the way you are!

This was all about Indonesian women. It is all from a general view. It is always better when you know something from your own experience. Here I tried to provide a fair idea. Hope it helps you.


To conclude, dating brings you an opportunity. To meet different people with different traits. Take the chance. Meet them. Know them. Do not worry! Play fair. But halt if your heart starts pouncing between! Look for the signal, you found your match.

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How to Date an Indonesian Man or Woman

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