How to Hold Hands on the First Date?

If you are on the verge of exploring intimacy in your just-developed relationship, you’ve landed on the right page. Getting closer to the person we are attracted to or holding their hand for the first time is too much adrenaline rush.

We all have gone through this feeling at least once in our lifetimes. Every first-time thing in a love relationship is super special for both the people in the relationship.

Intimacy cannot always be referred to as getting in the bed to make cozy moments happen. It could also be related to holding hands with our loved ones or even getting close to their ear for a short whisper. 

However, one needs to be very clear about when to take a start. It would be best if you were sure of the right time and the right moment. Your partner may be reluctant to do many things concerning intimacy, and you need to be aware of those facts. Therefore, it is too much thinking and analysis.

Let’s See What Science Says!

According to recent scientific research, touching your partner stimulates the release of a hormone called Oxytocin. This hormone is associated with developing a totally strange feeling of happiness in our body. This feeling promotes bonding amongst the two people involved.

To be more precise, touching could make your partner feel happier and build a strong bond between both of you. Moreover, your connection with your love will strengthen with that touch you are already thinking about.

Importance of a Little Touch or Holding Hands!

Have you ever heard two people discussing things like, yes, I like him, but I think we don’t have much chemistry between us! Do you understand how deep that chemistry means?

Chemistry is the fuel in a relationship, and to develop that, you need to work on getting closer to your partner. Of course, it is not a rule, or no science or psychologist would suggest you hold hands on the first date necessarily.

But if you two have already talked about how deep you like each other or considering how well you know each other, there’s no harm taking the first move.

To develop that little chemistry on the first date, or to generate the moment that you both shall remember for your lifetimes, you can give it a try. But yes, make sure to sense the mood of your fellow being before you begin.

How to Sense Your Partner’s Interest?

Most probably, it is the boy who initiates holding hands, unless it’s an exception. Of course, we all live in the 21st century, and it matters no more as to who is initiating, but yes, whosoever it is, sensing the other person’s mood is very important. So to sense your partner’s mood, let’s take a deeper look into the procedure;

Get a little touchy with them, like holding just the little finger for the first instance.

Try and get closer to your partner by offering them something to eat on your first date. It should be like, ‘let’s eat from the same plate, or maybe,’ ‘try out my ice cream flavor.’

Try to whisper something into their ear, this may be your first time this close, but you will surely sense some chemistry.

Talk about how it would be holding hands, even before you go on a first date. Even via telephonic conversation, you can light things up well before you meet.

You can also talk about things that your partner likes. Also, to know them in-depth, you can talk about developing chemistry on the first date.

The safest way to move ahead in a newly developed relationship is to talk before attempting. When you have already discussed certain things with your partner over texting or telephone, you probably know their reaction already. That is how things become easier and more convenient.

Is it OK to Hold Hands on the First Date?

Before you get any advice on that, you need to ask yourself, are you willing to end up in the friend zone? If not, you should hold hands on the first date.

We are not in the 80’s era anymore. Women do not believe in slut-shaming anymore. People today are more interested in being quick and straightforward rather than dragging things up.

So, before anyone else holds her hand, you need to make a start as quickly as possible.

Now, this nowhere means that meet her only to hold her hands. You are smart enough to take a calculative move. And you are equally smart to sense her feelings towards you.

 Wait for your partner to reciprocate. Once you have initiated holding her hand, she would reciprocate in some way or the other. And this will show her interest in you. And if you are confused about how she would react. So, she might either hold your hand tightly or maintain a distance. In both circumstances, you will know her stance.

She might even give you a shy smile after you initiate, which is also a positive sign for taking intimacy to the next level.

How Intimate Should You be on Your First Date?

As already discussed several times, moving strategically on the first day is the key. You cannot simply jump onto a person and make them uncomfortable. Instead, you need to make a start and do it calculative?

So, wondering how intimate you could be on the first date? How to exactly hold hands to maintain a certain level of comfort on a date?

Well, you both can go for a walk holding hands.

Or probably while you are sitting in front of each other on a table, you can interlock your fingers and get talking. That is when you probably would feel every word you speak. You will feel more connected emotionally. And that is when you will comfortably exchange your thoughts without the fear of being misunderstood.

Ideally, this would be quite too much on the first date. And to take intimacy to the next level, you should wait for your second date to happen.

This gap between the first and the second date would bring you much more to be happy about. Both of you (if interested) will discuss more getting closer with each other.

You might have already begun discussing who your next date should be, where to plan it to be closer to each other. And of course, while you will discuss your experience about your first date, you will get that adrenalin rush more often.

Checking on Comfort is Important!

Holding hands and doing it without offending the other person depends on the level of comfort you both share. The question is, how to judge whether two people are so comfortable with each other that one could initiate holding hands.

See, you need to initially analyze the situation, basically where you intend to hold hands on a date. For example, while you initiate holding hands in a movie theatre while watching a movie, your partner would agree. But if you do the same at a public place, your partner might have a problem with that. 

Therefore, you need to judge the situation. And start with a simple touch, for example, by gliding hands for a few seconds to know the exact picture.  

It’s better to be sure about your partner’s possible reaction rather than getting snapped.  

Take a Simple Start

Starting simple is the key. Know your partner’s mood and grab their hand gently. A gentle touch is more preferred over overemphasizing something. At first, let the intimacy go with the flow. You will know your partner’s reaction at the very first instance.

If you feel the other person is reciprocating positively, you can take a step ahead. For example, start rubbing your thumb over the other person’s hands; this indicates you are trying to bond. The feeling gets deeper, and your partner might tighten the grip as a gesture to show love.

That is how things should cook up in the beginning. Take it slow and simple; while you do that, the other person will get enough space to express their feeling.

At the right time, both of you will feel comfortable expressing your feelings, and once that happens, intimacy will start flowing naturally.

Follow Natural Patterns

Intimacy is natural in a healthy relationship, but you should avoid focusing on intimacy on the very first date. Then, while you take a slow start, you have many things to discuss after each meeting. That way, you get deeper into the thoughts of your partner after each time you meet.

This feeling is sure to make you sense butterflies moving in your gut.

However, there’s just one thing you need to be cautious about. Do not take too much time to express your thoughts, as this might irritate your partner if they are willing to take the relationship to another level. On the other hand, intimacy adds more charm to the love bond you share, so feel no shame in taking the opening step.

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