Should you Hug a Girl on the First Date? Best Answer By Experts

Should I hug her, or should I shake hands with her?

Will it be too much hugging her?

What if she gets offended?

Wait! Do not process your thoughts unnecessarily. Just read the explanation in the following write-up, and you’ll get all the answers to calm down your anxious mind.

A kiss or a hug is metaphorically more closeness than a handshake or a hand wave. Therefore, you need to be extensively confident before you open your arms in front of the girl you are meeting for the first time.

The first date feels like an exam; there’s always so much uncertainty and nervousness in mind. On first dates, most of the time, people feel confused about how to move on, what to speak and what not to speak, etc. Well, if you progress in a calculative way, you are sure to get closer to your goal; I mean, girl!

So, the big question is, should you hug her on your first date?

According to the grapevine, hugging a girl on the first date can be quite tricky. She may or may not like it. So, to make sure you don’t offend her, you need to judge her approach through her body language. So before you try to her your dream girl, consider the advice given hereon.

You will either;

  • Hug her as soon as you meet her, or
  • Hug her in between both of yours conversation, or
  • Hug her while saying goodbye at the end of your date.

In the above-mentioned different circumstances, the girl’s reaction may vary, and so is the risk factor.

If you wish to hug her as soon as you meet her, you’ll have to be very careful. Try and analyze her body language. As soon as you meet her, look into her eyes, or concentrate on the telephonic conversation both of you had before you planned to see each other face to face.

In many cases, the two people have already discussed it on the phone that they’ll hug each other when they meet. So even if you have not discussed it with her, do not open your arms wide.

Instead, you can show her that little sign that you are trying to hug her, and if she reciprocates with a smile. Go on, and you have already got the green signal.

Hugging in between a conversation is probably safe!

To hug in between a conversation is an easy situation. You have already got to know each other a little better. You are already in conversation, and you both might have developed a sense of comfort. In this situation, you might already have an idea whether hugging would offend your girl or not.

Besides this, there are also chances that they might initiate a hug, if not a hug; then maybe she’ll try holding your hand or interlock her fingers with yours. If she does that, you already know that you can initiate to hug her without a doubt.

So basically, you need to find out whether your girl is interested in you. Any girl who’s willing to take the first date to the next level won’t get offended by a decent hug.

Want to hug your girl as you both leave? Read this!

So, it was your first date. And both of you have spent a considerate amount of time talking to each other and knowing each other better. You have been talking about your likes, dislikes, and whatnot.

Now, it is time to leave, and you’re already into the dilemma about whether you should hug your date or not. Well, the answer to this depends totally on how your date went.

Like, if both of you felt comfortable with each other, and you already talked about touching each other’s hand or getting cozier, you know you can hug her. A lot of it depends on the level of comfort you both already share at the end of the date.

So, when it’s time to leave, show her that you wish to hug her with your actions. Give her those tiny signs, and if she smiles or reciprocates positively, take it to another level and hug her. 

To be on the safer side, you can also give her a side hug, for that matter. While you hug your girl that way, you will get signs through her body language, and you’ll easily know if she wants to hug you.

A hug can be a game-changer!

This statement implies dual sense because if your girl liked it, you both might have a cozier second date. But, if she doesn’t like your vibe, she might even call this friendship off. So, indeed a hug can be a game-changer. 

Why not take it positively.

Hugging your crush or someone you like creates an entirely different kind of vibe. You people suddenly start to feel closer to each other. There’s already an intimate feeling developing, and you both begin to feel that adrenaline rush. 

All this feels amazing and gives a kick start to a strange feeling between the two of you. And on the other hand, if your girl responds positively to your first try to hug her, man, you already have made that special place in her heart. 

Make sure to sense a NO immediately

Be ready to take NO as an answer if your girl is not willing to involve in a hug on the very first date.

Give her the time she deserves because she might be too shy to hug you for the first time you people meet. However, if she says no to a hug, that does not mean she is not interested in you or would never hug you. 

If this happens, take it casually. Do not emphasize this current awkward situation. Instead, talk about getting closer the next time you people meet. Show interest in each other, in holding each other’s hand, or whispering something sweet in her ears. 

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