Aries Man Personality Traits, Likes, Love Life & Career

Being the first of all zodiac signs, Aries loves being leaders and they always find a way to achieve what they want. If you are still not aware of this and if you are born between March 20th to April 19th then your sun sign is Aries! Leadership is one of the personality traits of Aries Man.

What can you expect from an Aries Man, what does he want from you? What does he like or dislike, love, or hate? These are the points you must know before you approach him.

This article will give you a complete idea of how an Aries Man is. If you are trying to lure him, this is the perfect place to find out how (wink!)

Aries Man Sign Details


Zodiac SymbolRam
Duration of BirthMarch 20 to April 19
Zodiac ElementFire
Ruler of the SignMars
Best Compatibility MatchesLibra & Leo
Lucky Numbers1,8,17

Some Famous Personalities

  • Adolf Hitler. 20 April 1889
  • Heath Ledger. 04 April 1979
  • Elton John. 25 March 1947
  • Robert Downey Jr. 04 April 1965
  • James Franco. 19 April 1978
  • Paul Rudd. 6 April 1969
  • Akon. 16 April 1973

Aries Man – A Brief Introduction

Like the symbol of Aries, the Ram, Aries men do not like to be lead, instead, they love leading others. They are not the ones to sit in one place and look at what’s happening. Instead, they are the ones doing these things.

Being a fire sign, this man is smoking hot and can melt you down with one gaze. There are times when he is emotional, in a dark space. Even then, he manages to be energetic that no one would ever realize the kind of situation he is facing.

He is a ball of energy and an outspoken person who does not like being in the background. He would rather get up and get lost than stay, watch, and do nothing!

Being ruled by ‘The Red Planet’ Mars, this sign is so manly and so passionate. With the few people, he has matched with, in his life, he does his best to give them his one hundred percent. It is a difficult task to woo an Aries man, but once that’s done, get ready for a roller coaster ride, filled with adventure.

Mars, being the ruler of this zodiac, also makes sure that this person doesn’t stay still in one place. This man loves immediate actions and doesn’t wait for anybody’s instructions. This trait makes him a bit more difficult to manage, but, well, no one has ever complained about it!

Amazing Facts about an Aries Man

Let us start with a few facts about an Aries man that will blow your mind!

Aries Man Personality Traits

  • They always get what they want, by hook or by crook.
  • Never tell them that you are crushing on them. Let them find out from another source and let them make the first move.
  • They are very moody and have mood swings in a flash. They get very angry very quickly.
  • For feeling safe in his relationship, you will have to communicate with him and make him trust you, a lot!
  • He is always in search of a strong companion who will challenge him, and will always support him.
  • Aries Man Can. Not. Tolerate. Orders! He works his way and that is the only way he understands.
  • He loves a seductress giving him a good tease.
  • Do not interfere in his life, ever. He hates restrictions.
  • He catches any kind of mind games that people play with him and then screws the person. Better stay straightforward with him!
  • An Aries man loves praises. Praise him well and look at his face glow with satisfaction.

How do you know a man is an Aries by only looking at him?

The Aries man is very concerned with the way he looks and dresses in public as well as in private. Generally, he has a lean, and athletic body. He is bound to have this body and he works hard to maintain the physique. He gets very conscious if he is out of shape.

An Arian is either tall or short, never between. He has a proportioned body, with a buffed torso and legs looking like a dream. 

An Aries man is so active in sports too. There is a high chance that you might find most of them with a scar, particularly on the face. He majorly has naturally sandy or dark-colored hair.

Positive and Negative Traits of an Aries Man

Every zodiac sign has some positives as well as some negatives. A Ram is the representative of an Aries man. This indicates that he is a hard-headed person and does not budge from his way of thinking. Let’s see what all traits do an Aries man own.

Positive traits of An Aries Man:

  1. Leader

Aries Man Personality Traits

An Aries man is, for sure, a very good leader. He is way too good at what he does that he has no problem in leading his team working in the same way he does. He does a pretty good job in this.

  1. Independent

Ordering an Arian to complete his work is not the right way to get it done. And the Aries man is more intolerable to this stuff. He works best when there is no one standing on his head and pushing him to get things done. Instead, he will mark a deadline and get the work done that too with great quality.

  1. Optimistic

This man is forever optimistic. Even when he is at the lowest point in his life, he will say ‘This is life’ with a smile on his face and continue with his work. He knows things will get better and will live for those positive times instead of losing hope.

  1. Energetic

An Aries man is a bundle of energy, full of life, always keeping everyone in the room entertained. This energy comes to him so naturally and he is full of it the entire day. His energy resonates with the other people so much that even they get so much more active with him around.

  1. Courageous

These Ram personalities are not scared to do anything in their life. This characteristic provides them with many opportunities in life. An Arian man is someone who accepts them without thinking about it a lot. Being courageous is what pushes them forward in life.

Negative Traits of an Aries Man:

  1. Self-Centred

Aries Man Personality Traits

An Aries man is so self-centered that he sometimes forgets that not everything is about him! This trait of his is a very good reason for breakups in his life. He gets so engrossed in the little bubble that he does not remember his loved ones need his attention too.

This leads to an unstable and one-sided situation in friendship as well as in love. Many times, this man loses friends and love because he did not pay attention to them.

  1. Selfish

Yes, that’s what you have read. Any person who is an Arian or is friends with one, knows, how selfish he can get. This selfishness of his is not very evident at first. After a while of knowing them, this selfishness starts getting clear and easy to read.

He does any kind of work only when he finds a positive answer to the question “what is in it for me?’

  1. Envious

An Aries man can get quite jealous when he does not get something he feels he deserves. He was not the right person for it, but that is not how he sees it. Aries man gets upset and a sense of anger towards that person fills him.

He is someone who loves claiming things. If anybody else does it, then damn, that’s where it gets personal for him. He can go to any length to get want he wants.

  1. Explosive Temper

An Arian, be it a man or a woman, have explosive outbursts of temper. A man is more likely to get affected by this. An Aries does not remain angry for a very long time, but when he does, the best option is to run away as far as possible!

  1. Impatience

This is a negative quality for anyone to have. An Aries man loves speed in his work. If that is not achieved, he is bound to get impatient. He is also quick to make major life decisions that might or might not always be the best for him

These are the negative traits in an Aries man, but they are pretty easy to resolve. It is a known fact that an Aries man is evolving himself and adapting to the situations all his life. If he does feel a connection with anyone, he will do his best to mold himself in a way that fits best for everyone including himself.

Likes and Dislikes of an Aries Man

Every zodiac sign has something they like or dislike according to their preferences and lifestyle. What does an Aries man like or dislike is what we are going to find out now!

Likes of an Aries Man:

  1. Challenges

Aries Man Personality Traits

An Arian is always ready for any challenge thrown towards him. He is in it even if he knows he cannot win it. Aries man loves competing with others which sometimes can negatively impact them. He will do whatever he can to win it.

  1. His freedom

A man represented by a Ram is bound to behave like one. Free to move and explore. He does not like constriction at a single place and loves being on the move, always.

  1. Being First

Being the first zodiac sign on the list, he loves making it first everywhere. In a running race, a board meeting, some random card game, he loves being first.

Dislikes of an Aries Man:

  1. Having a “Boss”

Being bossed over is what an Aries man hates. He is someone with his mind working at a very different level than others. He likes doing work in his way. Also, he works efficiently when there are no orders.

  1. Waiting

This impatient person HATES waiting. He wants things to complete as soon as possible and hates investing a lot of time in a singular project. Instead, he would be happier with many projects at a time. This is something that gives him a sense of adventure.

  1. Being Ignored

Aries loves attention. He loves giving attention to his loved ones but also expects the same level of attention from them. Being ignored is the biggest pet peeves of an Aries man. He would rather have people around him than getting ignored. This is something that hurts him.

Love and Sex Life of an Aries Man

Sex Life:

Aries Man Personality Traits

The Aries man is so hot, be it in portraying his emotions, or in bed. Even when he is not very handsome, there is some aura coming out of him that makes him oh-so-sexy and oh-so desirable. This aura is so attractive that he can easily draw any woman towards him.

His body oozes confidence which makes it difficult for anyone to not pay attention to him. And this is the exact attention he loves and craves. His little smirk can make a girl fall head over heels for him.

Sex with an Aries man is another affair altogether. The sex is so natural and so hardcore, that both of you will drench in sweat by the end of it. You must stay prepared with a lot of stamina. There is a high chance that you are going to have sex in a lot of new positions with him (wink…)

Love Life:

As for love, an Aries man wants someone who can keep up with his speed and his lifestyle. He does not like domination on himself but loves a good challenge. He wants someone whom he can respect for her smart work. 

While dating, he hates someone who is passive and gives mixed signals. It just feels like a lot of work for him. Feeling a connection with someone is very difficult for him. But once he realizes that you are the one, he will put up with a lot of things that he usually would not do.

He will try to change for the better and give his whole to that relationship he has formed. Once he is in for it, there is no turning back!

But but but… It is also a fact that an Aries man gets bored quickly. He needs a constant push from his better half to keep the relationship going on. He is the adventurous type who loves it when his life is a constant thrill ride.

His partner must do this. He would not take much time to replace you and get a new one. Well, life is a race with this man!

What makes an Aries man fall for a woman and what turns him off?

  1. Poised in public, passionate in private

how to attract

An Aries man loves a woman who is wild and passionate in bed, but very graceful in public. He loves it when a woman brings out the animal in him. 

Getting naughty with him, teasing him, speaking dirty to him is what makes him feel desirable to a woman. Doing all this and them letting him lead is a major turn-on for him.

  1. He wants to feel respected by the love of his life

This man keeps pride in his attitude and his actions. He loves it when a woman respects him for what he does and for the way he behaves. 

Aries man is aware of his flaws as well as his strengths. He just lacks a cheerleader, who will celebrate his wins and support him when he loses. A girl respecting him for him is all that he ever asks for.

  1. He hates a bad attitude.

A nasty attitude is an immediate turn-off for an Aries man. He likes a little bit of control in the hands of his partner. But taking over his life completely is a big no! He loves a good sense of humor in his girl, but unnecessary sarcasm is way out of his league.

  1. He loves spontaneity.

An Aries man is always up for a thrill ride. When his partner makes instant plans to go camping or just a long drive, he loves it. These are the times he loves having a strong-willed and opinionated partner with him.

  1. He hates domination.

Aries is a leader. He does not like getting dominated, be it a boss or a partner. There are times when he does not mind her being dominating. But most of the time it should be him dominating her and not the other way round.

  1. He loves an open-minded woman

An Aries man is infamous for bending the rules. A traditional woman will naturally clash with his idea of not following rules. Instead, a girl like his idea is the ideal one for him. Someone open to trying out new things without fussing about it is what this man aims for in a partner.

  1. He hates Mind Games

He wants the truth always even if it is not in his favor. But manipulation? Oh no… Keeping him confused and trying to turn his head into doing something he does not want to will only make him respect you less.

Instead of staying with a woman who manipulates, he would prefer staying with someone who only has her eyes on him.

  1. He would like someone who will be only his!

He takes pride in having a partner who supports him every step of the way. But to get a partner like that, he tests the girl continuously. He wants someone who is only for him and no one else. Proving this to him is not as easy as it seems.

He has different, specific tastes and demands from his partner. He is very untrusting, and gaining that trust is a task in itself. But once you prove your love, he will not be the one to back out of this relationship will evolve into a family for sure.

Aries as a Family Man

The Aries man is not much of a home person. Home for him is a place to change his clothes and go to sleep. Nothing more than that. It is common to find him at a friend’s place rather than his own.

He loves spending his day out, alone or with close friends and family, rather than staying at home. But as a father, all these things change for the better.

As a father, he makes sure to have fun with his kids. He is an adventurous dad. Aries is someone who will teach their child how to swim by throwing them in the pool. He will do it all for his kid. And he loves his kids more than his partner.

The Career of an Aries Man

career prospect

Being an impulsive decision-maker, the Ram makes mistakes and then learns from them. He always tends to dream big, which means they can be great entrepreneurs. Once he makes a mistake though, he never repeats it. This is what helps him grow.

Aries man is a great leader and initiator. He will start a project with great enthusiasm. But there is a high chance he will get fed up with it between and the team will have to do the rest of the work. 

Due to temper issues, he makes the worst team member to be with. But he also has an impulsive approach to everything which makes it difficult for him to fly solo too. It ultimately becomes his duty to maintain a balance and contain his temper.

An Aries man is a catch. Luring him to be yours is a task in itself. It takes a lot of time to know and understand him. All he asks for is trust. He needs to trust you and you need to trust him.

Once he is yours, no power in this world can break your bond. Life with him is like a Friday night! Every day is a party. You either enjoy it or just can’t stand it.

End Note

Aries Man is a very good match for Libra & Leo. They will make the best pair in life. All of this is enough information to know your Aries friend or partner. This information will help you deal with him a lot better than now!

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