Aries Woman Characteristics, Strengths, Career & Love Traits

If a person is born between March 20th and April 19th, his or her sun sign is Aries. Aries is the leading zodiac sign, which makes them born leaders. We have seen how an Aries man behaves and his characteristics, but an Aries woman is a little different than an Aries.

Men and women are different than each other. This is why, even though a man and woman both have the same sun sign, they will behave differently. This is the only reason why a man’s and a woman’s personalities are different.

Reading this article will help you find out how to sweep an Aries woman can off her feet by making the best efforts possible!

Aries Sign Details


Zodiac SymbolRam
Duration of BirthMarch 20 to April 19
Zodiac ElementFire
Ruler of the SignMars
Best Compatibility MatchesLibra & Leo
Lucky Numbers1,8,17

Some Famous Personalities

  • Lady Gaga. 28 March 1986
  • Emma Watson. 15 April 1990
  • Reese Witherspoon. 22 March 1976
  • Kristen Stewart. 9 April 1990
  • Keira Knightley. 26 March 1985
  • Kourtney Kardashian. 18 April 1979
  • Liza Koshy. 31 March 1996

Aries Woman-A Short Brief

An Aries woman is like a breath of fresh air in anyone’s life. Being a fire sign, she glows so brightly that she lights up the room with her enthusiasm and charm. She is passionate and full of life. Her actions speak more than she does.

Mars is her ruling planet, which makes her someone who is not afraid to have an adventurous approach to the simple things in life. She is an initiator and is super eager to get things going.

What you need to understand is that she is a burning fire that needs a constant supply of wood. You need to give her a lot of time and attention to keep her going or else it would not take much time for that fire to burn out.

Having an Aries woman as a companion is going to be one of the best experiences one can have. She loves making jokes and does not mind if they are self-deprecating. She loves being the center of attraction!

Some Crazy Facts About an Aries woman

Aries Woman Characteristics

  • A man having an Aries woman romancing him is the luckiest of the lot!
  • She does not like a weak partner. Aries woman loves a man who can stand his ground.
  • She is bossy with temper tantrums, so you have to be able to tolerate them.
  • An Aries woman is a classy lady in public and your porn star in private.
  • Do not even try disturbing an angry or hurting Aries woman. You will not be spared.
  • She comes off a little shy, but honestly, she is a stubborn, dominating woman.
  • They hate complicated things. Always be straightforward with your feelings. She will appreciate it.
  • An Aries woman will always find a way to put a smile on your face. If you are happy, so is she.
  • She has opinions and She will not back down. Get ready to lose.
  • She is a great detective and she will get to the base of the matter to find out the truth.

How to find an Aries Woman in a Crowd?

In general, an Aries woman has a nicely built, muscular body and is of a medium height. There are rare cases where she is short and plump. But obviously, that does not affect her personality.

She usually has a distinct, elongated face with broad temples, a slender nose, and a long neck. An Aries woman is generally fair with soft and smooth textured, flawless skin. It is common for them to have gray or brown eyes and natural, thick, full brows.

An Aries Woman’s Positive and Negative Traits!

An Aries woman can be someone’s best or their biggest nightmare. It all depends on her behavior, her traits. Knowing her positive and negative traits will help you know her better.

Positive Traits of an Aries Woman:

  1. Organizational Skills

Aries Woman Characteristics

You can never expect any kind of a hiccup in an arrangement made by an Aries woman. She always knows what she wants and gets it done with efficiency. They have a controlling nature, but they also appreciate it when work is done well.

  1. Honesty

When it comes to telling the truth, she is as innocent as a small child. She will blurt out her true and honest opinion when asked about anything. But, in return, she expects the same.

If she is honest with someone, she expects the same thing in return. An Aries woman does not tolerate a liar.

  1. Confidence

An Aries woman comes across as a very confident person. She has a completely different outlook on the world in which we all live. His perceptions are always different. And she is not afraid to put her thoughts out loud.

She has incredible self-confidence that always takes her to greater heights.

  1. Generosity

Aries woman is a people’s person. She loves helping others. If anybody asks her for help, she will go out of her way to help that person. Being generous is not only about money for her!

Being kind through her actions is what generosity means to her. She will always be there for you when no one else is. You ask her for something and she will always have your back!

  1. Ambition

The driving force in an Aries woman’s life is her ambitions! She pays the utmost attention to them and is not shy in attempting anything to achieve them. Once she has made her mind to get something, she will not care about anything else except that one goal!

Negative Traits of an Aries Woman:

  1. Attention Seeking

Aries Woman Characteristics

An Aries woman is someone who always wants attention from her friends and partner. She craves attention 24/7. Attention is fuel for her as important as food or oxygen!

She loves spending time with her loved ones and loves knowing every little detail about them and what is going on in their life. Most of the time, it leads to annoyance because her partner could be someone who wants his personal space.

  1. Impulsiveness

She is quick to make decisions without thinking or asking anyone for their suggestions. Buying a brand-new car, quitting a job, leaving the town all alone! She is the one who decides what to do and no one can change her mind.

There a quite a lot of times when these decisions backfire and at that moment there is nothing anyone could do about it. But, well, she has no regrets. It is her life motto that everything happens for a reason.

  1. Childish

This woman sometimes, is so naïve, that it feels impossible that she is a grown-up person! She is someone who trusts people easily without any hesitation. This, more often than not, leads to serious disappointments.

But she is always learning through her experience. This way she bounces back quickly and remembers where she went wrong during another similar situation.

  1. Recklessness

In the run of being first all the time, an Aries woman gets a little reckless. She does not care about the things she needs to do to be at the top. Many times, she ends up hurting herself as well as others in this process.

They usually leap into things and then assess the risks. They reach a point where it is difficult to turn back.

  1. Short-tempered

Just like an Aries man, the Aries woman is very short-tempered. This temperament of hers can put her in very sticky situations. It is the best thing to not provoke her in any way, shape, or form.

Even though her anger is short-lived, it is enough to spoil the mood of the entire room. After all, who would want the light of the room to burn so bright that it burns everything sown, right?

Likes and Dislike of an Aries woman

She is an open book, but still so difficult to read. You need to read her likes and dislikes first so that you can be prepared for the worst.

Likes of an Aries Woman:

  1. Attention

Likes and dislikes

She loves being the center of attention. She loves it when her partner gives her attention all day long. Aries woman just loves getting loved. She glows so brightly when she gets attention and withers when left alone. You can always find her without someone. She is rarely found alone.

  1. Being in-charge

Being the boss is a typical Aries trait. It must not surprise you if you see an Aries woman leading big programs with very high efficiency. She is a born leader and that is clear through her actions.

  1. Spontaneity

She is a person who is always up for an adventure and she expects her friends and family to keep up with this enthusiasm of hers. This kind of woman will always come up with instant plans and somehow, always persuade you to join her.

She will charm you in such a way that saying no will not be an option.

Dislikes of an Aries Woman:

  1. Being judged

An Aries woman has a very strong personality and cannot stand any judgments. She hates when people talk about her behind her back. Honestly, she prefers people coming and telling things to her right on her face instead of behind her.

To be in the good books of an Aries woman, you must tell things directly to her, be it a compliment or a complaint.

  1. Arguments

Arguments are a BIG no for an Aries woman! A conversation going on and on does not do well for her. She has a no-nonsense attitude and likes to keep things simple.

Arguments for her are a big waste of her precious time. She would rather go talk to five other people than argue with just one.

  1. Staying stagnant

Full of life and enthusiasm, this fire sign hates staying in one place for a long period. She is a ‘world tour’ kind of a person and not the ‘settling down’ type.

She surely does love her family, but even with them, she needs are freedom. With a lack of freedom, she cannot work in peace and is always dissatisfied.

How are Aries Woman’s Love and Sex life?

Love Life:

This lady is headstrong and so wild that she will bring a nice angle to any relationship she has. If you cannot keep up with her feisty energy, her blunt honesty, and her sarcasm, then please stay away, it will not last long.

In any relationship, be it personal or professional, she always stands for equality. She hates it when someone bosses her or if sees or faces any injustice. Aries woman will always stand for her rights, fight for them, and win it too.

She is a passionate, generous, and fun companion to be with. Her innovative ideas are always striking to hear and see in action. An Aries woman is a very creative contributor to any team she is a part of.

Sex Life:

Sex with Aries is a different affair altogether. Being her partner, you must prepare for a hot ride, because she is not forgiving. Her fiery personality is a lot to consume you completely. You will not be satisfied with her.

Aries is the ruler of the first house which represents the body. She is all about physical intimacy when in a relationship. Intelligence and communication in a relationship will not work for her if there is no sex involved!

Sex is a need for her, not a want. It is an important factor in her life. She needs it regularly to stay happy and healthy. So, if you do not want to lose your Aries love, provide her with what she wants with something new every time. Your bond will be unbreakable.

Trust is important in a relationship too, right? But is she trustworthy? Or will she break your heart and leave for someone else?

Well, the answer to this is will depend solely on you. You are very easily replaceable! She needs a very good reason to stay with you. She wants to see you make efforts for her. Or she will find someone with the things you lack and move on with them.

An Aries also pays a lot of attention to your body. Having a fit and fab body will, for sure, give you an edge over others. But do not forget that is only one of the few factors that attract an Aries woman.

What makes an Aries Woman fall for a Man and what turns her off?

If you want to know how to attract an Aries woman, you need to know her taste. Here are some things she likes in a man and some she just cannot tolerate.

1. Attention to every small detail

how to Attract her

An Aries woman loves attention. But what impresses her, even more, is when her man remembers the smallest of the details about her. You bring out something really small about her in the middle of an argument, and she will melt as quickly as she got angry.

2. Do not disrespect her

She is an advocate of equality and expects respect when she gives it to everyone. Her companion disrespecting her is an instant turn-off for her. Let her breathe; let her give her opinions because they truly are worth listening to.

3. She does not like pretentious people.

She hates it when a man fakes or pretends about things. Aries Woman likes a man who goes with the flow and stays true to himself and others. She can easily make out a person who is pretending and will make sure they stop behaving this way.

4. She likes a man who has his own life

An Aries woman indeed loves all the attention she is given. But she also likes her own space to live her own life sometimes. This is the reason why she wants her man to have a friend circle of his own and for him to enjoy his life too.

This way both of them have enough space between them, but not a lot of it!

5. She wants a man as ambitious as her

She definitely will not fall for a man who does not have his dreams. An unambitious man is nothing but a burden for her. Why carry a burden at all? She needs to see a passion in his eyes and his actions. You simply cannot expect her to fall for such a person.

6. She hates over-smart men

An Aries woman takes a lot of pride in her intelligence and her leadership. Any man trying to make fun of these qualities of hers is downright disrespecting her. This is something she will not tolerate at all.

Do not try to act over-smart with her because someday she will outsmart you and you will have a wounded pride.

7. She likes an expressive man

Aries woman likes a man who is honest and true about his feelings. She wants to know how much her man loves her. Tell her “I love you” a hundred times each day. Bring her flowers more often. Take her on dates now and then and she will always stay happy.

8. She wants her man to trust her

Trusting someone is a give-and-take process for an Aries woman. It is kind of like a barter system. If she trusts her man enough, in return she would want her man to trust her too. Be that man for her.

There will be times when she will not listen to you and do her own thing. Trust her with it. She will only learn from mistakes. Let her do her thing.

Aries Woman: Her Home and Family

Unlike the Aries man, she prefers a home that feels cozy and warm. But she loves an unconventional place to live, like a tiny movable house, maybe even a garage apartment! She loves having her place to herself.

She is not in favor of having a roommate because she cannot compromise with the settings she has made. Aries woman is always clear of what she wants in her home and does not do well with changes.

Being a fire sign, she loves to stay connected with nature in any form. A nice green garden is always found in her household. She loves a happy environment with lots of music and laughter surrounding her.

An Aries woman as a mother is full of fun and adventure. She is someone who is always pushing her kids to leave the house to go have fun, even if the kid does not want to. Aries woman is someone who will always encourage her child to pursue something different than normal.

She, being an adventurous personality, does not like a child who is conventional and quiet. This backfires in a way that her child will purposely do “normal” things just to show that they do not agree with their mom’s way.

Career for an Aries Woman

An Aries woman, as we already know by now, is a born leader. She always makes it a point to help her team overcome any kind of fear related to work so that they perform their best. When she is in charge, prepare yourself to match her speed. This is the time she will be in her element and not stop for anyone.

She is an initiator, just like an Aries man. But, there always comes a point where she gets bored and leaves, Just like an Aries man. But, unlike an Aries man, she will return to her project with renewed enthusiasm and complete it.

Success is very important in this woman’s life. But even if she faces a failure, she bounces right back without getting disappointed. At that moment, she is stronger than before.

End Note

This information is good enough to get a gist of how an Aries woman is. If you’re eyeing someone, buckle up and go get her! She is a catch and not everyone is lucky enough to have her as a companion. She will be the light of your life.

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