23 Sure Signs He is Desperate to Kiss You

If you have started dating a new guy you look forward to taking the next step. If you have been with him on 2-3 dates, the guy or even you may want to kiss each other. A kiss is a kind of confirmation of your feelings and a way to express your love. Sometimes it can be confusing for you girls to figure out if you are friends or the guy likes you. This confusion can be irritating and upsetting. You might be expecting him to kiss you on your next date. You are confused if he likes you or not. One of the sure ways to figure this out is if the guy wants to kiss you. You don’t need to ask that out directly. You will be able to see signs and tell if he wants to kiss you.

23 Sure Signs That Tell He Wants to Kiss You

Let’s have a look at some signs he wants to kiss you:

Signs He Wants to Kiss You

  • When he behaves in a flirtatious manner

If he used to behave normally and now suddenly he behaves all smiley, giggly, and affectionate, he’s flirting with you. You would look happiness in his eyes. And probably he has kissed you in his imaginations. Overtly flirtatious behavior is a sign that he wants to kiss you.

  • He stares at your lips

Have you observed him staring at your lips? Have you caught him doing this often? This is a sign that he is fantasizing about kissing your lips. If he continues to gaze at your lips even after you notice him, he is trying to give you a hint. This might be his way of deliberately showing that he wants to kiss your lips. But many a time he might not even know that he’s doing it. His focus will keep going to your lips as he wishes to kiss them.

  • He compliments your lips/ mouth

If the guy suddenly starts complimenting your lips, it can be a sign that he wishes to kiss you. He might appreciate your lips saying that they are cute or pink. He might ask about the lipstick shade that you wear or about your lip balm. These compliments and comments on your lips are a sign that he likes you and intends to kiss you.

  • Eye contact

Looking into your eyes and gazing is completely different. If a guy gazes into your eyes without moving, it is a sign that he likes you and might take the next step of kissing you soon. Eyes are a reflection of one’s feelings and if a guy likes you, you would see that in his eyes. His eyes will reflect his desire.

  • Physical contact

If the guy wants to kiss you soon, he will try to make you both comfortable with physical touch in subtle ways. This is his way of breaking the ice so that a sudden kiss doesn’t surprise you. He might give you a one-armed side hug, stroke your cheeks, or caress your arms. This way he will make you used to have physical contact with him before he gets further close to you.

  • If he is nervous

If he is always confident and normal around you but has suddenly become nervous and distracted, it can be a sign that he wants to kiss you. Chances are that he likes you but is not sure of his feelings. Or he might know about his feelings but be scared of your reaction when he tries to kiss you. If he loses his confidence around you it is a sign that he likes you and wishes to kiss you.

  • He gets silent all of a sudden

The sudden silence just like being nervous is a sign that he wants to kiss you. It is silence before the impending kiss. He might be busy thinking about how, where, and when he would make the move. He might think is this the right time to kiss. It can be tough to gather courage and show your feelings to a girl. He is silent because he is lost in these thoughts.

  • Softening of voice

Psychologists say that if a guy softens the tone of his voice while speaking to you, it is a sign that wants to kiss you. The whispering is a sign of passion and sensuousness. Speaking loudly can’t be sexy. If his tone softens while speaking it is a sign of attraction towards you and wants to kiss you.

  • If he licks his lips

Can you imagine being kissed on dry lips? There is nothing more turning off. He knows this and that’s the reason he is licking them to prepare for the kiss. The best kisses are from moisturized and supple lips. If he is getting close to you and licking his lips, it is a sign that he is going to kiss you. Licking lips when you look at him can also be his way of hinting to you that he wants to kiss you.

  • He gets close to you and leans on you

Signs He Wants to Kiss You

If he suddenly gets closer to you and leans onto you, it is a sure sign that he is going to kiss you. It is not possible to kiss from a distance and it will make you both uncomfortable. If he gets closer to you he is preparing for the kiss and when he leans towards you, be ready to experience the magic of kiss!

  • You get the vibes and feeling

If you have been getting this feeling for a while, it might be true. You might have this gut instinct mixed with a feeling of sexual tension. But, sexual tension arises when both of you are attracted to each other and wanting to kiss. If you feel that he wants to kiss you too, you can also take the initiative and kiss him. Maybe he wants it but is scared to express it.

  • Romantic Music

If he plays soft and romantic music when you guys hang out, it can be a sign that he plans to create the right mood. He wants to set the ambiance before making the move. Music can be a big hint. This can be his way of letting you know what he’s thinking. It can be a way of putting you in a romantic mood before he kisses you.

Signs he wants to kiss you on the first date

While it is common for couples to kiss on the third or fourth date, things can escalate fast for others. They might end up kissing on the first date itself. It can be because of physical attraction or the intensity of feelings that clicked in the first meeting itself. You are attracted to this guy and want him to kiss you goodbye. How to know if he is going to kiss you on the first date? Here’s a look at some signs:

  • He asks to spend more time

Signs He Wants to Kiss You

You have finished with the chit-chatting and dinner and are about to leave. But the guy asks you to stay longer or offers you to have drinks at the nearest bar. It is a sign that he is willing to put in more time with you after the first date. It can be a sign that he might intend to kiss you.

  • You see him putting lip balm

If he applies chapstick it can be a sign that he is preparing to kiss you. He wants his lips to be soft, smooth, and kissable. If he is using his chapstick quite often, he might be planning for a kiss by the end of the date night.

  • He keeps touching you

Those accidental or intentional touches here and there can be a sign of his attraction to you. He will end up kissing you. This can be his way of breaking the ice and getting close to you.

  • If you had drinks together

If you guys have had drinks, it is obvious to get a little lose. And If you have been bonding and vibing great on your date night, there are chances that he might end up kissing you, especially under the influence of alcohol.

  • He is walking you home

There is something romantic about those walks after your date nights. The date has come to an end and he offers to drop you home. Walking through the empty streets at night can make you feel closer. The moment of passion may kick in and he might kiss you goodbye before leaving. This may not mean that he is looking for a steamy night; it might be a plain romantic kiss.

Signs he wants to kiss you at the movies

Going to a movie with your new boyfriend can be an exciting and fun activity to do together. Movies have been commonplace where couples end up kissing each other. Call it the theatre vibes or romantic movie that you are watching with your guy; he might feel like kissing you. Let’s have a look at signs that he wants to kiss you at the movies:

  • Choice of Movie

Signs He Wants to Kiss You

This can be a subtle hint. If he chooses a romantic movie or a movie with love scenes, you can say that he wishes to put you in the mood and intends to kiss you. Seeing such scenes on the screen makes people romantic. They emulate and kiss their partners. If he isn’t excited about the movie or has seen it before, it is a sign that he wants to focus on you and not the movie.

  • The seats he chooses

If he books seats in the corner, at the back, or a secluded space in the theatre, it is a sign that he wishes to kiss you. Sitting in front or beside a group of people won’t allow him to kiss you. It is common for a couple to sit in corners and have their intimate moment in the movies.

  • If he Avoids Eating

Who doesn’t love to hog on some popcorn at the movies? If he had been avoiding eating anything in the movie theatre, he might be planning to kiss you. He is avoiding eating to prevent bad breath. Sharing food can help in bonding with each other and touching here and there. It can help in breaking the ice. But he might avoid having food especially something with strong flavors to prevent a bad smell. After all, he doesn’t want to turn you off.

  • How he talks to you before the movies

If he has been playful with you and giving you compliments all this while, he might want to kiss you. He might continue flirting even when the movie begins. Whispering in your ears and leaning towards you can be a sign that he wants to kiss you.

  • His Body Language

his body language

If he is making eye contact or gazing at you with desire, he might be attracted to you. And If he is looking at your lips, he might want to kiss you.

If he caresses your arm and leans towards you, if he seems happy yet nervous, he is planning to kiss you.

  • Chewing Gums

If he is chewing mint or gums he might be trying to smell good while kissing. He might also moisturize his lips to be kiss-ready!

End Note

These are some of the signs that he wants to kiss you. But, you can’t generalize as every guy is different. While some guys show subtle signs, others might get frustrated and directly tell that he wants to kiss you. You will have to wait and observe for some time. This will help you gauge what signs your guy shows and how he conveys his intentions of kissing you. Sometimes, kissing can be a guy’s way of letting you know that you are more than a friend.

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