15 Sure Signs She Wants to Sleep With You

In any relationship, physical attraction plays a crucial role. When you like someone it is obvious to be sexually attracted to them. This applies to women as well. If you are in a relationship for some time, the girl must be looking to take things ahead with you. Even if you are simply dating or have met a few times, she might desire to sleep with you. Sometimes a friend or a colleague might be sexually attracted to you.

How Woman behaves when she is sexually attracted to you?

Woman Wants to Sleep With You

Girls may not be as direct as men tend to be and hide their sexual attraction but they may secretly desire you. But, some women drop subtle hints instead of being direct.

You men need to identify these signs and be clear before you make any move. Assuming that a woman wants to sleep with you and making a move can turn to be a disaster and make you a butt of a joke or offend her.

Guys are simple when it comes to sexual attraction. They take things for what they seem to be at face value. When it comes to figuring out if a woman wants to sleep with you, you need to be completely sure.

It might happen that her friendly gestures are misleading you. Or your mind might be playing tricks and making you believe that she is physically interested in you. Sometimes, when you want a woman sexually, you might believe that she wants you too. Don’t misread the signs and land up in trouble.

A misunderstanding can cost you a budding relationship or a great friendship. You might endanger a good work relationship and the girl might feel uncomfortable in your presence henceforth.

You need to pay attention and focus on things that she doesn’t tell you directly. She might flirt with you, drop hints, or give your body language signals. She wants to make you realize that she is ready to take the relationship to the next level.

15 Sure Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You

Here’s a look at clear and sure signs a woman wants to sleep with you:

She Touches You

Woman Wants to Sleep With You

One of the signs a woman is sexually interested in you is the way she touches you. If a girl is confident and a little direct in her approach, she might touch you in intimate places. But some girls are shy and not that direct. They won’t gather the courage to touch your intimate areas.

She will probably touch your hand, shoulder, and face while talking. She might also touch your leg or knee while laughing or talking. This shows that the girl is attracted to you but trying to control the urge and shy to make the move. She is acting in this way because of her strong sexual desire. This can also be her way of teasing you and provoking you to make a move.

She tries to Stay Close to You

When a woman is interested in you and wants to sleep with you, she will find ways to stay near you. If you are at work or hanging out in a group, she would sit and stand next to you. When she talks, she would talk in your ear and may use a seductive tone of voice to talk to turn you on.

When she hugs you, she will hold you tight and close for long as she enjoys being close to you. She might do these things without even realizing or intentionally seducing you. No matter what, she does it because she desires to be physically close to you.

She Stares at You

If a girl is sexually attracted to you, you will sense it in her eyes. She might be giving mixed signals as she is interested in you but feeling shy to confess it. She might not want to look desperate. But if she is sexually attracted, she won’t be able to take her eyes off you. You might sense the sexual tension whenever she looks at you.

You will be able to see the burning desire in her eyes that she can’t hide. She might not convey the desire with words but her eyes will do the talking. She will look deep into your eyes with a flirtatious gaze. If she sees you looking back at her, she won’t look away. She will continue to stare at you to make it clear that she is attracted to you.

She often Looks at your Lips

If a girl is interested in you, she will look at your lips and fantasize about the moment you both kiss. She might be looking at your lips with the desire to kiss and smooch them. This can be a way of hinting at you and asking you to make a move. She might go a step ahead and lick her lips when you look at her. This is a sexual gesture and a very provocative one. It is a sign that she wants you to do this to her.

She checks you out

If a girl is sexually interested in you, you might catch her checking you out top to bottom. She might be looking at your back, your neck, lips, hair, or well your manhood! Checking out your physical attributes is a sure sign of her attraction towards you.

It shows how much she desires you physically. She might be feeling attracted and imagining how your body looks without clothes. And She might already be fantasizing about you.

She Wears Provocative Clothes on a Date

Woman Wants to Sleep With You

If she wears revealing or figure-hugging outfits flaunting her cleavage, long silky legs, or a sexy back, it can be a sign that she is trying to seduce you. She wants to show her curves and sexy body to get your imagination wild.

She Talks in a Sensuous Tone

When a woman is attracted to you, she would talk to you in a sexy seductive voice. A seductive voice is one of the best ways to woo someone and attract them sexually. Her soft and sensuous tone will instantly turn you on.

She Kisses You Passionately

If you are dating for a while, you can sense her desire from the way she kisses you. You need to pay attention to the way she kisses you as it might give away a lot. If it’s a subtle or quick kiss, it is a simple way of showing affection.

Yet, if she gives you a long, passionate, French kiss, it surely is a sign of sexual desire. If she uses her tongue, bites, or licks your lips, it is a sign that she finds you irresistible. And If you feel that she is ready to kiss you anywhere at any time unabashedly, it is a sign that she is crazy about you. If she can’t get her lips off you,

She is probably ready for more! If you are dropping her off at her home after a date night, a long passionate kiss on the doorstep is a sign that wants you to get inside for a steamy night with her.

She Dances with Sexy Moves

Her kiss and dance moves can give away the signs that you are looking for. People say that the way two people get along on the dance floor tells a lot about how they will be inside the sheets. You can gauge a girl’s intentions from the way she dances with you.

If she shows sexy moves and dances touching her body to yours, it’s a sign of her sexual desire. If she has a strong desire to sleep with you, she might even dirty dance with you to attract you and provoke you. She will use the dancing opportunity as foreplay and will try to touch your body with her hands or caress your body against you. She will try to turn you on while on the dance floor. You guys can straightaway head to someplace for a steamy sexual encounter that she had been desiring.

She Talks about it

While he might not ask for it directly, she might talk about it. When a girl is interested in sleeping with you, she might talk about sex with you in many ways. She might ask about your sexual preferences, favorite positions, your sexual history, and what you like in bed.

She might tell you about her preferences or history and what she likes in bed. It might be a way of hinting that she would like you to do all that to her. She might engage in sexual conversation to build tension. If she wishes to drop more hints, she might text dirty. She might say that she had a sexual dream about you. All these are clear signs that she has a strong sexual desire for you.

She Will Invite You to Her Home

One of the most common ways of hinting that she wants to sleep with you is inviting you to her place. She might also agree to be at your place to spend time watching movies or having dinner together. Additionally, if she mentions that there is no one at her place and she is all alone, it is a clear sign of what she is wishing for.

Her Body Language

body language signs

Even if she is trying to hide her sexual desire towards you, her body language will tell it all. She will be more relaxed when she is with you. She will stay close to you or lean on your shoulder more often. When you put your hand around her waist, she will not remove your hand. She might also start cuddling when you are close to each other.

It shows that she is letting her guards down and is letting you into her personal space. If she is shy, she might blush in your presence. When you two get close, she might bite or lick her lips and breathe heavily. This is because her heart rate increases as she is turned on by your presence.

Older/ Married Women Confiding in your about lack of/ boring sex life

It might happen in long-term marriages that sex takes a back seat and couples might not be content with their sex life. If a married or elder woman discusses with you her unhappy or non-existent sex life, it might be a sign that she wants you to fulfill her desires. This is not a topic that someone discusses with people other than close friends or sisters.

She likes Sexting and Dirty Chating

If she wants to sleep with you, she might send you forwards with a sexual tone. She might indulge in sexting or start chatting dirty like she is horny at the moment or craving for a man’s touch. She might tell you that she is wearing sexy lingerie, etc. These are signs that she wants you to get you in the mood.

She Will Compliment You on Your Physique

A woman who wants to sleep with you will probably compliment you on your physique like your firm abs, great arms, and chiseled body. She would also try to touch you to get a feel of your toned body.

End Note

These are some of the strong signs and signals that the girl is sexually attracted to you and wishes to sleep with you. But, you can’t completely rely on them and make a move hastily. We tell you to wait for a while and observe her behavior for a longer duration before initiating.

If you are still not sure, you might as well ask her straightaway and clear the confusion. But, try to ask in a way that doesn’t offend her or affect your relationship with her. Having sex can be great but it should always happen with her consent. Only then it will be enjoyable for the two of you.

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