How to Deal with Jealous Gemini Man- Signs & Causes

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac system. Represented with the symbol of twins, Geminis are said to have a dual personality. Due to this, sometimes, it can be hard to tell what a Gemini man is feeling. If you are wondering whether your Gemini man is jealous, you might not be able to tell as he can keep his feelings hidden. But his dual personality can come in handy here, as it might show you some signs of your Gemini man being jealous. 

Gemini man may seem like the type to not get jealous if you ask their partners, you might get a different answer. Their behavior can be contradicting. Thus, it can be hard to say whether they are jealous or not. But if you know them well enough, you are sure to see the signs of jealousy.

jealous Gemini man

What Causes a Gemini Man Jealous:

Let’s first look into What Causes a Gemini Man Jealous.

Flirting with other men

Now, normally most Gemini men may not be as bothered by something like this. But if you happen to flirt or get closer to a man who can make your Gemini man insecure. A Gemini man is normally quite confident, but if he thinks that he is lacking in some ways compared to the other man. He can easily feel jealous.

being distracted when with him

Being distracted when you are with him

A Gemini man likes giving all his attention to you when you are together. He expects the same from you. If you keep texting or using your phone when you are spending time with him might get upset. He will turn irritated, and his curiosity will get the best of him. 

Letting him know when you aren’t happy

A Gemini man is someone who loves to surround himself with cheerful and happy people. When you let him know that you aren’t too happy with him, his nature will make him curious. He will want to find out what he did to make you upset and rectify it. 

avoiding him

Avoiding him

The thought of his partner finding comfort somewhere other than him will drive a Gemini man crazy. A Gemini man hopes to create a safe space in his relationship where he and his partner can communicate about everything. Thus, when he sees you getting closer to someone else, he will get jealous.

As you can tell now, a Gemini man can also feel insecure and jealous. Despite his friendly nature, he will get upset when he feels like he isn’t strong support for his partner. 

jealous Gemini man

Wondering How a Gemini Man Acts When He is Jealous?

Looking after you frequently

A Gemini man is a man who likes to build a relationship that allows each partner with individual freedom. He likes having the personal space to do as he pleases. And he gives the same to his partner. So it isn’t in his nature to constantly check on you. But if he is jealous, he will find it necessary to check on you frequently.

he stops himself

He stops himself

A Gemini man enjoys his freedom. He loves spending time with old friends and making new ones. But if he gets jealous, he will most likely want to solve this problem without some big confrontation. He will limit his outgoing personality to find curb his jealousy.

He is being possessive

When in a relationship, a Gemini man respects his partner, their choices, and free will. As someone who is extroverted and loves being part of big social groups, he is unlikely to put restrictions on his partner. Thus, when he begins stopping you from meeting your friends, you can safely assume he is jealous. 

his mood has changed

His mood has changed

Gemini men are outgoing, friendly people who have a great time with anyone and anywhere. They don’t shy away from a good time and seek a company that brings out their best. Thus, if you notice a change in his usual lively personality, it may be due to jealousy. A Gemini man can feel insecure, and this jealousy could be the cause of his lack of enthusiasm.

He will act nonchalant

A Gemini man rarely gets jealous. He enjoys the company of others and doesn’t mind his partner doing the same. But when he does get jealous, it is common for you to not notice at first. Gemini’s don’t like confrontation. So, they might not show their jealousy. They will act like nothing is bothering them and try to deal with it on their own. This could cause more conflict in your relationship, as you wouldn’t know about each other’s difficulties. 

A Gemini man isn’t someone who gets jealous easily. He is someone who enjoys being independent. When you are in a relationship with a Gemini man, he will give you all the love. But he will also maintain space for both of you to experience your freedom. This is why it is not often for a Gemini man to get jealous. But you might want to learn a few tricks to assure your Gemini man when he feels insecure. 

how to deal with jealous Gemini man

How to Deal with a Jealous Gemini Man:

Pay close attention

If you know your Gemini man well enough, you know that he rarely gets jealous. When he does, he won’t openly showcase his insecurities. For this reason, you must be attentive towards your Gemini partner. He may not show it, but perhaps he is acting out of character due to jealousy. If you pay close attention to him, you will be able to catch his jealousy and help him overcome it.

give him space

Give him space

A Gemini man will not confront you as he avoids making a scene. If he realizes his feelings of jealousy, he will try and work on it. For him, maintaining independence in a relationship is important. So he will understand if you wish to meet other friends. Give him space and time, and he will figure it out on his own. He is very capable of dealing with his issues and coming out stronger than ever. 

Shower him with love 

When you notice that the problem is getting worse. Or that your Gemini partner isn’t coming around despite giving him some time. In that case, the best way to make up with your jealous Gemini partner is to give him all the love and affection he needs. If you think he is acting needy, then you can be there for him. Give him special care and little reminders of your love. This will prove your love to him, and he will feel much more assured in your relationship. 

give him confidence

Give him confidence

A Gemini man is usually confident and independent. But don’t forget his dual nature may be hiding his insecurities as well. When a Gemini man sees you with someone else, his insecurities arise. He might think he is lacking in some aspects. This is when you need to sweep in and make your partner realize that this is not the case. Express your love sincerely for him. This will boost his confidence again.

Try harder

When you are in a relationship with a Gemini man, you need to be prepared. He is a hard man to understand. His contrasting nature and habits can be difficult to figure out. When he seems confident, he can also feel uncertain. This could be a reason for his jealousy. If he feels you are not happy in your relationship, he will retreat. Thus, make sure that you show enough affection and effort. This will help him know you are willing to work with him. He will feel assured and work twice as hard to make you happy. 

dont make him angry

Don’t make him angry

If you think you can use jealousy as a weapon to gain a Gemini man’s affection, think again. For a Gemini man, there’s a thin line between being jealous and angry. It could be the case where he gets angry instead of jealous. A Gemini man may get angry with your lack of interest in your relationship. If he feels his feelings aren’t reciprocated, he will quietly retreat. He would rather give up on his relationship than have petty fights over jealousy. 

A Jealous Gemini man is rare but can be difficult to deal with. Owing to his nature, figuring out the cause of his problem can be tough. But once you do, it is easy for you. A Gemini man prefers to work and communicate for a better relationship. Thus, he will be open to trying and figuring out a solution.

End Note

Now, you can tell that a Gemini man has a complex nature. Being in a relationship with him can be hard, but it is rewarding. You can learn his personality and the way he acts when he is jealous. This will help you give your partner all the love and care he needs. Remember that a Gemini man may seem friendly and confident, but he too needs reassurance and reminders of love.

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