15 Mind-Blowing Tricks That Will Make The Woman Of Your Dreams Chase You Harder

Being the center of attention is something most of us fancy, especially women. Getting attention is in their blood and most often than not, they can seek it. But for men, this journey has been hard because it’s them who have to do the hard work, rather than it being the other way round. Believe us, with some tactics, you can also make a woman chase you and well, it’s a cakewalk.

Girls get attracted to men who can pique their interest and curiosity level, while also not being clingy and maintaining some distance. This sort of urges them to look more into you. 

The First Impression Always Matters

# The First Impression Always Matters

Women are still about the first impression but it’s not always the last. You are given a chance to make the first move right. Invest in yourself and show off your confidence while also creating that air of mystery. Give her attention but not so much that she wants to run away from your presence. Set a boundary and avoid cheesy pick lines, because honestly, women hate that.

Work On Yourself Make Women Chase You

# Work On Yourself

Men get lazy with time once they are in a relationship but if you wish that the girl swoons over you, there’s some hard work involved, which is following self-grooming. Women like men who take care of their daily habits. For example, styling their hair well or wearing a nice smelling perfume on a date, investing time in deciding an outfit. Looking suave and attractive will elevate your confidence and thus make her chase you.

Make Her Feel Worthy

# Make Her Feel Worthy

It’s okay if you are someone who is overly ambitious and someone who is constantly busy. In the midst of this, to make a woman chase you, it’s equally important to value her. Tell her that the time when she is with you, she makes you forget things. Such lines go a long way, but make sure it doesn’t sound impertinent.

Enhance Your Conversational Skills

# Enhance Your Conversational Skills

If you really want to get the girl of your dreams, giving her a silent treatment is not going to work but creating a level of tension will. The good news for low-key guys is that you can be a good listener and let her do the talking, which will naturally pique her interest in knowing you more. This little trick will keep the conversation mystique and make her interested in you.

Stay Busy Make Women Chase You

# Stay Busy

Once you have made a lasting impression, most girls keep wanting more time. But, don’t get into that trap. Instead, keep yourself busy and focus on your goals. Being passionate shows that you are attractive whereas if you treat her as if she is all you need, it will make her think you are needy. Hence, try and strike a balance here.

Don't Show A Lot Of Interest Already

# Don’t Show A Lot Of Interest Already

This may sound petrifying, but if you make her think she is more like a friend, that’s definitely going to make her a little needy. Don’t be afraid to do so, because that way she is going to be riveted by your actions.

Her Friends Matter

# Her Friends Matter

Her friends are basically an extension of her life and these are people who know her deepest secrets as well. It’s important for her that they like you. Get to know them and try to win over their confidence in you, so that she can chase you more.

Make Women Chase You Don't Wait

# Don’t Wait Around Too Much

When you are out with her, if you stick around too much, she is going to lose interest. But, if you are the guy, who shows that he is punctual and can end the date perfectly, without making it abrupt, that is bound to garner her attention. Try it out.

Learn To Say No

# Learn To Say No

If you end up saying yes to everything she does, it will only suggest that you lack opinion and that’s one quality women dislike the most. Don’t come across as a people pleaser or a pushover. Learn to disagree, sometimes, as that suggests you have your own take on things.

Compliment Her But Not Too Much

# Compliment Her But Not Too Much

Compliments are what women cherish but if you go overboard with it, and start bombarding her, she isn’t going to be a big fan. Instead, give her honest compliments, maybe how she is looking, or admire her confidence. Such praises go a long way and work well on women.

Make Women Chase You by Texting

# Don’t Always Be The One Texting

Once you have her number, yes, you can always send the first text, because that’s courtesy. But if you do it consistently and you are available 24×7, she will think that you don’t have much to do in life. Instead, play smart here. When you have something important to deal with, learn to end the conversation subtly, so that the next time you talk, even she waits for a little.

Make Women Chase You

# Take Time When Required

It is okay to not be around all the time and give her space too. This will allow you to figure out if she actually is interested in you. At this time, be in charge of your life and hang out with your friends too, and have fun. And, well if she does find out, it’s going to drive her mad, making her want you. 

Wait Before You Admit Your Feelings

# Wait Before You Admit Your Feelings

When the time comes, let her be the first one to tell you how she feels about you. If you unveil your feelings too early, she won’t appreciate it. When you confess, take some time but at the same time, don’t wait for too long since you don’t want to lose her in the midst of making her chase you.

Introduce Her To Your Friends

# Introduce Her To Your Friends

Take her out with your friends and introduce her to them as your friend, very casually. Believe me, she would also work hard to seek their attention and approval, if she really likes you and that’s half job done for you.

Make Women Chase You

# Don’t End Up Chasing Her

In the middle of all this, you might also lose grip but take control of the situation and don’t end up running behind her. Just know that if she is genuinely into you, she will do anything to seek your attention. The only way to work is to stop chasing and see how the tables turn.

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