How Often Should You Communicate In A Long Distance Relationship?

In a healthy relationship, to feel the connection is precedence. It would help if you communicated as much as it is essential to feel emotionally and mentally connected to your partner.

Communication is the key, not just in long-distance relationships but in all sorts of connections. Through communication, we express our thoughts and establish a different kind of relationship with humans and animals.   

According to Tyler Turk, CEO and Founder of Crated with Love says, ‘There’s no exact formula that could determine the amount of time you should ideally be spending with your partner.’ Rather it depends on what makes both of you happy and contended.

How often should we communicate in LDR?

Well, if you could manage a 4-5 hours conversation in different parts of the day, it’s fantastic. Or if you manage that 10 minutes of conversation every morning after you wake up and at night before you go to bed, it is also excellent.

See, what keeps the people in the relationship happy, is the ideal communication pattern and time. You and your partner should be contented with the prevailing scenario. Both of you should be mature enough to understand each other’s schedules and be OK with it.

But, on the other hand, both of you should always be willing to talk, like interest matters the most.

There are couples where one person is too much into the bond and makes all possible efforts to stay connected. In contrast, the other person is too lazy or too disinterest in even initiating a conversation. Here, it is a problem that the couple needs to address ASAP.

The Ideal Model of Communication!

There’s nothing better than seeing each other, and for that, video calls are the best deal.  On the other hand, first and foremost, you need to check on each other’s availability. While one person is willing to talk on the phone, the other might not manage time for it.

Therefore, whatever means is available, whether be it a voice call, texting, or a skype call, go for it and check on each other’s well-being.

Technology today has for sure reduced the gap between people who live miles away. Thanks to the new evolutions, we do not have to wait for uncertain days to receive a letter from our loved ones. So, all that people need to do today is manage time and initiate conversations that comfort both of you.

Whether in a long-distance relationship or otherwise, couples tend to find stability after the courtship period, when the number of hours we communicate declines. When we first start to know somebody, we use all our superpowers to manage the maximum time on the phone.

In this case, it doesn’t matter even if we have to compromise our sleep. We talk for 4-5 hours and even more than that in some cases. But with time, couples generate more stability among themselves; they know many things about each other already.

And the topics to talk or discuss reduce with time, which is when the communication period also declines.

Therefore, more than focusing on the number of hours you communicate, you should focus on quality communication. In addition, each of you should respect the other person’s responsibilities and time constraints and agree on a specific pattern that suits both of you.

Thus, understanding what matters the most in relationships.

Challenges in Communication and Ways to Avoid Them!

The only challenge you could face while communicating in your LDR is managing time. So let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges faced by couples.

Different Work Shifts

Many times to people as a couple have additional commitments in life regarding their work routine. And this is when managing time to talk becomes an issue.

For example, if one of you is working in late-night shifts, while the other one wishes to speak, in no way is this possible. Therefore, rather than cringing on this issue, you need to find a way out.


As a couple who wishes to do anything close, you should make little effort to engage in those sweet yet short conversations. You can always make time in between work breaks or before your shift starts. That’s how both sides can do a little management.

Fear of Exposure: 

Many of you have decided to keep your relationship a secret for some time. And in this case, you fail to communicate just because you fear getting exposed.


Well, in this case, there are a lot of ways that come to your rescue. Try and talk when you are alone. Make a short call while you are on the way to your office or home. Lock your social media profiles so that nobody gets to notice your activities.

Nothing to talk about: 

There comes the point in a relationship when the most exciting topics become boring. You get in the routine of being with each other, and there remains little to talk about.


In such a case, you can always make special efforts to remind each other about your love. Take out time to relive the memories that you once cherished together. Plan for your future, and that’s a great way to initiate a conversation.

Talk about your short-term future goals, discuss your day at work, enquire about each other problems, and give relevant advice, and so on. Try and be a part of your partner’s life. But only to the extent that it doesn’t look like breaking into someone’s privacy.

How often to Meet in a Long Distance Relationship

Distance in love makes you grow fonder, but only to a limit. Do not stay away from each other for an unreasonable long period.

Different people will have other answers as to how often you should meet in LDR. Therefore, the best solution to this query is, meet your partner as many times as you can make it. Be it once in two weeks, or a month, or even one time in six months for that matter.

Make efforts to see your loved ones as much as possible, as physical intimacy is as important as emotional connection.

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