12 Easy Ways/Signs To Tell If A Guy Is Crazy About You

When you are in a relationship, you must have asked yourself several times, if your partner is serious about you or not. It is easy to have feelings for someone but to know if it’s actually loved or just an infatuation can sometimes be very tricky. 

While it might be difficult to tell at first how he feels about you, eventually you will get better at it. How do you ask? Here are some 12 easy ways or signs, to know if he is crazy about you and not, and gauge what the future has in store for you. Check it out. 

1. He Doesn’t Avoid Your Texts

No matter how busy he is, he finds time to respond to your texts or calls, sometimes even if it means lack of sleep. Guys who are crazy about you, go out of their way sometimes to do things. They may not show it but are working it in the background. For him, there is no deadline to striking a conversation with you.

2. He Loves To Show You Off

For men, when they like a girl, they happen to show them off, in front of their friends or family. It doesn’t matter if you have just recently started going out or have been together for a long, but he likes to introduce you to everyone. This is one of the signs that he is crazy about you.

3. He Is Honest With You

A man who is crazy about you will also be honest with you. Men are not talkers but if he is open to talking to you about anything and everything, he does rely on you. He chooses to discuss his dreams and aspirations and his long-term goals. Displaying honesty is definitely one of the signs that he does genuinely like you.

4. He Will Be A Good Listener

Let’s just say you had a terrible day at work or had a massive fight with your best friend. You might want to rant or just talk it out. This person, who is into you, will definitely be good ears when you need him. While talking if he realizes that you aren’t very happy with the suggestions or advice, he will try to cheer you up in the best manner possible. 

5. You Catch Him Staring At You

There’s a difference between checking out and staring. When we stay stare, we don’t mean it in a gross manner. This means, that when you are talking to someone else, he looks at you and is lost sometimes. This is also one of the signs that he is crazy about you as he can’t help but look at you, with all the love in his eyes.

6. He Tries To Factor You In

Before taking any big decision, he likes to discuss it with you and he also prioritizes time for you. Factoring you in isn’t only physical but if he is looking for an emotional connection with you, it means he is indeed crazy about you. He understands you pretty well and is also someone who doesn’t go all hot and cold when you need him. He basically factors you in more ways than possible and he is there for you often.

7. You Can Be Yourself Infront Of Him

It can get difficult to be yourself in front of a lot of people, but with this guy, who is absolutely crazy about you, you don’t feel the urge to pretend. He doesn’t comment or judge you and lets you be. For someone, who is seriously into you, that person will never lose interest in you.

8. He Wants To Know You More

Whenever you are trying to talk to him, he doesn’t gloss over the things you mention and listens to you, even if the conversation is not of his interest. He likes to be hooked on you and wishes to know more and more things about you.

9. He Remembers Important Things

While conversing, there are some details that one gives out. Be it a specific event, or a date, or your favorite perfume – no matter what this important thing is, the guy who is into you, will soak in all the information and remember it when the time comes. You know then that he is crazy about you because he remembers little details.

10. He Would Change His Habits

For men, it is difficult to forgo certain habits. But if he is crazy about you, he will do anything to make you happy. He would change things that you don’t like and probably go a little out of his way too sometimes, without showing it to you. That’s a great sign that he is interested in you. 

11. He Practices Patience

Men sometimes lose their tolerance and patience level that often leads to fights. But, in this case, he will practice patience and create that level of understanding, that if you mess up, he would still forgive you. He won’t hold any grudge and would let go of your shortcomings.

12. He Shows Gratitude Without Fail

In relationships as time passes, people often start taking each other for granted and forget to appreciate their partner. On this side though, there is no shortage of that. The fact that you are a part of his life, he values that the most and often show gratitude that you are there for him.


Do you notice any of these signs about someone special? If so, then the man is totally crazy about you and he would probably want something beyond friendship. This type of relationship is easy to be in and if he is doing all it takes to make you happy, don’t hesitate to take the next step.

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Signs to know if he is crazy about you

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