How to Reset Your Relationships for Spring with Evolutionary Astrology?

Relationships are often subjected to unprecedented circumstances. As a result, some have thrived, and some crumbled. But, some have stood the test of time. 

According to the CDC, in 2019, the marriage rate is 6.1 per 1000 total population. The divorce rate was 2.7 per 1000 total population within the United States in the same year.

That translates to about 41% of new marriages divorcing. The same research shows that millennials choose to wait longer to get married.

Thus, there is a need for constant guidance, which has turned most people into mystics. Nothing offers more detailed advice on this topic than Evolution Astrology.

What Is Evolution Astrology

Evolution Astrology evaluates one’s birth chart and interprets its evolution map. Astrologers use the term “Evolution Astrology” to measure the soul’s growth from life to life. 

There are two categories of evolution astrology; ancient astrology and modern astrology. Ancient astrology schools of thought include Vedic, Mayan, Celtic, and Chinese.

Modern astrology (Evolution astrology) focuses on psychological, experiential, and esoteric areas. It combines psychological theories and ancient metaphysical ideas.

Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green developed modern evolution astrology in the 1980s. The two founders define evolution astrology as a measure of the soul’s evolution as it incarnates. 

Every branch of astrology has its principles. For example, zodiac signs are a branch that combines astrology and astronomy. Similarly, Evolution Astrology focuses on planet Pluto and the moon. Planet Pluto expresses our soul’s intentions, whereas the moon is the anchor that’s controlling our past lives.

Evolution astrologers have different interpretations, but the core perceptions include acceptance that;

  1. Human beings undergo incarnations in their lifetime.
  2. Humans are responsible for the internal and external realities they experience.
  3. Birthcraft reflects the soul’s evolutionary intentions for the present life.
  4. Birthcraft reflects the soul’s evolutionary condition at the incarnation moment.
  5. The present life circumstances, materially and psychologically, are not random. They reflect the soul’s evolutionary intentions and necessities.
  6. Human beings interact with their birth craft creatively and unpredictably. Also, they all accept the fact that astrological symbols are multi-dimensional. But, an individual’s consciousness stipulates its material and psychic expression.
  7. Astrologers must support a person seeking astrological help irrespective of the evolutionary state.

Love and Life Relationship

When you are planning to enter into a new relationship or have been in one, there are often energies around you.  The energies surrounding you create a field that can help manifest the future.

In simple terms, the fields can help know what lies in the unknown. However, the meaning they’ll have in your life solely depends on your interaction with the fields throughout your life.

Therefore, you must understand the connection between you and what you intend in your life.

All relationships are prone to change. Now that Saturn and Jupiter are entering the Aquarium, it’s time to rethink our relationships. But how does evolution astrology approach this change?

1. Finding Your True Self

As aforementioned, Aquarius helps one rethink their relationships. In the long run, a person recognizes their true self; true purpose.  Every evolution astrologer will first mention this to help you sink back and evaluate your relationship. Some of the questions that can help during this evaluation include;

  1. What do you expect from the relationship, the hopes, and the dreams?
  2. Is the relationship giving you purpose?
  3. How does the connection contribute to your spiritual and emotional development?
  4. Is the relationship doing you any good? 

Sink deep into your inner self and explore the universe within you. Connect with your true desires while still searching for them in your relationship. By doing so, you will engage your relationship partner in a new and conscious conversation. 

2. Embracing Your Niche

Once you find the true- self, embrace your niche irrespective of the societal norms.  Embracing your circle means accepting your uniqueness regardless of what traditions systems dictate. In the Aquarius age, people can question “norms” and instead accommodate frameworks that suit their needs.

For example, societal norms like monogamy are becoming questionable. The commitment that monogamy dictates were effective in the traditional framework. However, it is unsuitable for the modern many. As a result, people who feel uncontented are searching for other options within their set of requirements.

Lucky for you, you can field your energies during an Equinox for a deeper understanding. The energies will help trace your preferences and those of the partner. You can have a safe ground for the two of you by doing so. Therefore, you will balance each one’s necessities and, in return, boost your connection.

3. Be Inquisitive 

Unlike the Age of Pisces, the Age of Aquarius ignites questions. Such curiosity has resulted in people challenging societal norms and rules.  The Age of Pisces dictated the herd mentality. Therefore, Aquarius is the right time to ask questions and concerns in a relationship.

Being inquisitive provides a different view of what your partner expects from you and you from them. You can ask specific questions about life goals and dreams. Then, evaluate their answers to redefine their connection. Such conversations will help you achieve a happy, healthy love life.

Evolution Astrology Readings

The readings are integral to evolution astrology. Below are the essential aspects of the process to ensure you get more clarity.

1. Compatibility in Charts

In this stage, the partners read their charts with the help of a professional astrologer. The evolution astrologer will read, evaluate and interpret how their charts interact with each other.

Through this stage, they will have a clear picture of the state of the relationship. Additionally, the charts will inform them of their potential.

2. Strength

This aspect focuses on the strength of the relationship. The astrologer will shed light on the strengths of the connection for a more enhanced picture.

Additionally, the element showcases the weaknesses and the blindspot that the couple may be unaware of.  As a result, the two will be better prepared and live to their absolute potential.

3. Duration

Usually, reading takes between 2.5 to 3 hours. Depending on the astrologer and their reputation, you (client) may receive copy charts and records of the sessions. They can revisit to keep on track and ensure they remain productive with such resources.


If you haven’t thought about it yet, evolution astrology might help you understand your relationship. The process can provide a more straightforward and concrete path to your relationship’s future. Evolution astrology will help you know the forthcoming dynamics and blindspots.  

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