100+ Attractive Instagram Bios For Students to Copy & Paste

Accept it or not, student life is one of the best parts of a person’s life. Many people realize it after their school life is passed and regret later not enjoying their student life as much as they would have enjoyed. They get happy even if they find a small relatable thing with their study, school life, or career.

So, for these students, we are here to provide some of the most interesting bios related to different fields and subjects, we will also try to cover the struggles which are faced by a student in his day-to-day life so that more and more students find our content relatable.

So, dive into the article with us and check the best Instagram bios for students.

Instagram Bios for Commerce Students

Instagram Bios For Commerce Students

Commerce is the subject that teaches you about how you can run a business, banking, accounting, and many more things. Even if you are not an exceptional student, you can still become successful by opting for commerce.

In the contemporary era, the proportion of commerce is also increasing as students are getting more and more opportunities in return for their hard work and struggles. So, for these types of students who choose commerce, here are some of the best profile bios for them that they can use on their Instagram.

  1. As a commerce student, all I think about is money and only money.
  2. Every student who studies business is not a businessman, but every businessman was once a business student.
  3. You think that being a commerce student makes me good with numbers?
  4. When you start thinking “I could have done better!”, then you truly become a commerce student.
  5. Commerce students are the future of any country as they are going to handle the nation’s economy later.
  6. Don’t let your mobile phone become a liability, use it as an asset.
  7. Commerce is a stream that teaches how to value things and make money out of them.
  8. I’m a commerce student and I don’t have friends, I have assets, some are temporary and some are permanent.
  9. Science students divorce, commerce ones do an amalgamation.
  10. Commerce is the blood of the city, and if we as the individuals will not take care, it will not take much time for the government to become cancer!
  11. Art:- connects with the past; Science:- takes care of the future; Commerce:- helps us with our present!
  12. Morality loses and that’s why commerce is always against morality.
  13. Just like you need to balance assets and liabilities for a balance sheet, you should learn to struggle and hard work to balance your life.
  14. When their loyalty becomes a liability, their love becomes an asset.
  15. Even the world is accrual, I want to invest in you!
  16. You need skills to play the game of commerce and if you don’t have them, you cannot survive in the market!
  17. You cannot create anything just for money, however, by doing it as a part of commerce, you can make it an art and increase its value.
  18. Loving is an art, and I’m a commerce student.
  19. You should become my accountant because if I’ll not love you, I have to give taxes!
  20. You should not invest your 100% when you get 0% interest in return.
  21. Fraud and commerce go hand in hand.

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Instagram Bios for Chemistry Students

Instagram Bio For Chemistry Students

Wherever you go, you will find chemistry, in one form or another. It is the branch of science that deals with what happens in our surroundings.

It connects every field of science and it’s also an interesting subject as students do a lot of experiments that excite them.

As a chemistry student, you’ll learn a lot about the bonding of substances and they can be related to your life too. Chemistry is one of the important subjects while preparing for NEET and JEE.

So, here are some of the most amazing chemistry bios for students that they can use on their Instagram.

  1. Chemistry is about finding what holds us as humans, not about formulas and equations.
  2. What is a relationship if not chemistry?
  3. A neutron asks how much for a drink at a bar and the bartender replies:- “No charge for you!”
  4. Miracles can be done with chemistry.
  5. The strangest science of all time is the chemistry between people.
  6. Cooking and chemistry are similar but please don’t lick the spoon.
  7. Hey girl, I was wondering if you were made of Copper and Tellurium because you are very CuTe!
  8. I was doing organic chemistry and my mom came and said to me stop making zig-zags and start studying! How should I explain her?
  9. Chemistry comes with exceptions!
  10. When two people meet, it’s like the meeting of two chemicals and if they react, both of them will transform.
  11. Chemistry is not only for chemists.
  12. Chemistry says the stronger the bond, the more energy to need to break it!
  13. I’m a chemistry student and I’ve learned to know things without seeing them.
  14. Your life is a chemical reaction and you need to balance it like one.
  15. I wanted to make a good joke on chemistry, but bro, the best one ArGon.
  16. If you want easy organic chemistry, why don’t you study biology?
  17. You know it is true when you feel both; the chemistry and connection!
  18. You cannot force where you want and where you don’t want chemistry.
  19. Chemistry is both good and bad; good when you feel it in the form of love and bad when you feel it with an explosion.
  20. Who says love is in the air? As a chemistry student, I’ve only studied that air is made up of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and other gases!!
  21. If your country is advanced in chemistry, no one can stop it from being advanced in money and prosperity.
  22. Stay positive like a proton!
  23. Those who don’t have enough imagination to be physicists, go for chemistry.
  24. Don’t trust atoms, they make everything up dude!
  25. I think you are made of Iodine and Uranium because babe I can see U and I together!
  26. You turn me red every time, are you acid to my litmus?
  27. Are you an alkali metal? Because you are highly attractive.
  28. Wanna hang out? I’ll bring my stirring rod and you bring your beaker.

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Instagram Bios for Economics students

Instagram Bios For Economics Students

Economics is one of the most important subjects as it deals with the functioning of lending borrowings between various international institutions and nations.

The economics students run the whole world’s economy and it is also one of the major subjects of commerce stream and if a student will take commerce, he will study economics too.

So, for these hard-working economics students who are going to be the future of our nation, here are some Instagram bios that they can use on their social media.

  1. Investment is a bird, if you will not control it, it will fly away.
  2. Never spend without earning it first.
  3. Income tax:- most difficult thing to understand in this world.
  4. Our wants will never stop, necessities will!
  5. If you are an economic student, you can say that the majority is always wrong!
  6. The purpose of economics is to learn to be avoided by the economist not just to answer the economics questions.
  7. Going to the moon is a matter of economics, not physics.
  8. Economy is very useful if you use it as a source of employment for economists.
  9. If your consumers cannot afford to consume, you cannot have an economy based on consumers.
  10. The stock market game gives real-life exposure to economics to a student, which a textbook can never do.
  11. Economics is for smart people, it’s ok if you don’t like it.
  12. People who say you should stop advertising if you want to save money, think that they can save time if they will stop their watch.
  13. Economists do it with models, as there is no shortage of curves they have.
  14.  You can never get something for nothing; that’s the basic law of economics.
  15. Economics is useful to both students and politicians as it can be used to prevent misconceptions.
  16. Not the love for economics, but the curiosity for the stock market has helped me to learn.
  17. It’s not money it’s people for which economy is!
  18. Economy comes with efficiency!
  19. We all get the same amount of ice; the only difference is that the poor receive it in winter and the rich do in summers.
  20. You won’t reach a conclusion even after laying all the economists end-to-end.
  21. Money is the machine for doing any task instantly.
  22. Inflation and Toothpaste:- once it’s out, you cannot get it back again.

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captions for Engineering Students

Instagram Bio For Engineering Students

Everywhere we go we see the achievements of the engineers; they have made our world a better place and nothing feels impossible nowadays.

They have made so many things for the people that even the most hectic task is completed in minutes now. And we should thank them for this and also today there are a huge fraction of students who are studying for becoming an engineer in the future.

So, for these engineering students, here are some of the most exciting Instagram bios that they can relate to their life and use on their social media.

  1. I know how to screw, I’m a royal mechanic!
  2. Engineers love problems, if there are not any, they will create their own.
  3. Manufacturing is not about putting parts together, it is creating new ideas, testing them, perfecting them, and then assembling them!
  4. Perfection is not when you can add nothing new, it’s when you cannot take out what’s in it.
  5. The human body- the masterpiece of engineering!
  6. Optimist:- the glass is half full, Pessimist:- the glass is half empty; Engineer:- it’s not twice big of what it should be!
  7. Don’t trust an engineer who doesn’t have all his fingers fine!
  8. Engineering is just about the science used to find practical solutions!
  9. In India, if you throw a stone on the road, either it will hit a dog or an engineer.
  10. Engineering students don’t need girlfriends to irritate them their assignments are enough.
  11. Scientists dream, engineers do!
  12. Engineering is the art of designing and constructing.
  13. Engineers:- good with figures but don’t have a personality of an Accountant
  14. Physics is nothing more than a mechanical engineer!
  15. Because of their struggles, engineers are good at adapting to even the worst situation.
  16. Don’t hesitate to learn from the beginning to construct something.
  17. Engineering:- the art of using nature’s energy for the development of mankind.
  18. We create strong foundations even for the weakest dreams.
  19. You think you are talented? Bro, I’m an engineering student and I give two exams on a single day, without even studying for one!
  20. There’s a difference between science and engineering; scientists learn about nature and engineers try to make something that doesn’t exist in nature.
  21. Truest words in the history of engineering:- the less the number of moving parts, the better the invention is!
  22. If I got two hours to cut a tree, I’ll spend one-and-a-half-hour sharpening my axe.
  23. If you want your country’s future to be bright, make all of the young people interested in engineering and science.
  24. Engineering students are good at everything except one thing and that is engineering itself.
  25. Nothing is impossible but just an engineering problem.
  26. The story of engineering is nothing but just a piece of inspiration from the story of civilization.
  27. I haven’t failed but I just found the way in which we should not do a thing!
  28. One’s magic is the other’s engineering!
  29. It’s ok if you are not perfect, not everybody is born to be an engineer!


So, these are some of the best Instagram bios for students of different fields like Commerce, Chemistry, Economics, and Engineering. If you are one of them and reading this article, don’t forget to share with your other friends and you can use our content freely to post on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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