How to Write Text Messages to the girl you like?

Did you have enough luck to get the number mobile from the girl that you like but now, what you can do? If you are a little shy and nervous to call her, maybe would be a good idea to write text messages to catch her attention. To write text messages to the girl you like, you only have to know how to flirt but not in a shameless way.

From Romantic Love Text Messages, we want to give you some advices that can help you to write a text message to the girl you like in an easy way.

Method  1 of 3: Start Strong


Try to write text messages to the girl you like that nobody could write before. You have to find a way to makes her smile or to increase her interest in you. Do whatever you have to do because she thinks “There is something really special about this boy. I want to continue speaking with him”. These are some ways to be original:

  • Make any ingenuity observation that shows her your unique vision of the world.
  • Makes her laugh. Show her that you can be astute, even in the text message.
  • Say something that she hasn’t listened before. If you have watched any amazing news, share with her your knowledge.


A question is a good option to start to write text messages and beginning a conversation because that way the girl will know that you are waiting for an answer. You don’t want that the girl thinks “What I have to answer to this?”, so would be better that you take a directly and specific aptitude about this. These are some excellent ways to make any question:

  • You can ask about her day or week. If you know that she had an important event, you can ask her about it.
  • Check to ask questions that would be easy to answer. Not ask about the meaning of life; ask about what she is going to do the next 10th of Jan.
  • When you write text messages, check to keep the end open. Instead of asking “What time did you arrive at home after the concert?” you can say “How was the concert last night?” that can give you the opportunity to tell you more things. If you ask something that can answer with one or two words, you could be cutting the conversation before to give the opportunity to begin it.

“Not write text messages every second
and wait that her answer to you.
Remember that she has other friends”


You must check to take care of your grammar and orthography before writing text messages to the girl you like. You don’t need to be F. Scott Fitzgerald of the text messages, but you have to show her that you are enough intelligent to build good grammatical statements.

  • Take your time to know how and when to use capital words. Not stimulate and start to use semicolon and dash for the whole message, but inspect any detail as an email before sending it.


If you are making a strong effort to write text messages to the girl you like, she will notice immediately. Remember that you have to be yourself and you shouldn’t say something that you are not only for surprised.

  • Do not forget to relax. Don’t send long text messages, one statement for a message would be excellent.
  • Not make a strong effort to be funny. If being funny is something natural for you, excellent, but if you write “hahaha” after your own statement to show her that you are saying something funny, is better to give a step back.
  • Remember that it is probably that she also be nervous. That will make that you feel better and not make a strong effort saying perfect things.

Method 2 of 3: Keep her Attention


Show the girl you like that you are able to keep a funny conversation by telephone and with that, she will think that you can also keep a conversation in person. The goal to write text messages to the girl you like is to give her a test about your character and makes that she wants to know more about you. If you fascinate her, she is going to want more about you.

These are some ways to get it:

  • Find a common hobby. Although you don’t need to speak about religion or politics in the text messages, you have to find any interest in common with her, in spite of a TV program or any musical band.
  • Tell her about your passion, for example, that you love football or cooking your own pasta. That will catch her attention.
  • Let her know that you have a busy and interesting life. Tell her when you are going out with your friends or when you go to play football with your team. She will be more interested in you if she knows that you have an interesting life.
  • Show her your ingenuity. If she says something funny, you should continue the conversation with an ingenuity answer and let her know that you can continue with the game.


She is going to continue speaking with you if you flirt with her and in this way, you will let her know that you really have an interest in her. Write flirty text messages to show her that you are interested in her, but no in an intensive way because you can get the opposite and she will want that you take distance from her.

These are some ways to keep a conversation and flirt:

  • Not feel fear to send sometimes any icon. Although you would control to not use too much, sending an icon at the right moment is an excellent way to flirt.
  • Annoy her. If you know enough, you could annoy her kindly and wait that she also annoys you. But you must check to choose the tune that you will write text messages and she has to know that both are playing.


If you write text messages in the right moment, you can make her think that you are thinking on her or that she is important for you. These are some ideas to show her:

  • Show her that you respect her opinion. Ask her about her opinion for every item, for example, any movie or a new restaurant.
  • Ask about her plans in her life or what she likes to do during the weekend.
  • Show her that you remember the conversation. If she says you that she will have a difficult exam, she will be surprised if you would send her a message saying “good luck” the afternoon before of the exam.


Check before to continue write text messages that your feelings are mutual and that you are not sending message to the girl you like that they are not welcome. You can show her your interest, but try to avoid look like desperate or annoyed. These are some ways to avoid are intense:

  • Avoid the excessive use of icons. Although the icons sometimes and in the right moment are a great way to flirt, but not use excessively.
  • Not send a message a second after you receive her signs. If she answer you a day after, you shouldn’t answer her five minutes after have received her answer. That could look like that you are desperate.

Method 3 of 3: A good close


If you want that the girl continues interest on you, you should end the conversation in the right moment or she will be boring with your stupid comments. Maybe she is really busy or maybe you don’t have nothing more to say, it is important when you have to stop to write text messages to her and do it other day.


You always have to leave the conversation open for continue speaking again. You could say that you would like to see her after or that you could continue writing with her later.


If you feel that you and the girl are comfortable spending the time sending text messages and you notice that she likes to speak with you, maybe it is the moment to ask her for a date. The worse can happen is that she answer NO and that not will be the end of the world.

If you feel confident with the relation you are building or you want to spend more time with her, invite her to go out together. These are some ways to do it:

  • You don’t have to be formal. You can write text messages saying that you are going to go to a bar, restaurant or a concert with some friends and ask her if she would like to come with you and maybe some friends from her.
  • If you have a long interesting conversation or with too many details, you can say her “I would like to continue speaking in person. What do you think if we go to dinner or drink something?”


  • Not write text messages every second and wait that her answer to you. Remember that she has other friends.
  • If the girl doesn’t answer you immediately, be patient. Not send a message with a question mark to know what she has done during this time.

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How to Write Text Messages to the girl you like
3 Ways to Write Text Messages to the Girl You Like

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