Proven Encouraging Statements For Husband to Boost Up His Positivity

Encouragement is something that everyone needs. We especially love it when our loved one shows us some encouragement. It’s not something that’s only required on gloomy days. You can encourage your loved ones any day, any time, and in any situation.

☺ Because everyone loves those words just like you.

Being a wife, you have more personal time to share with your husband. This is when you are going to be his healing mechanism. Even if you can’t solve his complete problems, you can just make him feel ‘HE IS NOT ALONE’.

Note: He can do things without these encouraging words. But, when you make some efforts to make him happy, he obviously loves it. Just like you!! So, know that you are a significant person in your husband’s life. This practice helps in nourishing your relationship. So without any further ado, let’s go to the main content.

Encouraging Statements For Husband in Different Situations

I have curated some encouraging statements for my husband in troubled times, hardships, and when he is down. For you to understand this article more.

But before knowing that, here is a small task you need to do. Take a notepad physically or virtually or in the imagination. Write the title ‘THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY HUSBAND’. Now list down all the things that you love about your husband. 

Recollect all those romantic and crazy memories with him. Just pause reading and recollect them. Are you smiling now? 


Okay, now with the happy vibe, read this blog post, and implement things!!

appreciate your husband

1. Appreciate him truly at least every day

Yeah, you read that right. Try to appreciate him every day. 

You don’t need to be so dramatic and say things. You’ll find something attractive in him at least once a day. Right? Say that to him.

It may be unusual, he helped you in throwing out the dustbins. This is just a small gesture, but he helped you right. You can appreciate that.

Because won’t you like it when your husband appreciates you?

Just like that, appreciate him generously but subtly. You can add some flirty stuff here but make sure you are not ending up with sarcasm. (LOL, sometimes sarcasm is also fun!!)

In this way, you are making him feel more special. Can you sense that in this way, you are encouraging him to do things more efficiently?

(Because appreciation from a special person is so powerful!!)

Some appreciative statements for him,

  1. Hey, the way you drive makes me feel comfortable.
  2. Your dressing sense is awesome.
  3. You know what, you are doing a lot for our family. I am proud of it.
  4. Sometimes I admire the passion you have for the things you do.
  5. You look more attractive when smiling.

2. Encouraging Words For Husband In Hard Times

Okay, we messed up. Shall we restart?

Try this statement when you both ended up with a heavy fight. Either of you should take the initiative to clean up the mess between you. You don’t need to think, ”Why should I?” (Because you both are a team)

Take the initiative and try convincing your husband. This encourages him more to involve in the relationship. In this way, you are making him feel more significant.

(Note: Make sure you aren’t pointing out either of your mistakes when you are trying this. Make it a common term like ”we” in this)

Encouraging Statements For Husband

3. I love us being together

Sometimes try saying ”I love you” in a more specific way. Sometimes this is also like appreciation. But make him know the things that you love about him.

Tell him what’s the thing you love the most in him. Mention something more specific like, ‘I love it when you are jovial with my parents’. Make him know you love more things in him. But, you should mean every word you say. So make sure of it.

This encourages him to contribute more to your relationship. So, making him feel more loved is very encouraging for him. You are making up his day with these small gestures. So try this out.

"All I want is to be with you. I love your flaws, laugh, smile, tears, mistakes, errors, nagging, and lies despite everything, I just want to be with you again" - Unknown
its OK to cuddle

4. It’s okay you have me to cuddle and find a solution

When your husband is feeling low or stressed out about something, you can try this statement. Sometimes, guys won’t be exactly saying what they need. But they might really need your presence over there. Try this statement when his energy level is shallow.

Hug him, make him feel loved, and take a breath for a moment.

In this way, you are making him feel that he is not alone and you, too, won’t leave him alone. This itself plays a key role in helping him come out of some stress.

Some statements to say on his stressful days,

  1. That’s okay, man, you didn’t fail. You just found a route that doesn’t work.
  2. Chill…. Let’s go out somewhere you might feel good.
  3. It’s completely okay to make mistakes. But please don’t stick with this grumpy face for a long time.
  4. Okay, come, let’s make your favorite food.
  5. Go out, and spend some time with your friends. You might get some distraction.
encourage in gloomy days

5. It’s okay to have gloomy days

Try these words when he is completely low with his confidence level and drained out. (Frame the words to your relationship terms)

When he is really tired of the things happening. He might feel things are going out of his control. Be there for your partner. Make him feel cherished. Speak about things that he is capable of. Hug him and speak out things. Sometimes you don’t even need to speak a word. Just your hug can express the words.


Encouraging Statements For Husband

6. Speak Good about Him

When someone asks you, ‘How are you?’. You can add a snippet on how you are happy with your husband. When he gets to know that you said this stuff, he feels that he’s doing good. Sometimes he might not express his emotions. But inside, he loves it more. 

This again encourages him to contribute more to the relationship and love you in many different ways.

Encouraging Statements that you can use with your friends when you speak about your Husband,

  1. I am a little extra happy in his presence.
  2. I am entirely me when I am with him and that’s what I love about him.
  3. More than a husband, I feel like he’s my buddy.
  4. We both have similar choices in somethings and that makes us create more happy memories.
  5. He knows me and fully understands me.
Encouraging Statements For Husband

7. Enjoy More

Both of you need to have more quality time with your friends and family. So, when he is going out with his friends, encourage him to do so. This encourages him to balance all the people in his life and that feeling itself becomes a boost for him.

(So, don’t be possessive. End of the day, you are his HOME)

Encouraging Statements for your husband to enjoy more things out of your relationship,

  1. Hey, why not head out somewhere with your friends?
  2. Let’s go out for a drive, you might feel better.
  3. I am happy to see that you are having a cool bunch of colleagues.
  4. It’s time you should start doing that hobby you were doing in your college days.
  5. I always want you to feel young. So, do things that bring you joy.
Encouraging Statements For Husband

8. Be Grateful

Make him feel how grateful you are feeling to have him. When he’s going that extra mile for your relationship, say to him that you are thankful for that. Thank him, though he says no need to mention it. Because he feels more satisfied when you acknowledge that he made you happy (You know that feeling right?)

Statements for Encouraging your Husband to subtly thank him,

  1. I think I got an extra hand with washing the dishes.
  2. When you pamper our kids, I feel like I am seeing my support system.
  3. You always make me feel warm.
  4. I am glad that you are allotting time, especially for me, in your hectic schedule.
  5. Thanks for tolerating all my cringes, lol.
encouraging words for husband

9. Non-Verbal Communication

On some crucial moments, just stay by his side and that’s the greatest encouragement anyone needs. Because sometimes actions speak louder than words in a relationship. Your actions say a lot about how you care about him and this makes him feel secured. 


  • You are significant in his life. 
  • You are his home.
  • Both of you are a team. 

Just like he for you!!

So, when you can be anything…. Why not try being Empathetic?

Because all the above-given statements are just the guidelines. It’s completely up to you, how you are going to implement things (you know him the most). 

Explore your husband the more. Get to know him the more. 

  • The more you know him, the more you know his emotional response. 
  • The more you know his emotional response, the more you can ensure his happiness.
  • And the more you make him optimistic, the more your relationship nourishes.
  • The more the nourishment is, the more the happiness is.

Final Words

Because small things contribute to big changes in a relationship. And it’s completely unto you to check out things!!

But to implement all these things, I want you to be happier!! Only then things are possible. (Because you both are interlinked)

Be happy, make him happy, grow old together!!

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