12 Unjustified Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partners

In relationships, remember how Rachel Greene in Friends once said, ‘once a cheater, always a cheater?’ Well, believe it or not, people who have suffered the ugly wrath of being cheated in a relationship might agree with this statement. Finding out that your other half is either involved with someone else, can leave one feeling extremely hurt and this becomes an endless rabbit hole. Check out these reasons why people cheat in relationships. 

For someone who has been cheated on, knows that amid this tailspin experience, finding the answer to ‘why did you do it is never honest. Only after constant teary talks, one gets to know the real reason and sometimes, not even that.

I believe that cheating is by choice and it is not something that just ‘happens. While you can’t make your partner un-cheat on you, you can see if you missed any of the signs they were showing before. Here are the top reasons that lead to infidelity. Save yourself!

Your Partner Could Be Feeling Aloof

1. Your Partner Could Be Feeling Aloof

Despite being together for years, there are times when people can feel alone, even while being in relationships. They can also feel emotionally as well as physically neglected, which has been said as one of the reasons for infidelity. It makes the person very vulnerable. The beginning of every relationship is hunky-dory but as it progresses, for some it can become exhausting. The lack of attention can lead to people taking unwanted actions.

If Their Needs Aren't Met

2. If Their Needs Aren’t Met

While in a relationship, all of us surmise that everything will work out for the best. But sometimes, due to unmet needs, it can lead to much bigger issues than expected. Unmet needs can be anything, sexual or emotional and if there’s a lack of balance here, cheating sometimes becomes inevitable.

Why People Cheat In Relationships

3. People With Low Self Esteem

While some people enjoy their own company, others constantly are dependent on others for affirmation and attention. If that doesn’t happen, people start seeking it outside of a relationship and this can also lead to constant cheating. This mainly happens due to low self-esteem and if the partner is constantly being put down by the other half.

falling out of love

4. Falling Out Of Love

This might be hurtful to even read, but the truth is cheating can sometimes be an escape for people from upcoming responsibilities, and doing something like this looks seems like an easy way out. The other thing is as the relationships become older, the level of dopamine comes down or in some cases, fades completely. This becomes a crucial point, wherein sometimes people either fall out of love or find someone else.

lack of commitment

5. Lack Of Commitment

For some people, even commitment can lead to cheating. How do you ask? The ‘logic’ behind it is that there’s a constant fear of feeling trapped. To feel free, at times, people choose to cheat. This is a way of dealing with commitment phobia.

Why People Cheat In Relationships

6. The Clinginess

People who tend to be insecure in their relationships find cheating easier than confiding. There’s a constant feeling of abandonment. Instead of having faith in the relationship, turns out that the relying factor on the partner is steered clear of and to combat the feeling of abandonment, cheating happens.

Why People Cheat In Relationships

7. It Can Also Be Curiosity

Sometimes people try to seek affirmations outside of their relationships and this curiosity factor can also lead to cheating. It’s a temptation and it feels fresh and makes one feel that they still have got their A-game on. This feels like a contest in their head. While the person might love S.O, sometimes exploring newness, can lead to adverse effects of infidelity.

they don't care much

8. Or They Simply Don’t Care Much

Sorry to rub that so hard in your face. I am not saying they actually don’t care, but since you might know your partner better, it will become a little easier for you to gauge. People who have serious personality disorders can cause pain to others, as they lack empathy and might fall into infidelity. If the person sees that there is an opportunity for power, he/she might want to take it ahead.

lack of communication

9. Lack Of Communication Skills

One of the most important factors that drive a relationship is communication. It is the main foundation of many long-term relationships. If that hasn’t been a part of the process, there are high chances of cheating. There can be several underlying issues while in a relationship, which if not addressed directly, can lead to several issues. To avoid infidelity in the first place, having healthy communication skills is a must.

Why People Cheat In Relationships

10. Seeking Constant Validation

When you have been in a relationship for quite a long, there are times when the person starts taking you for granted and when you put in little effort, they seem to be neglected or not appreciated. In such cases, while cheating is not at all justified, for someone to seek that validation and approval, doing something like this seems to be the easy way out. If not given in the relationship, the person starts looking for it in someone else.

not happy in life

11. Not Happy About Their Own Life

In life, a lot of things are missed out on, for example, having an adventurous trip or feeling freedom during younger days. For some people, having a fling is a way to feel alive again. With time, since relationships evolve, the carefree, fun things tone down gradually. It becomes more about paying the bills, meeting plans, family or future discussions, etc. For someone to feel that rush again, the route taken is cheating.

Why People Cheat In Relationships

12. They Are Unhappy In The Relationship

One of the biggest and top reasons for someone to cheat on their partner is being unhappy in their relationship. Dissatisfaction or the feeling that the spark is lost can make the person seek completion outside of their relationship. When in love, people like to be cared for, admired, respected, etc but when these things start deteriorating, no matter how wrong, it may lead to infidelity.


Regardless of the reasons, cheating is and will always be a wrong move. Doing something like that shows a selfish motive and it hurts not just one, but many other people as well. Betrayals are harsh and the end goal of infidelity can sometimes trigger people in a lot of different ways, one of which is also self-destruction or suicide. Cheating is actually a coward’s way of dealing with difficult circumstances but if you want to keep everyone happy and your relationship healthy, stay loyal!

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