Best Tips and Tricks to Overcome Jealousy in Relationships

jealousy in relationships

Hello fellow readers, today we will be going to discuss jealousy in a relationship that is a major concern all around the globe. Yes, it is a very common thing that you can experience in relationships and so we will also present some best tips and tricks to overcome jealousy in relationships.

Moreover, there are certain levels of jealousy starting from mild annoyance to maybe a fire burning your mind waiting to explode.

Although we mentioned it as a common thing it can ruin your relationship too. Thus you have to take care of it from the initial phase and try to overcome it as soon as possible. This jealousy can range from minor things like getting annoyed when your partner is looking towards another man or woman to some things that are not real.

Whatever it is, jealousy in relationships always has a negative effect, thus if you are feeling the same, it’s high time to overcome it. And I know you want to do that and that is the reason you are searching for these kinds of stuff in your browser. Don’t worry; we will try to help you to overcome jealousy through this article.

Stay tuned and explore!

what is jealousy

What is Jealousy in simple words?

You may think that it is quite a common word and we all have felt it, then why are we discussing it here. Though most of you have experienced it, still there is confusion between envy and jealousy. But, they are different things like envy means the feeling to have something that is not yours like good looks.

On the other side, jealousy is something that gives you the feeling of losing what you have. If you want an example then let me give you a simple one. While walking on the road with your partner, he/she smiles at his or her co-worker of the opposite gender, you are feeling jealous and thinking that they are having an affair.

So jealousy makes you feel something that is not real. Thus jealousy is not at all productive rather destructive. It can not only ruin your relationship but can also hamper your health. People suffering from uncontrolled jealousy behavior can be symptoms of insecurity, fear, or low self-esteem.

overcome jealousy in relationship

How to deal with Jealousy in Relationship?

Hence, it is of immense importance that one must try to overcome jealousy and for that, we will highlight some tips below.

Tips to overcome jealousy in relationships.

1. To support Each Other’s Feelings

In a relationship, it can happen that both the partners are feeling jealous of each other for certain reasons or it can be one-sided too. Whatever may be the case, you must talk and discuss your feelings with your partner. When you are committed then you can’t always seek freedom you have to compromise a bit for understanding the other person’s mind too.

Thus It is better for both the persons in a relationship to maintain the things that others want like for example, sending a message after reaching home from the office or college.

dont compare yourself with others

2. Do not Compare Yourself with Others

In some cases, jealousy comes due to low self-esteem as mentioned earlier. Low self-esteem implies that you always feel down as compared to others. She is such a beautiful girl and I am not that good-looking but her male best friend is very handsome. That is why she is more attracted to him. Don’t ever do this for god sake!

Because this is what leads a new way to jealousy that can dig into deeper issues in the future. So stop judging yourself in the respect of others, no one knows what the valuable qualities he or she possess are.

3. Don’t try to Play Reverse Games

Now you may get confused here right? Most of the people in relationships tend to do the same thing as an act of revenge on their partners. Like, if they are feeling jealous then they want their partners to feel jealous of them by flirting with other men, women in front of their partners. This is not a good idea at all rather more destructive.

Try to remain in your kingdom always. If your partner has done that then it is his or her taste of character, not yours. So maintaining your character is important not only in relationships but in every phase of your lives.

4. Try to Keep Your Imagination to the Real World and not to Make Up Things

This is an important point like, if your spouse calls you and inform that he/she will be late at night due to office work, try to keep your imagination focussed on that and not making things like he is having an extra-marital affair and will go on a date with her.

If you make up such things in mind, then you will never get satisfaction and after they return home you start bringing up these things to them that can even lead to divorce or break-ups. So in the end, you are losing everything and hence there is no meaning to such thoughts.

Let me clear one thing here, I am not telling you to blindly believe someone in a relationship. It is not fine to do that in this materialistic world, but if you are feeling jealous and that is hampering your body, mind and relationship try to give it a second thought by incorporating these things.

stop verifying your partners assets

5. Stop Verifying Your Partner’s Assets

It is a common thing nowadays to check a partner’s laptops, mobiles for chats with the person you doubt that they might have an affair. Stop all these things now because that will increase your jealousy only. Because it can very well happen that you have interpreted the wrong meaning of the message sent by the other person to your partner.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to provide you some basic tips and tricks to overcome jealousy in relationships though there are many more to these five mentioned points. But these are the main ones that can help you to get rid of the jealousy blanket and maintain a healthy and normal relationship or personal life too.

Hope this has helped you a lot, please come again to learn more tips so that your relationship wheels go on smoothly without bumps. Till then, stay happy and keep smiling!

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