Love, Sex and Marriage Life of a Cancer Man

When you start dating a man, there are many questions in your mind. What is his personality like? You wonder about his preferences, likes, and dislikes. Knowing the zodiac sign of your man can help in answering these questions.

If you are in love with a man born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, his protective and sensible personality can be hard to deny. If you find yourself wondering about the love, marriage, and sex life of a Cancer man, this is where your search ends.

Born under the moon, this water sign is known to have a slightly shy disposition. His introverted personality may make you all the more curious about him. Let’s learn about his preferences in a relationship.

cancer man love life

Love Life of Cancer Man

Let’s look into the love life of a Cancer Man.

1. Shy Beginnings

A Cancer man is shy and timid. Living inside his shell brings him comfort and pleasure. Hence when he first develops an interest in you, he will hesitate before making the first move.

He is someone who will overthink and question all possibilities. You might have to make the first move with a Cancer man. But rest assured, once you do, a Cancer man will grab you up all for himself.

2. He is Sensitive

A Cancer man is protective and wants to provide maximum support to his partner. But beyond his tough exterior lies a child-like soft boy who desires love.

A Cancer man enjoys spending time with his partner instead of going out and partying. He can be your cuddle buddy and provide you with all the romance you desire.

3. He is a total Homebody

A Cancer man is the most himself in a homely setting where he feels relaxed. When you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, you are more likely to find yourself spending your evenings in his arms watching a romantic movie at home with some delicious food than going out to the most happening locations. 

4. He is a Hopeless Romantic

While your initial stages with a Cancer man may be slow, once a Cancer man trusts you, he will flower you with all his love and attention.

A Cancer man tends to be a traditional lover and he likes to show his love for his partner all the time. He is supportive and loving.

Public display of affections is common when you are with a Cancer man. He often shows his affection through little gestures of affection like pecks and hand-holding.

When your Cancer man has finally realized and accepted you as his life partner, your relationship can move to the next stage. This will incite questions about your Cancer man’s preferences in the bedroom, let’s see.

sex life of cancer

Sex Life of a Cancer Man

Here we will look into the sexual aspects of the love life of a Cancer man.

1. Likes to Flirt

A Cancer man loves to flirt. He may seem timid, but flirting allows him to confirm his feelings before he can move on to the real thing with you. Playful and subtle flirting is the way to go with a Cancer man.

2. Take the Lead

The chances of a Cancer man taking the lead in a romantic relationship are rare. Don’t be intimidated. Just make the first move, and your Cancer man will happily comply. A Cancer man doesn’t mind an assertive partner in the bed. He likes feeling loved, and this works to satisfy their desire to feel wanted.

3. He Responds to Touch

A Cancer man is very tactile. He likes to cuddle with his partner. He shows his love through his affectionate touches. Whether it is little pecks or holding hands in public and inside, he loves these interactions. If you are equally tactile, he will feel more special. 

4. Talk to Him

When in bed, a Cancer man likes to talk and express his thoughts. Listen to him and reply in an equally passionate manner.

As a sign that craves emotional connection, a Cancer man generally desires a relationship that provides a comfortable space to talk about each other’s experiences. This is true even in the bedroom.

If you are in a relationship with a Cancer man, chances are that you are thinking about the future. As he is looking for a partner to settle down with. 

his marriage life

Marriage Life of Cancer Man

Let’s learn more about a Cancer man and marriage.

1. Cancer Man and Family

A Cancer man is a family-oriented guy. He always has close affection for his family and loved ones. When you marry a Cancer man, you are also marrying his family. He expects you to have a close relationship with them like he does. 

2. He is Protective

A Cancer man is someone who feels strongly about his family. He stands in front of his family like a shield against any harm. A Cancer man will fight anything that threatens to hurt his loved ones. He makes a protective and reliable husband.

3. He is a Great Father

Babies are a Cancer man’s soft spot. His love for his family is the greatest. He is the dad who likes to be present for all the important moments in his child’s life. He is hands-on while parenting and will try to spend as much time with his child. 

4. Believes in Stability

As a shy and timid person, a Cancer man is slow and deliberate while deciding on a date or marries someone. When he does, he seeks stability and security. You can count on a Cancer man to provide you a safe and comfortable future as he too aims for a life that is relaxed and promising.

5. He is Committed

A relationship with a Cancer man is for a lifetime. When a Cancer man settles down, he is looking for a relationship that will last through the various hardships of life.

He wants a partner that can promise to stay by his side for the long run. In return, he too promises to cherish you for the rest of his life.

A Cancer man is masculine and will defend his family from any evil, but he can also provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere for his partner and children. This makes him a top-class husband in our books. 

cancer soulmate

Cancer Man Soulmate


A Virgo has a similar sensitivity to the Cancer man. A Virgo and Cancer pair share a deep emotional connection and can provide each other with their desires. They have exceptional communication and trust and this enables them to create a strong bond. 


With a Taurus partner, a Cancer man might take time to build a relationship. But when these two spend enough time together, their chemistry is undeniable. Bouncing off of each other’s energy, a Cancer and Taurus pair helps each other in achieving their respective goals. They hold each other up and have the greatest sexual chemistry.


Another sign looking for deep emotional connections like the Cancer man. Together, the Scorpio and Cancer pair is bound to become a close bond. Their shared similarities and desires make them even more compatible. 


A Cancer man has both masculine charms and feminine love and cares to offer in a relationship. He is someone who can provide a safe and stable future for you. If you are looking for a partner who will love and cherish you forever, a Cancer man is just right for you.

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love, sex and marriage life of cancer man

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