Ideas for Celebration of Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

As the spring approaches the atmosphere all around us signifies a loving surrounding. The celebration of Valentine’s Day started in western countries long ago. Latter this beautiful festival of love spread all around the world. It is not only meant for couples. I find Valentine’s Day a very auspicious event of the year for the celebration of love to every individual like friends, siblings, partners, or colleagues in the workplace.

In today’s fast life it becomes difficult for us to celebrate this day, as most of us spent the day in our workplace. So can we celebrate this day in the workplace? Yes, we can and here I have some unique ideas for the celebration of valentine’s day in the office or workplace.

But can you think of how fun it will be? So, let me elaborate on the matter. Let me give you some of the ideas which can make the workplace different and vibrant from any other regular day.

What should I bring to work on Valentine’s Day

What should I bring to Work on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day does not only mean to celebrate with your partner. We can even do the same with our coworkers. We can see that doing this kind of activity in the workplace will go to strengthen the bond with our colleagues.

It also creates a good work environment in the office. Let me give suggestions about what you can bring to the workplace. Flowers, gifts, and chocolates are the best of all the available flowers in the market. It will be great if you take red and yellow roses and arrange them in a nice manner with ribbons into a bouquet.

Nowadays, people have an affinity for handmade chocolates. So, if you bring some of those yummy chocolates too with you along with the flowers it will be awesome. There is another idea for the people who are junior to you. You can make some goodie bags for them. The bags can consist of brownies, small teddies, heart soft toys, flowers, etc.

These small gifts will motivate them to work hard. For the seniors, the gifts will depend upon their temperament. It will be wise to bring hand-made cards which are good choices along with flowers, and chocolates.

Employee engagement on Valentine’s Day

Employee Engagement Activity Ideas on Valentine’s Day

Spreading of love and kindness:

We all know that Valentine’s day comes after a weeklong celebration of different days. Some of them are promise day, propose day, chocolate day, and so on. Kindness is the other way of showing love. So, you should spread kindness all around.

You can make a team along with your colleagues, and take some responsibility for society. Let me be more specific about the idea, you can become a team and contribute some amount and start some charity. If one team supports the poor children by giving them dresses.

The other team should visit any old age home and spend a day with them. Employees can also come forward to help the housekeeping staff & drivers. So that they can even spend a good day with their loved ones.

Pot luck party:

The office is all about bringing that same lunch and eating that same food with no taste differences. So, it would be a good idea if you go to a potluck party on valentine’s day. Employees will be going to bring different delicacies with them and party together. In this event there will be no boss, no juniors, it will be a sharing and caring festivity.

Distress and bring positivity:

Life in an office is not that easy, be it for a senior executive or a junior trainee. People are always running after meeting the targets and deadlines. Stress becomes our other part of life. Sometimes the environment becomes very much suffocating to work and give the best. There should be some distressing activity that will bring positivity to your life.

So, you can bring a motivational speaker or a life coach. Their words will help you to refresh your minds and increase positivity in the festival of love.

Dress in Casuals:

Most of the office always prefers their workers to formal dress, but there can be a change on this special day. You can dress in your way. The office premises should not give that corporate look. And employees can wear colorful dresses. You can wear red or any other color according to your personal choice.

Decoration of the office:

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, you can decorate your office. You can use handicraft items, white, pink, and red balloons to decorate the office. You can also add hearts, soft toys, and chocolates to every cabinet. Coffee mugs with the Valentine’s Day theme, filled with hot chocolate can also be an add-on.

Appreciation for the other’s work:

Who does not like to get appreciated? In-office the employee who gives their best always gets the appreciation and I don’t find any wrong about it. But if you look wider there are many employees, who are hardworking but fail to get the limelight. Thus, in this event, you can take some of them and give them a token of appreciation. This will motivate them and will bring out the best from them someday.

Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas for the workplace

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas for the Workplace:

Bulletin boards are very boring consisting of graphs, targets, deadlines. All these things sometimes can increase your stress and agony. But in this special event, there is no place for mental pressure and distress.

So, to feel the light atmosphere on the office floor, you need to focus on the bulletin board also. You should replace all those quarterly targets, graphs with beautiful colors. Decorate the bulletins with red and white balloons designed with some pink ribbons.

You can incorporate hearts and cute teddy bears to increase beauty. Quotes of some romantic poems and songs with some colorful pins can be a good option. You can also make a separate bulletin board with a photo of St Valentine. If people want, they can also paste the photos of their family, spouse, a friend on the bulletin board.

Employees, who have the talent of making crafts items with paper can also add some colors to it. They can choose a valentine’s theme to make craft items with colorful papers, sparkles, etc. This will change the choking environment of the workplace and enhance the feeling of love in everyone’s mind.

Valentine’s Day office game ideas

Valentine’s Day Game Ideas for Office:

On this special day along with so many activities taking place in the office. You should also include games to add more fun to the day. We all know that in every grown-up individual there is a child who hides deep inside. These games will be the best of all to bring that child out and enjoy the day. Let me intricate some of the game ideas for the celebration of valentine’s day in the workplace.

Passing the parcel:

Once we hear the name of this particular game named, passing the parcel, we all go back to our school days. Even if it’s a very old school game but still this game will give immense joy to the people. This game is very easy to play, everyone in the office of different age groups can join.

Every player will sit making a circle and facing each other. Since it is the valentine’s day festival, we can take a beautiful heart-shaped cushion. Anyone other than the players will play music, this time you should play only romantic tracks. Each player will pass the heart to the other.

And when the music stops, anyone who is holding the cushion will be out of the game. Finally, judges will decide the winner. As a token, we can present the heart-shaped cushion to that person.

Open your mind:

This will be a very daring game. But I promise this game will going to add more fun. People feeling affectionate for their special one can express the feeling. An office is a place where we all spend most of our day.

It is very common in the current day that we develop feelings for that special colleague. But due to our hectic life or lack of self-confidence we fail to express it. So, there will be some arrangements for flowers, chocolates, etc.

Now it’s your turn to express the feeling to your special one. Whoever can propose in a most unique way will get a couple of dinner coupons as gifts.

Heartbreaking game:

This is also a very simple and funny game. There will be balloons placed all around the floor of the office. Players have to puncture those with an arrow. You will give 30 seconds to all, and whoever can puncture the most of it will be the winner.

Spin the bottle:

This one is again a very age-old game but always played with excitement. We will take an empty bottle and we will spin it, when the bottle will stop, one has to opt between truth or dare. You have to speak up the answer in a truthful manner asked by the others.

If you take the truth, you can make people do funny things, like giving a prank call to the boss when they take the dare. It is also a kind of game where you can get to know another person very well, as they open up.

Coffee making game:

In the office, it is the office boy who always serves us hot coffee any time of the day in our need. So why can’t we make coffee at least one day for them and in a gaming way? It will be our task to mix a good proportion of coffee, sugar, and milk as fast as we can and then serve them hot.

This activity will create a good bond for one another. And of course, the winner will have the reward of a coupon from the reputed coffee shop in the town.

Valentine's Day contest idea at the workplace

Valentine’s Day Contest Ideas at the Workplace:

Here are some exciting and fun contest ideas for the celebration of Valentine’s day at the workplace.

Romantic write up:

Creative writing is one kind of activity, that we had done during our childhood days. All our good feelings and imaginations come out through the pen in wonderful words. Due to our work pressure and daily life schedule, we all hardly have time to imagine good and feel good.

So, if we take up a contest of romantic write-up, be it a short story, poems, or essay then it will be an excellent idea. People who love to write but don’t get time to write can take part. And you can choose the three best write-up and publish them in the annual magazine of the company.

Music competition:

Celebration of love is incomplete without music. Music is the most beautiful way to express love. Thus, we will have a music competition for everyone in the office. Everyone should encourage each other to sing songs related to the romantic theme. These employees will get the opportunity to showcase their talent. And the winner will get exciting gifts.

Couple dance contest:

We can also arrange a prom night in the office. Well-dressed girls and boys will come as couples to dance in the romantic number. This will help couples and would-be couples to spend some special moments. And they can even build up their chemistry well.

Fancy dress contest for ladies:

You know what ladies need excuses to decked up well. But they hardly get time to dress up well and apply makeup. So, it will excite them if you can arrange a fancy dress contest. You will give them the dress code and color. You can choose the color of love, red, pink, and white. All girls have to wear according to the dress code and color. The most well-dressed lady will own the title of miss valentine of the year. She will win some gifts and a crown.

Cooking contest:

We can also organize a breakfast-making contest. Many people in the office can cook delicious food. But they cannot afford to do so due to the long working hours or workload. In this contest, the contestant will bring ingredients to cook a mouthwatering breakfast.

For this particular contest, you can use the canteen well. Every participant will get 15 min time to prepare the food. And after tasting it by the most foodie employee of the company, he/she can declare the winner.

Cubicle decoration contest:

In-office people generally create a mess of our cubicles. They consist of a writing pad on one side to the other files. Same table, same computer, and the same work, sometimes suffocate our life.

Thus, it will be best if we do a contest of cubicle decoration. All the employees will try to make their cubicles look colorful and vibrant. They can add small plants, photo frames with motivational speeches there. The best decoration gets the award, i.e., some soft toys and chocolates.

What to mail to employees

Valentine’s Day Mail to Employees:

On this occasion of love, I would love to give my best wishes to my extended family, my employees. Love is an extraordinary feeling and we should celebrate it all around us to bring positive vibes.

On this wonderful day, spend a good time with your family and friends. May this joy and happiness fill your life and give you the strength to walk on the journey of life.

You can send emails having words like these to your employees. These will not only show them the warmth but also they will feel important. It is a duty of an organization to make its employees feel wanted.

In this way, they will dedicate themselves to the work. The productivity of them will increase and the result will come out as a positive one.


In this present century, we are always under the pressure of competition. be it in the workplace or any educational institute. We all are targeting to reach the best position by defeating the other.

This intern builds up the feeling of jealousy and hatred, we always try to pull down the other to make us high. But if we give a deep thought, all these activities are important. They will loosen our bond with the other person and filled our minds with negativity.

Valentine’s day is the appropriate day to give a new start. By removing all the negativities and bringing positivity around us through love. In-office we always face neck-to-neck competition. Sometimes it hurts to find a best friend doing enmity for the sake of competition.

Thus, this time we can make some differences in the workplace by doing some fun activities. This will enhance the bond between the employee, they can able to connect with them. Good communication and bonding in the workplace are important. They always give a positive effect on productivity.

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