7 Little Known Psychological Facts About Love

Love is one of the most complicated feelings in this world. There are a lot of facts about love that help us to understand it more clearly. In this article, we will list down some psychological facts about love that you would have rarely heard, after which you will have a better idea about it.

So let us start our List of 7 Psychological facts about Love without wasting further time.

1.The Perfect Smell Makes the Perfect Partner

Yes, that is true. Looks are not the only way a person is attracted to someone. People tend to be more attracted to how the other person smells than how they look.

Men subconsciously get much more attracted to the scent of an ovulating woman. Similarly, if a woman senses that a man’s MHC molecules vary from theirs, they will most likely be attracted to them.

That is why the person you find so attractive doesn’t seem to attract others.

2. Love Kills the Appetite and your Sleep

The attraction phase is mostly the first phase of love that evolves before attachment or lust. In this phase, high levels of Dopamine and Norepinephrine get released from the body.

Excessive release of these hormones can most likely result in insomnia and a decreased appetite. Perhaps this is why most of the lyrics of love songs say that the sleep during this feeling is quite disturbed. Amazing fact, isn’t it?

3. Love is a mixture of multiple Feelings

As easy as it seems, love is not what we think it is. When you start caring or prioritizing someone else more than yourself, you start believing that you are in love, but unfortunately, this is only attachment.

When you generate a lustful desire for someone, you start getting signs of love. But having lust alone is not love.

Similarly, when someone you look at makes your heart skip a beat (not really), your gut feeling tells you that you have fallen in love. Again, this is only attraction and not love.

According to research, love is a mixture of all the three feelings mentioned above, namely attachment, lust, and attraction. Sounds interesting, right?

4. You love people who match the type of your hormones

Another astonishing fact about love is that you are most attracted to a person who matches your hormone type.

The chance of a dopamine person getting attracted to a Dopamine person is higher even if there is a more handsome and attractive Serotonin person around them. The same goes for Serotonin people.

 However, the Testosterone people are very analytical and are attracted to their opposites, the Oxytocin and Estrogen people, who are very imaginative with nurturing characteristics.

5. A Story of belly and bones

Women are attracted to men who do not have a belly, as having a belly indicates that the person has a large amount of abdominal fat. That, in turn, lowers the fertility and sex drive of males.

Similarly, men are usually attracted to women who have a similar bone structure compared to their mothers. This phenomenon is generally known as sexual imprinting.

You fall in love in just one-fifth of a second.

Yes, this is true. When a person sees someone, it just takes one-fifth of a second for them to fall madly in love.

6. A Picture will release the pain

While it has been observed that the presence of a loved one can help you reduce the pain and the suffering, even the picture of a loved one can release or minimize your pains. So the next time you visit a doctor, make sure you keep a picture of your loved one with you.

7. Love can make you feel high

A study shows that the people who take cocaine have quite similar brains compared to those who fall in love. People in love also exhibit many symptoms of substance addictions. Therefore, we can also say that love is a ‘natural addiction.’

The person’s prefrontal cortex of the brain also gets shut off, due to which people end up making some blunders and mistakes. That is why people in love often don’t think before taking an action that can result in a regrettable moment.

Now that you know some of the Psychological facts about love, keep them in mind. Perhaps these facts might help you one day?

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