21 Short Poems About Love, Pain, and Trust

A love sonnet will not for the most part belong and vivid. Now and again what you need to say can be short. Without a doubt, it very well may be how the poem is short that makes it remarkable. It’s short length may show that you put the time and effort in to capitalize on each word. Short Poems have a great significance in everybody’s lives especially love.

You considered every word choice and each word choice has a reason for it. A short work can be an authoritative exhibition of assessment when it is since time’s slipping away and effort that it merits. Here are some short poems about love that you can ship off your lover to cause him to feel more extraordinary.

Short Poems about Love

Short love poems can be the best way to express how you feel about a person. Here are some:


You are a ukulele past my mouthpiece,
You are a Yukon past my Micronesia,
You are an association past my meiosis,
You are a universe past my mitochondria,
You are a Eucharist past my Miles Davis,
You are a melodiousness past my cardiogram,
You are a unicorn past my Minotaur,
You are an aha past my maitai,
You are a Yuletide past my minesweeper,
You are a code word past my myna bird.


There is a sort of love called upkeep
Which stores the WD40 and realizes when to utilize it
Which checks the protection, and doesn’t neglect
The milkman; which makes sure to plant bulbs;
Which answers letters; which knows the way
The cash goes; which manages dental specialists
Furthermore, Road Fund Tax and meeting trains,
Furthermore, postcards to the desolate; which maintains
The all-time dilapidated elaborate
Constructions of living, which is Atlas.
What’s more, upkeep is the reasonable side of love,
Which understands what time and climate are doing
To my brickwork; protects my flawed wiring;
Snickers at my dry spoiled jokes; recollect
My requirement for sparkle and grouting; which keeps
My presume structure upstanding in air,
As Atlas did the sky.

“At the point when YOU COME” BY MAYA ANGELOU

At the point when you come to me, unbidden,
Alluring me
To quite a while in the past rooms,
Where recollections lie.
Offering me, concerning a youngster, a storage room,
Social occasions of days excessively few.
Doodads of taken kisses.
Knickknacks of acquired loves.
Trunks of mystery words,


When in ignominy with fortune and men’s interstice,
I in isolation beweep my outsider state,
Also, inconvenience hard of hearing paradise with my bootless cries,
Also, view me and revile my destiny,
Wishing me like to one more wealthy in trust,
Included like him, similar to him with companions had,
Craving this current man’s craft and that man’s extension
With what I most appreciate placated least;
However in these considerations myself nearly detesting,
Haply I think on you, and afterward my state,
(Like to the warbler at the crack of dawn emerging
From dour earth) sings psalms at paradise’s entryway;
For thy sweet love recalled such abundance brings
Then I hate to change my state with rulers.

From My Heart

1,000,000 stars up in the sky.
One sparkles more brilliant – I can’t deny.
An affection so significant, an adoration so self-evident,
an affection that comes from me to you.
The holy messengers sing when you are close.
Within your arms, I have nothing to scare.
You generally realize exactly what to say.
Essentially chatting with you makes me exuberantly pleased.
I love you, nectar, with my entire being.
Together perpetually and never to part.
Genuine affection
At the point when I say I love you, if it’s not too much trouble, trust it’s actual.
At the point when I say perpetually, I realize I’ll never leave you.
At the point when I bid farewell, guarantee me you will not cry,
Since the day I’ll say that will be the day I kick the bucket.

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Short Poems About Pain

In a mindful relationship, there are habitually harmed opinions. We have certain suppositions for our accessories, and when they don’t fulfill them we are likely going to feel a sensation of selling out. Really if we set our hurt to the side momentarily, we may comprehend that our love was not even aware of the suspicions that we had for them.

These suspicions are probably a remnant of dreams that we have in our spirits of how an ideal sweetheart continues. It is OK to have these suspicions. Regardless, if we expect that our accomplice ought to fulfill them for us, we should mention to them what we may need. Here are some short poems about Pain:-

No one Knows

No one knows it’s vacant,
The grin that I wear.
The genuine one is abandoned previously
Since I left you there…
No one knows I am crying.
They will not see my tears.
At the point when they think I am chuckling,
I wish you were here…
No one knows it’s agonizing.
They believe that I am solid.
They say it will not slaughter me,
Be that as it may, I keep thinking about whether they are incorrect…
No one knows I miss you.
They think I am good to go free,
In any case, I feel like I am bound with chains,
Caught in the secret…
No one knows I need you.
They figure I can do it all alone,
Yet, they don’t realize I am crying
At the point when I am in isolation…

Living Again

Running, running
far away.
Getting away from dreams
of yesterday.
Quicker, quicker
there I go.
Failing to remember things
you’ll never know.
Kicking the bucket, passing on
somewhere inside.
Discover a spot
for me to cover up.
Getting, getting
up with me.
Not any more running
from the real world.
Halting, halting
allow me to cry.
Discovering a way
to bid farewell.


I thought it was a fantasy; I figured it wasn’t genuine,
In any case, torment truly damages and it’s actually how I feel.
Recollections continue to return, thus do the entirety of the tears.
I hear your voice, and as fast as the grin came, it rapidly vanishes.
I don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on, on the grounds that you generally held my hand.
You said you could never give up; that is the thing that I don’t comprehend.
Such countless guarantees you made, and a greater amount of them broken.
Lost and befuddled, feels like I’m stifling.
A ton of things I didn’t say;
Presently I can’t discover my direction.

I feel like a rebound; you toss me yet not just that.
Each time you toss me, I generally appear to return.
Back to you, back to torment.
Nothing has transformed, you’re as yet unchanged.

I can’t begin once again in light of the fact that I don’t have a clue where to begin.
I surmise that is the thing that happens when somebody makes you extremely upset.
In the event that we should follow our fantasies, for what reason wouldn’t I be able to follow you?
Since now I am so lost, I wish you were lost without me as well.

You Will Regret
You will lament
That you made me cry,
That you didn’t see your adoration in my eye,
That you bombed my heart and didn’t attempt.
You will think twice about it, and soon you will know why…
You will lament and miss my grin
At the point when I will be away from you a hundred or 1,000 miles.
You think I am not your up-and-comer now and not your style

You will miss my spirit, my chuckling; it will not take you some time…
You will regret…believe me…I don’t need you to.
I love you, and second thoughts are something that I don’t want for you
You said that I was your perfect partner,
Clarifying our adoration was our incredible destiny.

You’re Better Off Without Me

I’ve thought of you
such countless letters
I will not send.
I’ve practiced calls
furthermore, worked out
chance gatherings
in my mind.

But, I’ll never
reveal to you any of it.
Since I know
(where it counts)
you’re in an ideal situation
without me,
furthermore, I need you
to be content,
whatever that implies.

The Worst Pain Known To Me

The worst  pain is known to me
Is to be stuck on an affection that never could be,
To cherish somebody who’ll never be free.
The most noticeably awful agony known to me.

My heart hurts inconceivably
Realizing he also wishes it very well maybe
He and I are perpetually merriment.
The most noticeably terrible agony known to me.

He has every single quality
That I want ceaselessly.
I attempt to fail to remember him industriously.
The most exceedingly terrible agony known to me.

Living every day with dullness.
Grinning with bogus energy,
Trusting that before long it’ll be history.
The most exceedingly terrible torment known to me.

Bombed Love 

He assembled a divider
Around his heart.
At that point, she went along,
Furthermore, the divider self-destructed.

He got out of the divider
Just to figure it out
It’s actually brimming with torment
Furthermore, as downright frigid.

So he said to himself,
This adoration thing isn’t for me.
That is something
I at long last see.”

Yet, before he assembles the divider once more,
He needs her to know
It was his adoration for her
That he neglected to show.


You made me extremely upset in two
Furthermore, it took me like a bet.
With all, you put me through,
I have such countless second thoughts.

To lose you was awesome,
despite the fact that I didn’t know.
It appeared to satisfy me
yet at the same time so unreliable.

We generally said until the end of time
we would take it as far as possible,
never surrender it,
be that as it may, this time my heart couldn’t retouch.

It cut so profoundly into me.
I get it harmed you as well,
be that as it may, when you did it, at that point you lied.
I needed to say, “We’re through.”

I gave you all I had.
I attempted to make it last,
yet, presently all we have
are recollections from an earlier time.

Short Poems About Trust

Trust is the certainty you have in someone that they will reliably remain devoted to you and love you. To trust someone suggests that you can rely upon them and are available to trusting in them since you have a suspicion that all is well and good with them. It is the design block for any relationship without which the foundation will reliably remain unreliable.

We have amazing short poems about trust. Our assurance of trust Poetry revolves around poems that are about trust and easy to comprehend. Despite the trust of Poems of notable specialists, there is a huge collection of other stand-out poems on our site.

I Have Learned-I

I have learned…
That trust is something incredible.
You have no clue about what it might bring.

It can sting your heart
also, destroy your spirit.
Or on the other hand, it can make you feel great inside
also, edify your spirit.

I Have Learned-II

I have learned…
That trust intends to desire,
Also, desire is an absolute necessity.
In some cases it tends to be a deception,
However, it is something you can’t deny.
Accordingly, I have reached this resolution.
Trust everybody except not Satan inside.

A Ring Of Humor-I

A ring of humor that I went to possess,
Alongside it, a cold demeanor.
Given with affection, acknowledged cheerfully,
Just to have it last, only for some time,

It was to be the one genuine ring,
Furthermore, it was a particularly excruciating sting.
A ring of humor that I come to have,
A ring to her, useless and less.

My deepest desires attached to a ring,
However, presently it is, a particularly useless thing,
At the point when you were picked, I was definitely not,
At the point when she said indeed, she had neglected,

That another heart was in her manner,
Love you, she said, still each day.

Trust In Me

trust in me
cause I know the torment
trust in me
cause I know the cool evenings
trust in me
cause I know the dejection
trust in me
cause I know my heart
trust in me
cause I know my spirit
trust in me
cause I understand what I give
trust in me
cause I know who I am
trust in me
cause I understand what I need
trust in me
cause I realize I can trust you!

A Ring Of Humor-II

A kiss for him and a kiss for you
A kiss from affection, I thought I knew
A ring of humor, quite round
A meriting destiny maybe was found
A ring of humor presently found with me
Presently an agonizing exercise for me to see…


I figured you could never leave me,
I figured you could never lie,
I wish I could simply kick the bucket.
How is it possible that you would play me along these lines?
For what reason would you not advise me all things considered?
You ought to have liberated me and just let me be!
How should you live with yourself?
How is it possible that you would see her face and reveal to her that you love her?
At the point when you realize you ought to have recently advised her.

Individuals Know

At the point when trust is broken
Words regularly go implicit.
Never again is a relationship
One of truth and connection.
Trust is constantly acquired
It is a guideline we as a whole learn.
A trusting standing will be one
Where just you by your activities will be fixed.
Continuously be that individual who is trusting
At that point, life will require no changing.
Individuals understand what you say and do
Are an impression of the genuine you.

Terrified To Trust

I’m terrified to trust now.
I had my trust broken oftentimes previously.
I have left a messed up young lady.
I actually am broken inside.

I basically can’t trust.
It isn’t you, it is me.
My trust can’t be broken once more.
So don’t request that I trust
Cos I can’t do it.
I’m too frightened to even consider trusting.

Trust Is..(Please Forgive Me)
Trust is me coming clean.
Trust is you trusting me.
Trust is me not being apprehensive.
Trust is not making me.

Where it counts inside, I trust genuine hard
Where it counts inside, I shout and yell
Where it counts inside, I can’t resist the urge to cry
Where it counts inside, I believe it is extremely unlikely out

For what once had has now been lost
For that I fault myself
For immature as this suspected may sound
For that a distant memory I painfully miss

Trust we had such a long time ago.
Trust which I obliterated.
Trust is the thing that we need once more
Trust to make us solid

Everything I can give is a straightforward word…sorry
Everything I can give is a basic thought…happiness
Everything I can give is a basic emotion…love
Everything I can give is a straightforward thing…my heart

Bottom line

This our compendium of short poems to express love, trust, anger, and pain. These poems are good to read and send to someone whom you wish to send. Hope so, you would love to read these poems. Keep exploring this space for more content on LoveRomanceRelationship TipsDatingLove Quotes & MessagesZodiac Signs Compatibility, and Couple Issues.

Short Poems About Love, Pain, and Trust
Short poems about Love, Pain and Trust

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