31 Sweet And Love Messages To Send Him After an Argument

Messages are a suitable means to say our words, they work perfectly whether it’s a compliment or an apology. There is a great chance that the receiver will misunderstand your words. We always tend to read the sentence or messages in our own tone depending upon the mood and environment. As a couple fights and arguments are inevitable but it is what we do afterward that matters. Send him some sweet apology messages to mend things after a fight or argument. 

So, you have to choose your words. To help you on the front, here is a rundown on 31 love or apology messages and paragraphs for him after an argument:

Cute Messages To Say To Him After a Fight

Boys always like the cuteness of girls and there is no problem in using your cuteness as your weapon.Try sending some of the cute messages to your boyfriend. You can also show your naughty side to him. So here are some cute things to say to your boyfriend after a fight:

Heartfelt Apology

“I am sorry I lost my temper last night. I must have heard you out before responding.”

The best way to make up would be to say sorry to your boyfriend after an argument in no uncertain terms. Particularly if you feel that your behavior is far from acceptable.

Tell him you appreciate him

“Let us try to listen more and argue less because I can’t even stand the thought of losing you.”

 This 1 message to your boyfriend after an argument is likely to melt his heart, no matter how mad he is.

Make Him Know That You Care

“I have a tendency to argue because I care about you and your relationship too much and need only the best for us.  I hope you realize where I am coming from and I will attempt to see things from your perspective.” 

Relationships are all about searching for a middle ground when you can not see eye to eye.  If you are wondering how to sum it up in a paragraph to my boyfriend after an argument, this is your solution.  You are offering him an explanation for your actions and at the same time letting him know that you are open to compromise and alterations.

It is not a bad thing

“Fights aren’t a bad thing so long as we find a way to bury the hatchet and move.  I am sure we will because I love you, baby.”

An argument in relationships can be healthy, as they state a willingness in both spouses to argue for a better future together.  Why don’t you remind him of that when you text your boyfriend after an argument.

No fight larger than love

A reminder of how much he means to you

“Boo, you know you mean the world to me and no fight is larger than our love for one another.  bad about the way I left things now.”

A word of reassurance, a reminder of how much he means to you, and a guarantee of a better tomorrow. It is one of the greatest love messages for him following a squabble.

Set the Ideal rules

“I will wait for you to call me when you have cooled down so we could sort out this thing.  Let us never go to sleep angry with one another.”

Wondering what to text your boyfriend after an argument?  Why not use this opportunity to put some good ground rules about how to take care of fights and disagreements?  Or remind your SO of those.

I am dying to see You

“I feel awful about our argument now and I am dying to see you again so that we can kiss and make up”

What might be a better way to end an argument without apologizing than the guarantee of kissing and making up!

Won’t Repeat It Again

“I recognize I should not have behaved the way I did.  I promise you it will never happen again.”

This is one of the texts to send to your boyfriend after a heated argument to tell him that you find the error of your ways.

Let’s Smile and Forget Everything

“Nothing hurts me more than those ridiculous fights driving us apart.  Let us strive to make more joyful moments from here on.”

Win your boyfriend’s heart with this text message which shows how much you’re worth your relationship and would like to make it more powerful.  He’ll be on board with this idea.

Lose a fight rather than you

No fight larger than the relationship

“I understand fights and disagreements are a part of a relationship.  Yet, I want you to know that I’d much rather lose a debate than lose you.” 

This is one of those love messages that’ll make him see with complete clarity how much this relationship means to you.  So long as you’re prepared to keep your ego aside for the sake of your togetherness, no argument can weaken your bond.

Let’s remember our old memories

“I understand you are upset with me right now but I promise someday we’ll look back and laugh at the silliness of those fights. 

Once you text your boyfriend after an argument, he’ll know you find a future with him.  By shifting his attention to the big picture, you can make any debate seem insignificant.

Feeling incomplete

“We left things on a sour note now and I was angry as hell when I left.  Besides, every moment spent away from you feels so incomplete.  I wish to put things right.”

But, wondering what to text your boyfriend after an argument?  Take note!  By telling him that you’re feeling unhappy without him, you can lead the way to bury the hatchet.

You are still the one

“I am still furious from our argument today but that does not alter the fact that you will be the last thing on my head. Once I go to bed and my first thought when I wake up”

Wish to finish an argument?  This is one of those texts to send to your boyfriend.  It communicates your displeasure at the current events besides your love for your spouse in the same breath.

Let’s not make our fight too big

“Regardless of how much we fight, you are still my favorite person and will always be.”

Text your boyfriend after an argument to let him know your love for him. It will transcend all conflicts, disagreements, and differences.  And nothing will change that.

Except for not doing enough

“I am sorry for all the things I didn’t do, for all the words I did not say to stop things from spiraling out of control.”

It’s possible to say sorry to your boyfriend after an argument. It is not only for the things you did wrong. But also for all that you did not do to stop the situation from taking a turn for the worse.

I will be there for you

“Regardless of how much we hurt or fight each other, I must always be there by your side through this journey called life.”

You may tell your boyfriend that no debate is large enough to drive a wedge between both by saying that you will be by his side, come what may.

Show him little naughtiness

“The battle is over, and now I need some sexy makeup action. “

If your argument were not serious or you are not in the mood to get all sentimental. It is fine to take the naughty, playful route. The point is to tell him that you prepared to place the argument behind and proceed.

Hug and sort it out

“I am still hurting from our argument earlier today. Can we meet and hug it out today?”

What to text your boyfriend after an argument if you prepared to bury the hatchet? Guys appreciate that anyhow.

Take it back

“I wish I could take back all the nasty things I said to you now.  I know you are upset and hurting now. But I want to let you know that I am sorry and I love you.”

In the event that you crossed the line in the heat of the moment, do not be afraid to say sorry to your boyfriend after an argument.  This text message is perfect for this.

Make it up

“I know I hurt you now.  If you would let me, I’d love to take you out to dinner to make up for my behavior and give us an opportunity to talk things out.”

Once you text your boyfriend after an argument, extend an olive branch.  He’ll reciprocate by taking you up on your offer.

Take your time

“I know you’re angry after what happened today. Take all the time you will need to get over it.  I wanted you to know that I will be right here waiting for you.”

These reassuring words would be the ideal means to bridge the divide brought on by a nasty fight.  By allowing him the opportunity to process things at his pace, you are letting him understand that regardless of how much we fight, I am not going anywhere.  In any case, it will help him see that you realize the size of the hurt you might have caused him.

Sweet Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend After a Fight

With so many options to counter the perennial need to text your boyfriend after an argument dilemma, no debate will last more than it should.  So, keep them handy and use them. Try some sweet paragraphs and messages to send to your boyfriend after an argument. Here are some proven sweet things to say to your boyfriend after a fight.

1. Sweet Things To Text Your Boyfriend after a Fight

We ought to always be there for each other.  We’ve seen some of our worst and best moments.  I don’t guarantee you that we won’t fight again but I guarantee you that this battle has taken me deeper in the understanding of you. 

2. Texts to send to your boyfriend after a fight

I feel so lonely right now especially now that we quarreled.  Every time we argue I feel so lonely because I know my very best friend is hurt. 

3. Text Messages to send him after an argument

When we aren’t fighting then we’re there for each other and if we aren’t there for one other, we’re busy fighting each other.  I don’t want to lose you over some small argument.  Can we meet in the center?

4. Texts to send to your boyfriend after a fight

I might not have the appropriate words to respond to you if we’re having a war of words.  I wish to let you know I never meant any of the words I said to you baby and I was mad.  Let cool off and tackle problems later, okay!

5. How to say sorry to your boyfriend after a fight

I’d rather be wrong and build my life with you than be right and have you’re with somebody else.  I take the blame for all that occurred and I am sorry.

6. I want you back paragraph for him

Angry on not, we’re stuck together.  This was on a lighter note, honey.  But tell me, would you rather do life with any other besides me?  I don’t think so.  I love you always.

7. Messages to send Him after an argument

All the sweet memories we’ve built together over the years come to my mind whenever we have a misunderstanding.  I wish to keep recreating such with you. Can we move on now and not mar it with unpleasant experiences?

8. Forgive Messages to send Him after an argument

Bear in mind the last debate had got us closer than ever before.  We’ve grown to understand our failings and flaws.  I missed it this time, forgive me.

9.  Sorry Messages to send Him after a Fight

Whenever we argue, I feel terrible.  It tears us apart and hurts us.  We can have healthy talks without losing it.  I like it when you’re calm and listen to me, please do not stop. 

10.  Stay with Me Messages to Send Him after an argument

So many ideas and pictures cloud my thoughts now dear.  I wish to let you know I love you too much to allow you to remain mad at me and I appreciate you too much too to allow you to go.  We can make this honey.  Stay with me. 

Bottom Line:

These are some proven messages that you can send him after an argument. But sometimes it’s always a good idea to give him some space if a fight was intense. If the fight was not so big and if he is not replying then stop texting him. If he won’t hear from you for a long time, he will message you due to fear of losing you. But first, make all your efforts and show love to him.

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Messages/Paragraphs To Send Him After an Argument

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