13 Proven Morning Habits Of Romantic Couple To Start The Day With

It’s a new day, and the world is full of possibilities. It’s your chance for a fresh start. Whether you wake up alone or with someone by your side, there are things you can do to make this day better than yesterday. Here are the 13 effective morning habits for you to experience as a romantic couple.

Do you believe in “Love is in the air?” Are you an early riser? If you are, then you might know how fresh the air feels during the earliest hours of the day. So, the love in that fresh early morning air is also fresh, isn’t it? But if you are a late riser, then you might miss out on that fresh and lovely air. So, wake up early with your beloved and start the day romantically and healthily, and inhale the love in the air together.

I understand that morning can be a bit messy, but it’s worth the romantic routine that you start with your partner, right? Starting from opening your eyes in the arms of your partner to setting off for your works, seal every moment with a special touch of love. Here are some morning habits of romantic couple that you and your partner can start your day with and gather more positivity for the rest of the day-

1.  The alarm is still ringing.

If you want to start your morning romantically with your partner, then first you both should grow the habit of waking up early in the morning. This is because early morning has a lot to offer to the freshness, health, and positivity. Also, waking up early will give both of you more quality time to spend together before work.

So, if you both have the habit of putting the alarm on snooze mode or if it keeps on ringing, without affecting your sleep, then first learn to switch it off and wake up. And, if you and your partner already have the habit of waking up early without alarm clocks, nothing is better than that.

2.  It’s a little snuggle time.

So, when you open your eyes, you might not be surprised to see yourself in your partner’s arms, right? Maybe he or she is still sleeping but you are awake. So, why not give them a tight snuggle time and a forehead kiss to wake them up? Better than alarm clocks, I guess! Also, it is a healthy and intimate way to start the morning.

3.  It’s the “Step out of the bed” time.

Sit up and stretch out with a long yawn, to welcome the day. But don’t linger into that laziness for too long. Wish each other “Good morning” with a smile and start for the day. This small wish will bring in a lot of romantic vibes between you both.

Step out of the bed and start working together to clean and rearrange your bed. This is a good physical activity of your body to restore the usual pace after the long hours of rest and sleep. Also working together with your partner will radiate romantic vibes and sharing the work is also about caring. This will decrease individual workload.

Also, make sure to open the doors and windows of your home to let in the fresh air!

4.  Brush your bond while brushing your teeth.

And before starting with your other morning activities, spend some quality time near the basin. Brush your teeth with your partner and meanwhile don’t forget to brush the bond between you two. Have a sweet intimate time in front of the mirror brushing together, and make full use of the “couple morning routine”. 

5.  The kitchen is calling you both.

Probably the first thing you will prepare after entering the kitchen in the morning is the morning tea, which is very special. Sometimes you both can switch the roles, one can make the tea and the other person can prepare the cups and plates. Sometimes you both can do all of it together. Just don’t let monotony get into your routine. 

Also, you both can try out new recipes of different tea often and bring some change in both of your tastes. This will bring fun and adventure between you two. You both can learn some recipes or the other from each other. 

6.  At the table or on the balcony.

Tea is ready and served. Now choose the perfect place to share some gala time with your partner over a cup of hot morning tea and sometimes a newspaper as a topping! It can be your dining table or your balcony (I would personally prefer a balcony). Have some wholesome conversation, discuss the current affairs, and plan your holidays.

7.  Work it out!

I don’t know if anything else is not working out in your life, but now you both must get ready for a romantic workout together. It can be in the form of-

  • Free-hand exercises.
  • Jogging.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathing and stomach exercises.
  • Sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches.
  • Weight lifting.

You might not be able to carry out all these above exercises all at once each day, so make a list together, for a day. Do the ones left out on the other day. This will help both of you as a couple to break the monotony and spice up your “romantic morning habits”. It is not only about spending quality time with your partner. It is also about improving your health and doing it together will help you both monitor each other’s exercises.

8.  Freshen up together.

After working out, you both will be exhausted. Take some rest, and prepare to take a bath. Preferably a hot bath or a shower can enhance your freshness and intimacy. Take it together. If you people are busy these days with too much work and getting less time to spend together intimately, this is the perfect opportunity.

Even if it is not possible every day, you can make a routine out of the seven days in a week when you both will be available together for an intimate morning shower. This will get both of you closer and strengthen your intimate life and increase both of your happiness. The special shower moments will shower both of you with immense satisfaction.

9.  It’s the dress-up time!

If it is any weekday when you are supposed to get ready for your work or office by now, then probably this time is perfect for both of you to dress up together. This is another romantic and intimate opportunity for both of you to spend some quality and fun time together.

Sometimes, wearing some particular dresses can be stressful. Your partner can help you with that too! That’s another kind of intimacy.

10.  Kitchen is again calling you both.

So, after you both have dressed up, it is again time to get back to your kitchen. This time it is to prepare breakfast. Whatever may the breakfast menu be, always prepare it together to increase love and decrease individual effort in a lesser time. This will leave you both with some extra time for romance!

Some days you can prepare breakfast and your partner can prepare the table and utensils for it. While on other days, you can prepare the table and utensils and your partner is busy preparing the breakfast. While on some special days (you both can make it special too), you both can do the entire work together in a blended fashion.

11.  It’s breakfast time!

While you both are done preparing breakfast, it is time to have them together. Make the habit of serving the food together between you two. 

Some days you both can have breakfast on some wholesome discussions, some days it can be gossip from your workplace, some days it can be about the favorite movie or books, or some days it can be simply enjoying watching TV together. 

12.  Arranging time.

Until you both return home again, probably this is the last time that you will be spending together in the day. Before getting off for the office, you both will generally prepare for the things that you will carry with you.  Do it together, so that if either of you forgets something, the other one is there to help to remind it or find it out.

Also, you both can indulge in some prayers and wishes before starting your works.

13.  Seal it with a goodbye kiss, okay?

So, it’s time for the goodbye, until you both meet again, probably after the day-long work! Goodbyes are supposed to be good, goodbyes are supposed to keep you with hope, goodbyes can be the start of a new beginning. So, why not seal it with something better? Probably, it can be a kiss. It can be a goodbye lip-lock or a goodbye forehead kiss.

Bottom line:

You both might be bidding each other goodbye, but with the hope of returning to each other, you both being each other’s ultimate HOME. While, in holidays and weekends, some of these habits can be spent on their holiday too!

You both can spend some more time with each other in bed or can plan for a trip or other holiday plans. Some cheat days are allowed, I guess. So, why wait? Set up a routine as a couple and develop these romantic morning habits with your partner.

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Morning Habits Of Romantic Couple To Start The Day With

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