23 Inevitable Signs He Wants You Bad For Sure

Relationships can be complicated! When you are not clear about someone’s feelings, it can confuse you. It can be hard to tell if your colleague has fallen for you. Or a friend wants to be more than a friend. You can’t even ask him directly as things can go wrong. You might end up losing a friend or affecting the work equation. So, how to figure out any signs that tell he wants you bad?

Though he hasn’t told you directly, there are certain ways you can figure out his feelings. His behavior and body language will tell it all.  Let’s Explore all these sure signs.

Signs He Wants You Bad

14 Behavioral Signs He Wants You Bad

Let’s have a look at some strong signs he wants you bad:

  • He tells you when drunk

If he tells you directly on the face that he wants you, he means it. Though he is drunk, he might be serious about his feelings. You will be able to tell it from his eyes and body language.

You will be able to see and feel it in his eyes. And you just need to pay attention to it. He is not lying if he’s saying that he wants you badly.

  • He laughs at everything

Signs He Wants You Bad

Your lover laughs at everything you say even if you are not funny.

This is a sign that he is attracted to you. He finds everything about your amusing. When someone likes you, they find whatever you say funny or interesting.

If he laughs at your joke even when other doesn’t; he’s into you. This is a sign he wants you.

  • He pays the bills

This is the age of gender neutrality. Even girls like to pay bills or split bills on dates. But if he insists to pay the bill every time, he wants you.

Some find it old-fashioned, but it’s a way of showing love and chivalry. You may or may not submit to his gesture. But it’s definitely an indication.

  • He always texts you

Signs He Wants You Bad

He sends you texts in the morning and asks about how work is going. Your man asks about your plans and if you are free after college/ work. If he is taking the time to ask about you, he really likes you.

Guys looking for fling or sex don’t invest so much time. Asking your whereabouts shows his genuine interest in you. If he is texting all day long, he really wants you.

  • He never asked for sex

You are dating for a while but he never pressurized you to make love with him. He is taking it slow and wants it when you are ready. Even if he wants it, he is not pressurizing you.

This is a sign that he wants more than sex from you. He values and respects you and your feelings. If he can wait to have sex, he genuinely likes and respects you.

  • He introduced you to friends and family

introduces to friends and family

When guys are serious about a girl, they introduce her to friends and family. They make her meet their friends and invite her to group outings. He would take you to meet his parents and invite you to a family dinner. He is ready to answer the questions about you.

This means he really likes you. He wants his friends and family to know about you. This is an obvious sign that he sees you in his future.

  • He wants to meet your family

He asks about your family and their well-being. Your guy insists on meeting them. This is a sign that he really likes you.

He is serious about you and wants to know your family. He wishes to get introduced to them. A guy would never ask to meet your parents just like that.

  • He often asks for dates

If he wants you he would try his best to see you. It is simple for you to figure out his feelings. If he asks you out quite often, he really wishes to know you more.

Someone who doesn’t keep his promises can’t be serious about you. If he really wants you, he would move mountains to see you, not make excuses.

  • He is always on time

If he is always on time, he values you and your time. When a guy is not serious, he might keep you waiting. If he always has excuses for not being on time, he doesn’t care about you.

If he really likes you, he will not keep you waiting for long. He would strive to reach there on time. If he wants you bad, he might also reach before time. He would show you that he is interested in and values you. And that he can’t wait to meet you.

  • Deletes dating apps

It is normal for people these days to be on dating apps. Some like to explore new people, others like to socialize. If he has deleted the dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, he is serious.

He cares for you and values bonding with you. Dating and socializing are no more his priority. Deleting these apps is a strong indication that he wants you badly.

  • Asks about your dreams and goals

If a guy likes you, he would like everything about you. He would want to know your interests and passions. And he would ask about your dreams and goals in life.

He might also encourage and motivate you to achieve them. This shows he is serious about you. He respects you and your dreams in life.

  • He is honest to you

If the guy is honest to you, you really matter to him. He might pretend to be cool or anything to others but is true to you. And he shares his life and dreams. He talks about his past relationships and flings.

He discusses his weakness and issues with you. If he trusts you with these personal details, he feels close to you. He trusts you and is genuinely interested in you.

  • He listens to you

Signs He Wants You Bad

If a guy is serious about you, he listens to your advice. If you stop him from doing something, he values your suggestion. Whatever you say, he pays complete attention. This is proof that he genuinely likes you.

  • He admires you

He praises everything about you. And he likes your dressing sense, he compliments your beauty. He admires your nature and the way you talk.

If he is sweet with his compliments, he definitely likes you. He admires you in every way whatsoever. This is a clear sign that he has fallen for you badly.

9 Body Language Signs He Wants You Bad

If a guy secretly likes you, his body language will tell it all. He might have not told you directly. But his body language will change.

Many guys lack the courage to confess their love. Some are afraid of rejection and losing their friendship. Others might feel you are out of their league.

Then some men are shy by nature. Even if they don’t make a direct move, you can figure out their feelings. They will show it in subtle ways and give signals. One of the subtle ways is his body language.

Let’s have a look at body language signs that he likes you:

  • He stares at you

He stares at you

If he is hiding his love, he will do everything to take control of his emotions. But one thing he can’t control is his eyes.

If you think he is into you, pay attention to his eyes. If he likes you, you will catch him staring at you quite often. He is fascinated with you and can’t stop looking at you. And he will stare at you as he finds you attractive.

He might even look deep into your eyes. Even if you catch him, he might not move his eyes. This might be his way of subtly hinting about his feelings. He may be testing you if you look at him the same way.

  • He looks away

Quite contrary to gazing, this is also a sign that he likes you. Don’t assume that he’s not interested. It can be his way of hiding his feelings. Or he may be a shy guy who doesn’t have the confidence to look at you.

He might be afraid that you will see his feelings through his eyes. He might fear rejection or even worse, being ridiculed. If he acts like a shy teenager around you, he definitely likes you.

  • He smiles at you always

If he always smiles at you when your eyes meet or when you pass by, he likes you. His facial features change when he sees you. You can see his happy smile twinkle in his eyes.

This is not a usual smile, but a brightening one. He might not be able to confess his feelings. But his smile says that he noticed you.

  • Sits near you

Sits near you

If he looks for excuses to sit beside or near you, he likes you.

When you hang out with friends, he sits near you. During office meetings, he finds a place near you.

This shows that he likes you and wishes to be close to you.

He enjoys your proximity. And he desires to be near you all the time. He might be looking for your attention.

  • Lean towards you

When you talk to him or stand near him, he leans towards you. This is a sign of attraction. Even if he refuses to say, his body shows his feelings.

His face will always be pointed towards you. This way he will be able to concentrate on you without distraction. He will be able to look into your eyes or enjoy your beauty.

  • He touches you accidentally

You notice him rubbing his hands on your hands. He touches your shoulder or hand while talking. And he pats on your face when you say something cute or funny. He stands near you so that your bodies touch each other accidentally.

These are all signs that he wants you bad. His body language is expressing what his heart desires. This might also be a sign that he is attracted to you physically as well.

  • He checks you out

Signs He Wants You Bad

Have you caught him checking you out? If he stares at your body, he is attracted to you.

For men, physical attraction is equally important. You might see him staring at your butt, bust, legs, lips, etc.

This is a sign that he likes you and wants you badly. He might as well be fantasizing about you already.

However, that doesn’t mean he wants only sex from you. Physical attraction is a part of loving someone.

  • He fixes his hair around you

Men are obsessed with their hair. Most men fix their hair and check themselves in mirrors and glasses. If he does that quite often around you, he likes you.

He wishes to impress you and put his best foot forward. If he takes efforts to dress well, it’s again a sign of his liking for you. He wants to look good at his best for you. If you have noticed this sudden change in him, you are the reason!

  • He is nervous

If he gets nervous when you are around, it is a sign that he likes you. His hands might shake or his palms might sweat. He might fumble while speaking.

He likes you but is scared to tell you anything. His feelings make him nervous. He might also play with a glass or spoon. He might not even be aware that he is behaving awkwardly. All of these are a sign he likes you but is trying hard to hide it.

End Note

These are some of the common signs that he wants you bad. However, every guy is different. He might have other ways of showing that he likes you. You just need to give yourself some time and patiently observe.

His behavior will tell it all. If he shows these signs over a significant span of time, he really wants you. He is serious about and sees his future with you.

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