Lockdown Love Stories- How We fell In Love In Lockdown

In relationships, we often assume that the other person is just as invested as you are. It’s rare to find a person who is willing to put 100% of their energy into something when they’re not getting anything back in return. In this blog post, I share a few love stories and talk about how lockdown love can bring all the pieces together for a happy ending.

Love Story- 1

Hary and Dimple have been living in the same apartment building for almost a year now. They were locked inside during lockdown with each other and their feelings just grew stronger day by day. 

Hary was feeling more at ease than ever before to be himself around his crush, he knew it was too soon but something about her made him feel so confident that it wasn’t as scary as he thought. 

One night they talked until 2 am about their hopes, dreams, fears, favorite pizza toppings (pepperoni), what makes them happy, and everything else you could think of while they were trapped together in a strange situation with no one else to talk to. 

Throughout the conversation, Hary didn’t notice how close they had gotten until she leaned in for the water bottle by his side.

“I really like you,” Hary said, his voice barely a whisper. She leaned in closer to him, their faces about to touch each other.

It was a dream come true moment for harry when Dimple accepted his love.

Lockdown Love Story- 2

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a promotion for an upcoming holiday basket company. I tapped the photo and found out that it was looking to expand its social media presence. Immediately, I uploaded one of their promo photos onto my story and double-tapped it, like the post on Instagram in process.

A few minutes later as I’m clicking around on my account, someone commented on the post with “Hey! Thanks for reposting our pic! We love seeing our followers taking action as you did here. What made you decide to share this? We’re always curious about what inspires others.

Sometimes love at first sight can also happen on social media? When you post for a company you never expected anything to come of it, let alone for the owner of the company to message you.

I was amazed by the response from her and went on check her posts on Instagram. She is a real beauty who likes to help poor children. I saw a lit of community services photos sticking to her wall on Instagram.

I was curious to talk to her and I sent a message saying hello, how are you?

A few minutes back I got a reply, Hi I am doing alright, How are You?

I was taken aback by the response from the top lady. She was really quick and we chatted for few minutes, I appreciated her work on Poor children. She explained how she works despite having a busy schedule.

We talked over Instagram for the next few days when we get the time and after a month we were eager to meet each other.

It was a love that was translated from a social media post. It was a dream come true moment for me.

Lockdown Love Story- 3

Lockdown can be very boring and devastating. With nothing to do it can kill your mind. I went to the nearby bar to see if it was open. Fortunately, it was open for an hour and I went in for a quick drink

It was almost empty with a handful of people. Then I saw her sitting in one corner of the bar.

I watched her from a distance as she was sitting alone in the corner of the restaurant. I could tell that she had been crying. Does she seem to be reading something on her phone, maybe Instagram? But after a moment, she typed something into it.

I couldn’t read what it said because, from my vantage point behind the bar counter, all I could see were numbers popping up on the screen. When she put down her phone and reached for her book. She was like someone who needed comfort, I knew this woman’s story mattered to me – even if we didn’t know each other at all yet.

I walked over and sat down in the chair across from hers and took a deep breath. And I stared at her across the table, the woman who looked like she needed help. 

I could see it in her eyes and in the way that she was clutching her book with both hands, as if for comfort. And I walked over to her table and sat down, taking a deep breath before speaking. “Hi,” I said, looking up from my drink. “My name is Andy.”

“I’m Hanna,” she said, looking up from her book. “Nice to meet you.” I smiled. “Likewise.” She smiled back and went back to reading as I ordered another drink.

We exchanged pleasantries as she politely looked up from her reading. I was glad she wasn’t the type of person who would make me talk about myself when I didn’t want to. “Where are you from Andy,” she said, her tone bright and welcoming. 

“I am from the nearby town.” I smiled back at her with my own smile- which turned quickly into a frown when I realized that’s what would be expected of me if we were meeting for the first time under different circumstances- and ordered another drink without saying anything else before turning back around to look over the bar like it was new territory.

The conversation started off as a nice, pleasant discussion. It was all small talk and everything seemed to be going smoothly. The topic then shifted into something much more serious and the tone of the conversation changed drastically. 

After what seemed like hours of talking but in reality, had only been about two minutes, one of them said goodbye and they both went their separate ways.

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