The Complete Zodiac Guide to Relationship Compatibility

What’s your zodiac sign? This is a question more commonly asked by people for years as a way of flirting.

Getting to know someone’s sign is a strong clue into relationship compatibility which means there’s a clue as to how well you’ll gel romantically and sexually.

Astrologers normally seek to see the entire birth chart for the two people seeking to enter into a relationship as a way of finding out whether they have marriage compatibility among other things.

Several signs play an important role as far as compatibility is concerned and these include your Sun, Venus, moon, Mars, and Mercury

Although the Sun signs may not give you the entire astrological story, there is some info you can get to go on.

When it comes to astrology, each sign has its element (water, fire, earth, or air), polarity (feminine or masculine), and modality (cardinal, mutable, or fixed).

These qualities can be drawn upon to establish whether two signs are compatible or if their chemistry is less than favorable for each other. Although astrological compatibility touches on more than the Sun sign, you still are likely to find ones that are well suited to others.

But the question is, which signs are more compatible with yours? Do you have name compatibility with your partner as per numerology to help identify if they are a good marriage match?

Continue reading this Zodiac Guide on Relationship Compatibility to find out…

1. Aries

Generally, Aries is an assertive personality and those who fall under this sign tend to not only be excited about leading but also will take the lead. 

These people are ready for action and do not shy from facing problems head-on. This trait can have a hard time when it comes to relationships especially if they connect with someone who’s not incompatible. 

Aries are more compatible with partners who won’t try to stand in their way. According to astrologers, Aries relationship or marriage compatibility is with those who’ll promote their outer expression as opposed to diminishing their passion for life. 

This however does not mean that they’re well-matched with a complete doormat. The best partner for Aries is one that can handle them well without butting heads.

Aries Compatible Signs

Aries are more compatible with outgoing and adventurous signs and Sagittarius fits in well here. A coming together of Sagittarius and Aries will help maintain each other’s energy.

Libra could also be a good match but this kind of bond must be based on understanding and mutual respect. Gemini is also another great match since these people are also adventurous and the two can fan each other’s energy well. 

Due to its bullish nature, Aries may not be compatible with Cancer and Scorpio while Virgo would also make for a bad match as the two will constantly crash leading to a stressed-up relationship.

2. Taurus

Taurus has a fixed earth sign that is pretty set. What this means in most cases is that bulls are willful although to a great degree they have a deep conviction of who they are as well as what they want. 

The most compatible partner for Taurus is one who appreciates their passion, pace, and needs to hold their inward consciousness and power. Factually and symbolically, Taurus is a reliable foundation for their true love and can be counted on to stand with them no matter the situation.

Taurus Compatible Signs

Capricorn and Virgo are the other earth signs that will match greatly with Taurus since their fundamental nature is the same. That’s essentially the spirit of zodiac compatibility. Due to their passionate and caring nature, Cancer also makes for a good choice. Their dedication to a romantic partner is equally serious. 

Although Taurus loves sensuality and opulence, the sign doesn’t appreciate show-offs as far as relationships are concerned. Taurus prefers a sensible and well-balanced temperament which makes Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius incompatible as they are too emotional.

3. Gemini

Geminis are hard to control and also like having fun. They are more compatible with an agile partner since they like blowing with the wind. Libra fits perfectly with Gemini since they can see both sides of an argument, the twin’s sign. 

Although some might label Gemini as two-faced, these people find a home with Libra who understands there to be more than what’s seen on the surface. Aquarius and Sagittarius also match well with Gemini since they share the desire to explore intellectual curiosity. 

Taurus and Capricorn do not fit well with Gemini since they hate their unpredictable nature and are also likely to distrust them.

4. Cancer

Cancer signs love giving whether you’re talking about attention, food, or presents. As such, they are always looking for someone with whom to share these same values.

They are always a shoulder to lean on and are more at home with a partner who offers this same kind of comfort.

Cancer’s loyalty and love can be appreciated more by Pisces and Scorpio, two very emotional and intuitive signs. A cancer partner will also be compatible with Virgo who loves to cherish and nurture a reliable partner.

5. Leo

Leo signs are extroverted and cheerful and want both a lover and a best friend. A Leo is spirited and they like someone who’ll share their kind of enthusiasm in life. 

Their Zodiac compatibility means being with someone who’s not easily intimidated by their outgoing personality whether it’s a friend or marriage partner. 

Leo is more compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. And they share the same excitement and aspirations as Leo which makes them a suitable match.

6. Virgo

Virgo is purposeful in all they do and expects a partner who shares in the same kind of spirit. Their interest in a partner who loves is steadfast and ethical.

The sign has unique standards which make it difficult to please and figure out. They are more compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio.

7. Libra

Libras are more into the idea of balance and justice. The intellectual sign seeks to learn and would want a relationship that’s mutually beneficial and equal.

Libras are more compatible with fellow Libras but can also match with Aquarius and Aries due to their mental stimulation and intriguing challenges.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio has a depth that’s not easy to understand or met by everyone. This zodiac sign is intensely private and only opens up to a select few people who they consider to be worth the risk.

Scorpio can match well with the two other water signs, Cancer and Pisces since these have a yearning for a powerful bond that’s craved by Scorpio.  Virgo can also match with Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius

This sign is generally given to exploration and doesn’t fear trying new things. Sagittarius is more interested in an adventure partner. Someone who’ll be more than willing to get silly and deep all at the same time. 

The zodiac sign is more compatible with a Gemini, Aries, or another Sagittarius since these are active and able to vibe well.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns like big accomplishments and this does not stop there, they also want to be noticed for these accomplishments.

The sign is more into people who’ll notice their excellence and be willing to support them while at the same time seeing their vulnerabilities.

They are more compatible with Capricorns and Virgos. Since these two can respect and appreciate their drive while sympathizing with their desire for perfection.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius are free thinkers who are always seeking to improve. When it comes to romance, the air sign will be looking for a partner who’ll stimulate their intellectual inquisitiveness.

Aquarius is more compatible with a Gemini since this sign has nimble-minded and energetic people or another Aquarius. Libra can also match with Aquarius.

12. Pisces

The fish sign enjoys spinning around the subconscious’ more watery areas. Pisces are more at ease with the subtle and the insubstantial, like artistic creativity and mysticism.

Some signs may find Pisces a little bit queer although those who admire them appreciate their seemingly natural way of being. Since Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer have a deep investment in emotional connections, the signs are more compatible with each other.

This relationship compatibility guide on Zodiac Signs can be of great help especially if you’re looking for a marriage partner and aren’t sure if the person you have in mind is the right one. In addition, name compatibility also does play a role in helping you understand if the partner you have in mind is a good match for you.

Zodiac Guide to Relationship Compatibility
Zodiac Guide to Relationship Compatibility

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