15 Best Tips on How to Be a Better Wife

Have you been struggling in your family relationships and are not able to strike a balance between you and your husband? Has it become difficult or your relationship is going down day by day? Does it happen that every next day you fight over little things or there are times that you are unable to solve little things together? In this article, we will give you the best tips to be a better wife.

Men usually like some gestures of women and like some. All men are not the same but have some common feelings about the kind of wife they want. One common thing about all males is that they want to love, they do have emotions, and yes they do want someone to share all their feelings with. Men have emotions and yes, they do cry. The way girls find a groom who is just a reflection of her dad, similarly, boys do also search for a woman who would love him the way his mother does and the way his mother understands him.

Marriage is not just about living together, marriage is about being together and sharing your life. This is the reason why your partner is called your soulmate. All of you are in search of a soulmate, and if you are already someone’s soulmate and want to be the best version of yourself, So Here are a few tips on how to be a better wife and along with that, you’ll see how magically your relationships improve or get better and better.

How to Be a Better Wife

15 Best Tips On How to Be a Better Wife

1. Increase your Communication Skills – The Art of Talking.

One most important things in all relationships are having good communication. The more you communicate with each other, the more you can understand each other’s thoughts. A good communication skill is really important to be clear of the things that you want to convey.

Communicating with your partner is important so that he can conveniently understand your problem. Your communication should be clear and logical enough to get acceptance from your partner. You should know the right time to talk and the right things to say. It’s the words that can make a difference and it’s the words that can destroy relationships.

You should communicate in a way that it’s not just you who is speaking. Obviously, your partner won’t like you imposing all your thoughts and feelings on him. To communicate well, you should give your partner an equal chance to speak out about his wants and desires.

Even as normal person we do not like people who keep on speaking their things and don’t give us space to you even talk about. Also as a layman and we would never like to talk to such people and even if it is important to talk to them we will always stay in a state of withdrawal. So to be a better wife, you shouldn’t be the only one speaking.

Communication also involves listening. The more patient listener you are, the more you can understand another person’s thoughts. Try to speak logically and think before you speak, don’t just speak to give a reply.

2. Be Assertive for yourself – saying NO.

Assertiveness is not being stubborn for the things that you want, assertiveness is saying “no” to things that you don’t want to accept or do. It’s really important to be an assertive woman because you have your own thoughts and your own wishes which make you an emotional and spiritual human being. Your partner should understand that no means no.

You should never accept things that are not going according to you when you don’t really want them to happen. You need not confuse it with making adjustments, being assertive is just – saying a Big No to those things that are not a part of your spiritual well-being. And You should never be doing things that you would never spiritually believed to do and that are totally against your Values.

Also, you shouldn’t be doing things that degrade you to just say yes to some of his demands. You should make him understand that you are respectable and to take and you won’t follow all orders that he says. This might sound rude and contrary to being a good wife, but this self-confidence and the self-esteem that you have will make him think that you should be respected and you have to decisions in life that you should take by yourself and he will know that he has to value your decisions. Also men like women who are assertive about their own selves.

3. It’s not just you – It’s a Relationship between Two People.

How to Be a Better Wife

A lot of women think and consider themselves that they are the queen of the whole world. They feel that and everything should happen exactly the way they want. But to be a better wife, you need to consider your husband as an important entity. Also, queens don’t just rule, they understand the other person also.

Similarly, you need to understand your partner’s conversations well and you need to know that both of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and behaviors matter equally. You need to understand that the relationship is not just a need for you and your own personal demands. To be a better wife, you should respect your partner’s feelings and emotions in the same way that you want yours to be respected.

4. Differing Perspectives – Accepting that another person has a different Point of View

There is no rule in the world that says that your husband’s thoughts should be exactly as similar to yours. Everyone has a different point of view and a different way of dealing with situations. To be a better wife, you need to accept that your partner might have opposing views, but it is your duty to understand those views as equally important. You should know how to keep your views and your partner’s views in a synchronized way, which makes it easy for you both to accept each other.

The moment you start accepting your partner’s views and start considering them, your partner will also listen to your views and will consider your views as important to them. Also, it is important to be the real You while having conversations with your partner. If you really want to be a better wife and make your relationship last longer and better, you should be really involved by your true spirit. The more you start being tolerant, the more he starts being tolerant. Also if understanding begets understanding, love begets love.

5. Have an Independent Life – Love Yourself

A lot of women are completely dependent on their husbands which can make them feel that you are totally dependent on them. To be a better wife, you should have an independent life which includes your friends or a business or maybe some other activity that you engage in each day. Try to do something that could also make you financially independent.

This will make your partner feel that you are also capable of earning money and have a social life other than him, and this will gain you a lot of respect on his behalf. Also as a wife, you will be able to give your share in the family income, which will definitely make you a better wife.

6. Take care of his family as your own.

Males mostly tend to love their mother a lot. To be a better wife you need to show and wholeheartedly accept and love his family. The more you share the love with his family the more he will show your love to your family. It is not a good decision to make distinctions between your and his families as different.

You should sometimes even consider his family in the first place because it would make him feel even better about you. Try to make no complaints about his family because that will turn your impression to worst. Yes, it is important to talk about things that you don’t like, but those conversations should be logical and should not be done in a complaining or sulking manner.

7. Neither compromise too much, nor compromise at all.

Compromises and sacrifices are a part of all relationships. To be a better wife, people consider that the more you sacrifice the more you are loved and a better woman. But the reality is that if you compromise too much, your partner shall develop a thought that in any case, you would be ready for a sacrifice or a compromise.

Also on the other hand if you don’t compromise at all it would be difficult for your partner to even reach out to you during his bad times for his problems and obviously, you don’t want to resist him reaching out to you. You need to learn how to strike a balance between when to compromise and when not to be a better wife.

8. Don’t criticize him – Provide Solutions Logically

provide solutions logically

People tend to make mistakes and these mistakes make you understand things. To be a better wife, you should not criticize your partner for doing certain things wrong or in a particular way that you don’t like. Criticizing a person more than required will make him have bitter feelings for you and he might consider you as a woman who would never accept his thoughts and feelings.

You need to motivate him at all times so that he feels that you are a support system for him. It is important to understand that criticizing is not the solution to all the problems/things that you do not want him to do.

As a wife, you should be capable of making him understand the difference between the things that should be done in a certain way that is better than what he chose to do. While making him understand your points, you should be logical enough that your points don’t look like mere criticism. Both of you have a relationship wherein you can peacefully motivate each other and make each other aware of your desires.

9. Motivate him to achieve his goals – there’s always a woman behind every man’s success, Be that Woman.

It is said that men like those women who motivate them to reach the heights that they are capable of. Your one word of criticism and your one word of motivation can make your position in his life from the worst to the best.

A woman who is capable of motivating her husband to achieve his potential is considered to be one of the best ones. A better wife always knows what the goals of her husband are and she is the one who can suggest to him the correct path to follow. A wife can be a source of motivation each day he opens up his eyes, to the moment he closes his day. Your little gestures of positivity can make him feel wanted and desired by you, also that will make him work hard each day.

10. It is important to be Romantic- Keep up the Spark and do Little things.

Males indeed love to be in intimate relationships and to be a better life you should know how to make your relationship full of spark and love. You should know how to give the essence of positive and warm touch to him each day.

Your Little beautiful gestures can keep the spark in you both awaken each day. A warm Hug before leaving your workplace induces a sense of responsibility for each other and a sense of belongingness. Also, a little hug when you return, I will make it so much easier to transfer the Cosmos to each other. This little touch will induce a sense of love and affection for each other. To be a better wife, you should know how to bring in such sparks each day.

11. Men love little notes – A sticky Note?

It is said that a lot of men love the fact that they are being left with a little note from your side which can make them feel better the whole day. You can put these little sticky notes, maybe in The lunchbox, or maybe near his workspace.

Also, remember to write an appropriate message. If you plan to put up a little sticky note near his workspace, remember to put up a motivating one rather than a romantic one. You need to make him stay focused on the work rather than make him think about you. And if you plan to put a note in the lunch box, remember to keep it a little sparky and romantic.

12. Put a little more effort – Little ones?

It is not always important to do your things to make someone happy around you. It can be little things that can make your partner feel like heaven. You plan out little activities on some holidays that will keep you both engaged. You good plan out little movie outing my booking surprise tickets for you both or might be cook something new, or maybe you could arrange a dinner all by yourself. A little late-night ice cream party is one of them. If you don’t believe me, try doing this little piece of surprise for him and see him falling for you.

Not just this, try getting him little gifts like the things that he wanted but he has never bought them. These Little things make a big difference. Also, try to do these things personally and not in front of audiences because that would look merely like a show-off and not real love.

13. Give him space with his friendships.

How to Be a Better Wife

Men usually have friendships that they tend to lose after marriage. You need to understand that friendships are a really important part of life. And You need to give him space to have fun when he is with his friends. You should not stop him or criticize him every time he plants out something with his friends.

Try to keep a little space and try not to involve yourself each time his friends are with him. You should not be considered to be an authority figure in front of your friends. You should also try not to go each time whenever he plans to go with his friends. Even if he asks you, you should try denying it a few times.

When a man’s friends respect you as a cool wife, he also starts considering you in the same way. This should not just be for a show-off in front of his friends, you should be really true enough for him to accept whatever his friends say for you. Also, his friends need to acknowledge you as a good and supportive wife. Try not to hear his conversations with his friends and try to leave them in their own space even when they insist you stay.

Don’t be overly stubborn to give him space and run away it’s time, because that might make his friends awkward. You should know how to strike a balance between giving him space and showing your involvement in a cool way.

14. Be a ray of early morning sunshine – try to be awake before him.

I know it’s really difficult to wake up each morning so early before him waking up, But that makes a huge difference. Preparing breakfast and being ready before he makes him feel really wanted and loved. With this little thing every morning you can make your husband feel so delighted and he might consider you to be a responsible woman.

Men usually like women who take up responsibilities and accomplish them like they are spiritual. Also, it is a different feeling to wake him up by doing cute things each day.

15. Don’t fly off during fights – Try to Listen and Focus on Emotions, Not words.

It is a very wrong impression if you decide to fly away during fights. If Suppose, you both enter into a quarreling situation, you should have the patience to control your anger and let him vent out whatever he has to say. It is always a good move to talk only when you are patient and are not angry. Keep quiet if you are feeling angry and take the time to talk properly.

Don’t ever walk off or ignore him, try to catch his feelings and not words. All relationships have fights and quarrels, but what’s most important is to capture emotions rather than words. The wrong Words and loud tones can harm you and your relationship a lot.

You should know what the other person is trying to express even when he is in anger. It is a good decision to express your thoughts when he is cool and calm.

You shouldn’t be using harsh and curse words at any time because that will totally end up harming your relationship. To be a better wife, you should understand that if he is angry he should be given space rather than town to bring him back with the same level of anger.

The point is not accepting the wrong words, but the point is ignoring them during the heated moment and making the person realize it when he is cool and calmed, that he has used wrong words that you shouldn’t be using.

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