10 Super Easy Ways That Help Keep The Relationship Interesting

When relationships begin, it is all super exciting. From constant calls to innumerable dates, the honeymoon phase makes all of us feel on top of the world. However, when this feeling wears off with time, the relationship can feel like a dull, boring experience.

This in no way means that the spark has disappeared, as it can evolve. Maintaining the thrill is a hard road but if you continue to practice it and put in your 100 percent, chances are your relationship will survive.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can keep your relationship as exciting and fresh as it was the first time you met. These methods have helped couples who stood the test of time.

Surprise Each Other

1. Surprise Each Other

Surprising your partner is not a hard thing to do. When you started this journey, you must have tried some cheesy ways to impress your partner. Go back to those days. Small gestures can make your partner feel happy and as flushed as they were on day one.

You can do it by planning a surprise date, or get them flowers. It’s not always the materialistic things that count. You can also send random cute messages.

The good part about being in a long-term relationship is that by now you already know the likes and dislikes of your partner. Hence, it is easier to cut down on the time of deciding what to get. This is the best way to show your partner that your love is still as it used to be back then and has only grown with time.

Change Your Communication Ways

2. Change Your Communication Ways

We all fall into the trap of dating script wherein it’s all about knowing the whereabouts or speaking at a particular hour. Try and break out of the rut.

Having the same routine can also sometimes end the spark. But to keep it enlivened, you can change the place of conversation or try talking about something intellectual. It’s basically about knowledge sharing, without trying to make your partner feel down.

Share Newer Experiences

3. Share Newer Experiences

When you have been together for a while, you already have ‘your song’ or ‘your favorite TV show’ in place. These things become a ritual but when you add a new thing to your plate, it certainly feels rejuvenating.

When we say newer experience, we don’t mean you go overboard. What you can do instead is switch places. For example, try a new place, join dance or cooking classes together, etc. There are several activities that can help break the monotony of the relationship.

Verbalize How You Feel

4. Verbalize How You Feel

Despite being together for a long, one shouldn’t forget to express their feelings. Ensure that you are as mushy as you used to be with your partner. Let the relationship mature but don’t let the smaller things fade.

For example, saying I love you or little other things and expressing yourself can make your partner feel loved. Keep that going.

How to keep the relationship interesting

5. Dole Out Massages

Another fun thing that can keep your relationship thrilling is when you help your partner with good messages. Yes, definitely it is something you can step out and get done. But imagine aromatherapy, at home with your partner. There are several essential oils that couples can use and give massages to each other.

Be Individual With Your Identity

6. Be Individual With Your Identity

While in love, sometimes you end up losing your own self as someone else’s personality can start rubbing on you. Couples should complement each other instead of becoming a single entity. Having different interests and ways of life can help keep the relationship fresh and interesting.

Plan Cocktail Dates

7. Plan Cocktail Dates

Going out and having fun is one thing and that’s something you must have done dozens of times. But how about adding a dash of fun to your everyday routine? Imagine it’s the weekend and you don’t have plans. In that case, switch things up a bit, and instead of going out, have a themed cocktail night at home.

Learn recipes on how to make cocktails at home and have a date night with your partner. This will definitely make it one of the best nights and also keep things exciting.

Talk About Sex

8. Talk About Sex

Physical intimacy is also essential, and so is the conversation around it. You date someone for whom you have a strong desire and while that’s natural, discarding intimate feelings is quite wrong.

Talking about sex is actually helpful in keeping the bond strong and interesting. It helps keep the spark factor alive. When we say we don’t mean dirty talking, but talk, tease, and flirt a little. Studies have proven that just talking about it can help boost your sex drive and in turn help keep the relationship interesting.

How to keep the relationship interesting

9. Keep Your Phone Away

These days because technology and social media have taken over us, time becomes less special for the couple. In romantic relationships, it is important to keep the phone away as this helps spend quality time and keep the relationship exciting & interesting.

How to keep the relationship interesting

10. Go Camping

While going on dates is important, another way to keep your relationship interesting is by going on camping. Being adventurous together is also one way to enjoy yourself with each other. A getaway away from the city can help you both unwind.

Plan a short trip together and pack your favorite items. A short vacay is sometimes all you need to keep the spark quotient alive. Don’t stop there and ensure you plan short trips together at least once in three months.


Working to keep the relationship is not an overnight journey, but something you need to keep putting effort into. Use these 10 tips to get the best out of your relationship and have a great time together!

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10 Super Easy Ways to Keep The Relationship Interesting

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